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The 20 Best Hotels in Montreal

W Montreal

Montreal is a beautiful city with plenty of things to see and do during your visit. Something that can make a big difference to your stay is your choice of accommodation. You need to find a hotel within your budget that is located close to the attractions and also suits your personal tastes. There are hotels in this city to suit all tastes and budgets, so you should easily find something to meet your needs. Here are the 20 best hotels in Montreal.

Loews Hotel Vogue

20. Loews Hotel Vogue

A 4.5-star hotel, Loews Hotel Vogue has been praised by guests for its style, says US News. The soothing décor is in shades of grey and white, which gives the guests rooms a modern yet calm appearance. Many of the rooms have excellent views and all are equipped with a Jacuzzi tub. This hotel is located on the southern corner of the McGill University campus, which is close to many of Montreal’s top attractions.

Hotel Le Saint James

19. Hotel Le Saint James

Opulent is the word that best describes Hotel Le Saint James. Much of the interior decor is in the style of Louis XV, although each guest room is decorated in a unique way with carefully selected furniture and artwork. The owner of the hotel sourced all the furniture personally from antique shops around the world. One of the best features of the hotel is the restaurant, Le XO, where guests can enjoy exquisite meals during their stay. Guests can also enjoy a variety of treatments at the hotel’s spa.

Loews Hotel Vogue

18. Loews Hotel Vogue

To reflect the name of the hotel, many of the rooms have framed Vogue magazine cover. The rest of the décor is in shades of white and gray. The rooms on higher floors have nice views of the Rue de la Montagne. Some of the amenities in the rooms include free Wi-Fi, flat-screen televisions, and Jacuzzi tubs. Guests can order an in-room massage to relax after a long day of sightseeing or head to the hotel’s restaurant, La Societe Bistro, which serves both North American and Parisian inspired dishes. This hotel is close to many attractions and to McGill University campus.

Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel Montreal

17. Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel Montreal

An all-suite option is Le Saint Sulpice Hotel Montreal. The suites are spacious and luxurious with large French windows that look over either the courtyard or the Rue Saint-Sulpice. The room décor is retro in design, but the plush bathrooms are more modern. The hotel’s courtyard is considered one of the best outdoor meeting spaces in the neighborhood.

Le Place d’Armes Hotel & Suites

16. Le Place d’Armes Hotel & Suites

Three 19th-century buildings make up this hotel in Old Montreal. Although the exterior is historic, each of the rooms was built from scratch during the 2000s. Most have feature walls of exposed red brick, high ceilings, and white bedding. One of the best aspects of this hotel is the food and drink as there are several dining options. One of which is the rooftop terrace, which is an excellent place to hang out with a drink and a bite to eat while enjoying the city views.

Hotel Alt Montreal

15. Hotel Alt Montreal

This hotel is owned by a Canadian hotel chain called Germain Hotels, which has a reputation for focusing on style and designer touched in their hotels. Despite Hotel Alt Montreal being a budget hotel option, the designer touches, style and use of color are evident throughout the hotel. The hotel sits along Lachine Canal in the hip district of Griffintown. The target market of this hotel was originally business travelers who wanted budget-friendly accommodation that did not compromise on comfort and quality. Although the hotel is ideal for this market, it is just as suitable for leisure travelers.

Renaissance Montreal Downtown Hotel

14. Renaissance Montreal Downtown Hotel

Renaissance Montreal Downtown Hotel has one of the most central locations in downtown Montreal, and the hotel’s glass tower sits right on one of the busiest crossroads. Despite the busy location, you will feel worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the city as soon as you step foot in the lobby of this hotel. However, this does not mean that this hotel is dull and boring, as they regularly host party nights with a DJ playing music. The best feature of the hotel is the rooftop terrace, which boasts a plunge pool, views of downtown Montreal, a bar, and a bistro kitchen.

Auberge du Vieux-Port

13. Auberge du Vieux-Port

Along the St. Lawrence River is one of the prettiest spots in Montreal, and the only hotel in this location is the Auberge du Vieux-Port. The hotel is set just a few feet away from where Montreal was founded. Inside the hotel, the décor has a loft vibe, which is a contrast to the traditional exterior of the building. Features include exposed brick walls and bamboo floors. The guest rooms have large windows that give guests stunning views across the river. There is also a rooftop terrace where guests can enjoy the views with a drink.

Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile

12. Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile

Located along the Golden Mile, and it is a popular option for business travelers. The colors and artwork in this hotel are two of its appealing features. Every room features pieces of art, and there are pops of color throughout the building. There are also Victorian accents both in the rooms and in the communal areas of the hotel. Another highlight of staying at this hotel is the French restaurant, Renoir, where unusual combinations of ingredients create exquisite dishes. Former guests have said that although the rooms, the restaurant, and the facilities are all excellent, it is the customer service that makes this hotel a cut above the rest.

Hotel Nelligan

11. Hotel Nelligan

Located in the middle of Old Montreal, this hotel is one of the best shopping streets in the city, says The Conde Nast Traveler. It is a gold-standard hotel that has interior décor in the style of a gentleman’s lounge. The guest rooms are cozy and comfortable, and one of the best features of the hotel is the rooftop deck. Which boasts spectacular views of the Old City. There are two outstanding restaurants at Hotel Nelligan, both of which serve French fare.

Le Petit Hotel

10. Le Petit Hotel

This is one of the smallest boutique hotels in Montreal as it has only 28 guest rooms, so it has an intimate feel and personalized service. The rooms are graded in terms of size from small to large. A medium (M) room is perfect for couples as these have a king-size bed. The front desk also serves as a coffee counter, and you can relax in the reception area if you do not want to stay in your room. This hotel is on one of the best shopping streets in Montreal, so it is the perfect choice for those who plan to enjoy a little retail therapy during their stay in the city.

Hotel Bonaventure

9. Hotel Bonaventure

Guests can relax in the comfortable, spacious, and classically designed guest rooms at Hotel Bonaventure says The Telegraph. When they rise in the morning, they can enjoy the optional buffet breakfast in the hotel’s dining room. The main facilities for guests are a rooftop garden and a swimming pool. The location of this hotel is ideal for both business and leisure travelers. There are two dining options at this hotel, both of which are excellent. The hotel’s location is also close to many of the top restaurants in the city if you would prefer to dine outside the hotel.

W Montreal

8. W Montreal

Originally, W Hotel was a Bank of Canada building. While the historic and unassuming exterior remains, the interior has had a complete overhaul to create luxurious accommodation. The guest rooms feature bold and stylish décor, with comfortable furnishings. Guests have praised the flawless service they have received, and they have loved spending time in the hotels’ vibrant bars. This hotel is in a central location that is perfect for both leisure and business travelers.

Ritz Carlton Montreal

7. The Ritz-Carlton, Montreal

The brand reputation of Ritz-Carlton hotels is not let down by their Montreal establishment, says US News. The location of this hotel is perfect for both leisure and business travelers. Modern amenities in the rooms mean that guests can look forward to a comfortable stay with some touches of luxury. Some of the in-room amenities include rainfall showers, flat-screen televisions, heated toilet seats, and hardwood floors. The hotel’s guest facilities include a garden with a terrace, a small pool, and a fitness center. Guests can dine at Daniel Boulud’s restaurant, Maison Boulud, which serves gourmet French fare.

Auberge de La Fontaine

6. Auberge de La Fontaine

A boutique hotel, Auberge de La Fontaine has only 21 individually designed rooms. These are housed in two adjoining 19th-century buildings located uphill from downtown on the Plateau. It is located close to some of the best restaurants in Montreal, along with many shops and an 86-acre park. The rooms are comfortably furnished in neutral colors that create a relaxed environment. Included in the reasonable price is a full breakfast.

Le Mount Stephen

5. Le Mount Stephen

One of the most opulent looking hotel buildings in Montreal is Le Mount Stephen. This hotel was the former home of Lord George Stephen, a Scottish-Canadian businessman. It is a grand neoclassical building with elaborate high ceilings, stained glass ceilings, and paneled walls. It sits in the Golden Square Mile, so it is ideally located for accessing some of the top attractions in the city. Some of the facilities for guests include a spa, a fitness center, and a bar. There is also a restaurant that serves British fare.

Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth

4. Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth

The Fairmont Queen Elizabeth is a 1960s hotel that takes up a whole block near to the train station. IN 2017, it underwent a total renovation led by a trendy agency called Sid Lee, says The Conde Nast Traveler. The rooms are decorated with colorful abstract wallpaper and there are geometric furnishings. Facilities for guests include a spa, a salon, a fitness center, and an indoor pool. The hotel’s restaurant, Le Montrealais Bistrot-Bar Restaurant, serves excellent Mediterranean cuisine.

Hotel William Gray

3. Hotel William Gray

A perfect fusion of history and modernity makes the Hotel William Gray an option that will suit people with a variety of tastes. The hotel is housed in two historic buildings with the addition of a glass atrium, a rooftop terrace, and an eight-floor tower. Within this structure, there are 127 guest rooms that combine style with comfort. There are many modern amenities to ensure that all guests have an enjoyable stay. The hotel’s restaurant, Maggie Oakes, serves exquisite dishes. The guest facilities include an outdoor pool, a spa, and a fitness center.

Hotel Gault

2. Hotel Gault

For those who want to stay in a hotel that has a more intimate feel, then a brilliant option is Hotel Gault. This hotel has just 30 rooms, so it feels more homely and private than many other hotels in Montreal. It also has a historic feel, despite its modern décor, as the hotel is housed in an 1871 building. Guests at this establishment can expect some personal touches during their stay, and the customer service is outstanding.

Hotel Le Crystal

1. Hotel Le Crystal

According to The Telegraph, the best hotel in Montreal is Hotel Le Crystal. There are 131 stylish suites that all come with a range of amenities and a kitchenette. Many also have excellent city views. It is the vast array of facilities at this hotel that makes it stand out from the other hotels in the city. Some of these include a rooftop hot tub, a pool, a gym, a spa, and an outstanding restaurant. Despite the many features of this hotel, it is an affordable option.

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