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The 20 Best Home Warranty Companies of 2022

Home Warranty

Did you know that you can buy home warranty coverage to help pay for the cost of major home systems and appliance repairs? Some Home warranties cover the cost of replacements and can save you thousands if a heat pump, plumbing, or significant appliance goes south. The following 20 companies offer the best warranty contracts for peace of mind and help in getting your home back on track.

20. Hello Super

Consumer rating: 3.1

Hello Super is a popular choice in home warranty plans with a massive social media presence and online chat representatives to answer all questions. It offers multiple plans with premiums ranging between $529 to $1,380 per year for basic through premium coverage plans. Deductibles are a flat $75, with limits ranging from $250 to 1,000,000, depending on the plan. Response times for claims filed are generally rapid with high replacement limits, which is a plus. On the downside, some policyholders complained about a lack of 24/7 service, some delays in repairs, and unexpected fees. A higher chance of payment delays is likely than with most other providers.

19. Home Warranty of America

Consumer rating: 3.1

Homeowners can benefit from the customizable plans offered by Home Warranty of America to meet their individual needs. They offer two plans for coverage for appliances and home systems with the premium edition offering fire alarm and burglar systems coverage. HWA provides coverage for HVAC systems, not offered by most other providers. Service fees range from $75 to $100 per incident. The average turnaround time of two days for responses to claims. Plans are available in all states, but plan prices are not available until a consumer requests a quote.

18. Complete Care Home Warranty

Consumer rating: 3.4

Complete Care Home Warranty has plans that cover home systems and appliances. Some add-ons are available. The company has decades of experience and is a large firm with a solid track record of performance. Plans take effect within 30 days of approval. Policy cancellations are free within 30 days but charge a $50 cancellation fee thereafter. Average plan premiums are between $650 to $750 per year with $45 deductibles and limits of $300 to $1,500 on covered items. The provider offers a lower chance of claim denial than most companies and provides 24/7 assistance for service calls. Emergency services are available through CCHW.

17. Service Plus Home Warranty

Consumer rating: 3.5

Service Plus Home Warranty has an above-average rating as one of the top 20 providers in the United States. It offers customers two main plans in all states but Nevada and California with occasions discount offers. The average monthly plan price is $60.33, but you can save by paying for the year with a breakdown of $58.25 per month for a few dollars in savings. Add-ons are available for an additional cost. The service fees cost a flat $75 per claim, and you can contact customer service by telephone or online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with an average response time to claims of two days. They provide a guarantee on parts for repairs is 90-days with a 30-day labor guarantee using Service Plus's technicians. Plans cover home systems and appliances.

16. Priority Home Warranty: Simplified claims processes and transparent claims process tracking

Consumer rating: 3.5

Priority Home Warranty is the most technologically advanced provider, offering clients real-time live trackers showing claims that are in process. The average annual cost for plans that cover home appliances and systems is between $399 to $449 per year. Service fees range between $75 to $125, and policyholders may choose their own contractors if licensed and insured. The disadvantages of the provider are that it's only available in 22 states, it's a newer company with less experience in the industry, and customers get charged a fee of $50 for cancellation.

15. Old Republic Home Protection

Consumer rating: 3.6

Consumers preferring to choose their own contractors should consider Old Republic Home Protection for home warranty plans. The advantages of this provider are its customizable plans that fit best with the needs of the policyholders, freedom to choose preferred contractors, fast response time in emergencies (expedition), and affordable fees. Plan prices vary depending upon customer specifications for coverage. It offers five plans for home systems and appliances and also offers company technicians if there are no preferred contractors. Service fees are $75. Disadvantages are the unavailability of plans in 23 states, and Old Republic Home Protection does not offer a monthly payment plan. The average response time for claims is two days.

14. Select Home Warranty

Consumer rating: 3.9

US News suggests Select Home Warranty for consumers looking for affordable plans with low service fees. Expect to pay an average of $65.83 for coverage to help defray the cost of repairs or replacements of covered items. SWH offers three warranty plans with an appliance only, a systems only, or the top pier that includes both, plus garage door openers, ceiling fans, and plumbing stoppages. The plans are somewhat customizable and include free coverage of your home's roof on some and a discount for paying yearly versus monthly. The services fees range from $75 to $100 with a 2-day response time for claims filed. Another benefit of Select Home Warranty is that it is available in all states in the USA.

13. Advanced Home Warranty

Consumer rating: 3.7

Advanced Home Warranty offers plans that provide warranties on home appliances and systems. Average annual premiums range between $540 to $660. Cancellation is free within 30 days but costs $50 after the 30 days. Plans take effect within 30 days and offer 24/7 assistance for service calls with emergency services available and a guarantee of re-service for failed repairs. Plans are available in most states, although plan selection is limited. The provider does not support online chat and it offers limited options for add-ons. The deductible is a flat fee of $85.

12. Landmark Home Warranty: Best plans for pest control

Consumer rating: 3.9

Homeowners who battle termites and other pests may benefit the most from Landmark Home Warranty's coverage plans. The company is one of the few that provides coverage to address pests and other termites in homes. Plans are also available for tune-ups for heat and air conditioning systems, another uncommon feature. Service fees range from $70 to $100, depending on the plan chosen, and the type of claim submitted. The typical turnaround time for claims responses is within two days. Policyholders must go with the contractor assigned by Landmark Home Warranty and water heater coverage is not offered. Another potential drawback is that plans are only available in six states.

11. HomeServe: Best workmanship guarantee

Consumer rating: 3.9

HomeServe offers a full range of plans that cover the elements of the home concerning owners the most. Plans are fully customizable and come with a 30-day full refund. The one-year guarantee on workmanship is the best in the industry. Although you must contact the company for prices, the plans are low cost and start at $7.99 per month upwards. A 24-hour hotline is available for claims. HomeServe sends a locally licensed technician to your home to handle covered repairs.

10. Choice Home Warranty: Best labor and parts guarantee

Consumer rating: 4.0

Choice Home Warranty offers occasional discounts on plans. The average monthly plan cost is $55 per month, whether you pay monthly or for the entire year. The two plans available cover home systems and appliances. Service fees are a flat $85 per claim, and the typical response time to claims filed is within two days. The workmanship guarantee is 90 days, which is longer than most providers. Claims service is available 24/7. Plans are not available in Washington State or California and the maximum coverage is slightly lower than most other providers.

9. Liberty Home Guard LLC: Massive list of add-ons

Consumer rating: 4.1 of 5

Investopedia recommends Liberty Home Guard LLC as the best home warranty company for customer satisfaction. The warranty provider offers three plans with monthly costs listed on its website. Customers like the transparency of plan costs, the helpful and available customer service representatives, and the range of optional add-ons for customizing home warranty plans. Some plans offer multi-year discounts. The list of possible add-ons for customized plans is the most extensive. You can add carpet cleaning, central vacuum, generators, gutter cleaning, ice makers, lighting fixtures, roof leak, pets control pool and spa, dishwashers, microwave, microwave, re-keying, water filter systems, septic system pumping, well pump, wine coolers, window washing, and more.

Reviews show high customer satisfaction with the live chat assistance, pricing, and range of products. Liberty Home Guard could improve the average cap on benefit payouts, which is low compared to some other providers. Claims are usually addressed within one to two days of notification from plan holders. No plans are available for customers in Wisconsin or Washington State. The average plan cost is $587 with service fees ranging from $80 to $125. Response time is from one to two days for claims filed.

8. Cinch Home Warranty: Best for Floridians and Californians

Consumer rating: 4.2 of 5

Cinch Home Warranty is one of the best plan providers for homeowners with pre-existing conditions. Comprehensive coverage plans are affordable at less than $500 annually. The company provides basic coverage options with a long list of add--ons, with Septic systems a perk for first-year customers, however, it may not be renewed after the first year. You can upgrade to premium packages that cover a good pump, swimming pools, spas, and more. The plans are not available in Texas, Hawaii, Iowa, or Alaska. On the downside, the cheapest plan options are available in Florida and California. Some other states charge higher service fees and plan costs. Response time is fast for claims, often within a few hours to one day. The average premium cost is just under $568 per year with service fees ranging between $100 to $150 in states other than California and Florida.

7. First Premier Home Warranty: Immediate response times

Consumer rating: 4.3 of 5

Do you want a home warranty company with an immediate response time for claims? First Premier Home Warranty has a claim response time of less than an hour. It also has the lowest service fees which range from $60 to $75, and an average annual plan cost of $424. It's one of the newer companies in the industry and it has not yet established a long history, like some others, but it's ranked "the best" for claims response time, lower annual plan costs, and low service fees. The payout cap is limited to $15,000 per year. Plans are not available in Iowa or California.

6. 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty: Best for high coverage limits

Consumer rating: 4.4

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty is a trusted and reliable warranty company that offers a range of plan options with the largest selection of add-ons. It's not the most affordable, but most plans are reasonable, and a value for the cost. Warranties may be purchased at any time or renewed by policyholders. Repairs are guaranteed for the duration of the plan. Plans are available nationwide without exception. 2-10 offers three plans with its Simply Kitchen, Complete Kitchen, and Pinnacle Home. They've had issues with response time and complaints about holding timelines and communication, resulting in a low BBB rating. The company acknowledges these deficits and states that they're working to resolve the problems.

5. Home Warranty Inc.: Solid BBB Rating

Consumer rating: 4.6 of 5

Policyholders rate Home Warranty Inc high because of its availability in 35 states. Reviews from consumers give it a Better Business Bureau rating of A+, with a solid reputation for commitment to its clients. Contract periods for HWI extend out for 14 months vs. the one-year plans with a payout cap of $15,000, and an average plan cost of $480. The turnaround time for responding to claims ranges from four to 48 hours on weekends. Choose from three basic plans and choose add-on options to customize your plan. Availability of plans is based on zip code. The company does have limitations on coverage for some home systems and appliances, and it does not cover repairs or replacements needed due to corrosion, rust, or mold. The service fee for claims is $75.

4. American Residential Warranty: High payout cap per item

Consumer rating: 4.7 of 5

American Residential Warranty has a lot of positives going for it. Among its most popular features is the high payout cap of $2,500 per item. Service fees range from $55 to $75. These are its most outstanding benefits, but the average policy cost isn't bad at $554.88 per year. The website is transparent about plans, costs, and information on what is covered, and add-ons. The average response time to claims files is one to two days. The cost and turnaround times are about average by comparison. A disadvantage is that the washer and dryer warranty must be purchased separately from the basic plan as an add-on.

3. AFC Home Club: Best range of plan choices

Consumer ratings: 4.7 of 5

Forbes suggests AFC Home Club because of the range of plan options it offers and its service to 49 states and the District of Columbia. Some work is warranted for as long as three years and AFC offers add-on plans for customization of coverage. Clients may choose from service fees from $75 to $125, raising or lowering the cost of plans, with family emergency services offered, with discounts for a range of security and household goods. The average turnaround time from claim filing to response is one to two days. You can contact representatives by telephone, and select the contractor of your choice. The cost of plans ranges between $33.58 to $52.75 per month with extra services available. Two drawbacks to AFC Home Club are its unavailability in Hawaii and that there is no live chat available through the website.

2. First American Home Warranty: Few coverage caps

Consumer rating: 4 of 5

First American Home Warranty provides the best deals for coverage with no caps on most items warrantied, with a few exceptions. The company has a solid reputation and has been in business for 35 years. It has an edge over some competitors because it replaces items that need repair or replacement even if they were not properly maintained or installed, or if they have been modified. That's not a deal you can get from most home warranty providers. It also offers a discount of $100 instantly online when new clients use the code PROTECT. The undesirable thing about this company is that you must call for a quote to learn more about the pricing and service fees.

1. American Home Shield

Consumer rating: 4.7 of 5

American Home Shield has a high consumer rating. The company has a proven track record with more than 45 years in business and 1.9 million plan holders. AHS works with more than 17,000 contractors and over the past five years, they've paid out more than $2 billion in claims, per House Method. Monthly service plans cost between $34.27 to $67.27 per month, with numerous add-ons available for warranty coverage. Service fee options range from $75 to $125 per incident. Additionally, clients have some choice of contractors, work starts within 30 days of claim acceptance, and the turnaround time for claim response is one to two days. The disadvantage of AHS is that they're not available in DC or Alaska, and pre-approval is required before clients may use their choice of contractors.

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