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The 10 Best Hotels in Tahiti

InterContinental Tahiti Resort & Spa

With its tranquil beaches, its vibrant culture, and its lush landscape, Tahiti offers vacationers the perfect tropical experience. If you want to experience some of that famous Polynesian charm for yourself, you'll find no shortage of accommodation options to choose between. But which ones deserve your attention, and which ones are best avoided? To help you pick the best from the rest, we've rounded up the ten best hotels in Tahiti. Without further ado, here they are.

Hotel Sarah Nui

10. Hotel Sarah Nui

Set in a convenient location in Papeete, the Hotel Sarah Nui offers guests a relaxing stay in sumptuous, comfortable surroundings. The decor is charming, with gleaming wooden floors, artisanal furniture, and enough tropical greenery to stock a jungle. The service is warm, friendly, and attentive. Although there's plenty of dining options to choose from in the nearby downtown, guests who don't want to stray far for their evening meal will find plenty to enjoy at the onsite restaurant.

Hotel Tahiti Niu

9. Hotel Tahiti Nui

If you want to stay in the heart of the action, the Hotel Tahiti Nui could be just what you're looking for. Its convenient location in downtown Papeete will let you enjoy all the shops, restaurants, markets, movie theatres, and attractions of the town, while still putting you within walking distance of the shorefront and pier. The amenities are plentiful, with an open-sky pool, a fitness center, and free Wifi throughout. There's also a very luxurious spa to enjoy - try a Turkish bath or massage for the ultimate indulgence. Although there's plenty of restaurants to choose from in Papeete, you'll find it hard to beat the classic French fare offered at the onsite Le Velvet Restaurant. For a more casual dining experience (not to mention a few sunset cocktails), the Chocco Latte Lounge Bar makes a fine choice.

Moorea Beach Lodge

8. Moorea Beach Lodge

It doesn't get much more charming than Moorea Beach Lodge. With its lush garden and its towering banyan tree, its small but Instagram-worthy private beach, its private bungalows with garden or ocean views, its peaceful lounge, and its tranquil terrace bar, it has all the hallmarks of the ideal island escape. Amenities might not be as extensive as those you'd find in some of the island's bigger resorts, but they're more than adequate. There's even the chance to rent bicycles, snorkeling gear, and kayaks for free. The location is convenient, with plenty of restaurants and stores just a short walk away.

Royal Tahitien

7. Royal Tahitien

If you want to experience the idyllic lagoons, the aquamarine waters, and the pristine sands of Moorea Island, you'll find few better places to stay than the Royal Tahitien. The accommodation is spacious and beautifully appointed, with picture-perfect views over the oven. When hunger strikes, you'll find plenty of fine options on the European-style menu at the hotel's onsite restaurant. Other amenities include a delightful stretch of private beach, an outdoor pool, and free wi-fi.

Tahiti Surf Beach Paradise

6. Tahiti Surf Beach Paradise

Ranked by Wow Travel as one of the best hotels in Tahiti, Tahiti Surf Beach Paradise offers comfortable, convenient accommodation at a very reasonable price. Set in one of Tahiti's most popular spots, the hotel offers easy access to the island's top attractions, including the International Golf Course and the Water Gardens of Vaipahi. The amenities are bountiful, with BBQ facilities, free bicycle rentals, and a very sizeable pool. If you want to take advantage of the prime water sports available on the island, its location next to some of the best surfing beaches in Tahiti is a major draw.

Fenua Mataioa

5. Fenua Mata'i'oa

With its lagoon-side location, its lush gardens, and its superb service, the Fenua Mata'i'oa offers a little slice of luxury to discerning guests. The accommodation is a dream: in addition to the hotel rooms, guests are also offered the chance to stay in one of the spacious, exquisitely private bungalows scattered around the gardens. Breakfast, which is included as part of the package, is nothing if not bountiful, with a vast selection of meat and cheeses, yogurts, fruit, cereals, and homemade baked goods. If you get peckish during the day, you'll find several grocery stores and restaurants an easy 5-minute stroll away. The hospitality is faultless, as is the range of water sports and activities on offer. If the thought of staying at a big, impersonal resort leaves you cold, this charming little boutique is the perfect alternative.

Manava Beach Resort

4. Manava Beach Resort & Spa Moorea

With its tranquil oceanfront setting, Manava Beach Resort & Spa Moorea is little short of delightful. Accommodation is offered in a series of gorgeously private, sumptuously appointed bungalows. Perched above an aquamarine lagoon and accessible only via a ladder from a private sundeck, they're the height of secluded charm. Friendly, hospitable service, a huge lagoon pool, and a convenient location complete the pretty picture.

Le Tahiti Pearl Resorts

3. Le Tahiti by Pearl Resorts

Trip Advisor has named Le Tahiti by Pearl Resorts as one of the best hotels in Tahiti for 2021. It's not hard to see why. With comfortable accommodation, stunning surroundings, tropical gardens, and the full caboodle of amenities, it promises (and delivers) everything you could want from an island getaway. To top it off, its location on historic Matavai Bay offers easy access to all of the area's best attractions and destinations.

Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort

2. Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort

Named by US News as one of the best hotels in Tahiti, the Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort offers sumptuous accommodation in a secluded, gloriously peaceful location not far from the capital. The rooms are charmingly decorated and equipped with all the conveniences and comforts you'd expect. If you really want to push the boat out, a stay in one of the above-water bungalows comes highly recommended. The decor is modern and fresh, the amenities are more than ample (expect yoga and fitness classes, a water sports center, and a stunningly tranquil lagoon-style pool), and the overall vibe is relaxed and upscale. It might be one of Tahiti's most expensive hotels, but it's unquestionably worth the blowout.

InterContinental Tahiti Resort & Spa

1. InterContinental Tahiti Resort & Spa describes the InterContinental Tahiti Resort & Spa as an 'opulent resort' surrounded with 'immense tropical gardens' and featuring a 'stylish design with Polynesian décor.' As descriptions go, it sums up exactly what you need to know about this luxurious hotel. If you're happy enough to stay in the hotel itself, you'll find the rooms spacious, clean, and blessed with stunning sea views. If you'd prefer a little more privacy, there's the option to stay in one of the gorgeously secluded above-water bungalows instead. Amenities are extensive, with the mammoth infinity pool with swim-up bar being one of the highlights.

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