The 10 Best Indian Restaurants in Kansas City

Kansas City

Like many major cities, Kansas City has diverse options when it comes to dining out. There is a vast choice of restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets, from casual diners to exquisite fine dining establishments. You can also choose from a vast array of cuisines, as there are restaurants specializing in cuisine from all around the globe, not just traditional American fare. One of the most popular options is Indian cuisine. If you are a fan of the flavors and spices of Indian food, then the following are 10 of the best Indian restaurants in Kansas City.

10. Korma Sutra Indian Restaurant

You will find Korma Sutra Indian Restaurant on West 87th Street Parkway in the Lenexa neighborhood of Kansas City. There are two dining options, depending on when you visit the restaurant. If you visit during lunch service, you will find a vast array of dishes served buffet-style. ON the other hand, if you visit during dinner service, you will choose a dish from the extensive menu. This straightforward Indian restaurant offers most of the dishes that you would typically expect to find on a menu at this type of venue. Diners say that the restaurant has a great vibe and the staff is helpful if you need help choosing from the menu. This restaurant also does a takeaway and delivery service.

9. Seva Cuisine of India

One of the best things about Seva Cuisine of India is that every dish is prepared to your personal taste. You can order any dish from the menu and ask for them to prepare the dish mild, medium, or spicy hot. There is also a fantastic selection of dishes from which you can choose. This is a smaller restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere and excellent customer service. It is located at the Shoppes of Shoal Creek on Flintlock Road, and it is open for separate lunch and dinner services seven days a week.

8. Chai Shai

Nestled in Brookside Park, Chai Shai is a coy restaurant with an intimate feel that is perfect for a romantic night out. This restaurant serves a combination of Indian and Pakistani cuisine, so there are plenty of options on the menu to choose between. There are also some dishes that you are unlikely to see elsewhere, so these are worth a try. One dish that stands out is the masala paneer, which features Indian cheese with a rich sauce of tomato, fenugreek, and coriander. Chai Shai also has a takeaway menu and will deliver food locally.

7. Swagat Fine Indian Cuisine

The buffet-style service at this restaurant means that you can sample a variety of dishes on your visit. Unlike many other Indian restaurants that serve food buffet-style, this venue does not simply churn out the same dishes over and over again. Therefore, it is possible to try different food each time you visit. It is an affordable and relaxed place to eat that is located on NW 87th Street in the Northland area of Kansas City.

6. Taj Palace

Four Square list Taj Palace as one of the top Indian restaurants in Kansas City. Diners have said that the staff at this restaurant are very hospitable, which adds to the pleasant experience of dining in this establishment. There is the option to order from the menu or to dine from the buffet at set times. All the food is freshly prepared. The buffet even includes lassi and chai tea.

5. Tikka House

Many people miss this restaurant as it is a hidden gem that is located in the city market. It is a venue that you should not overlook as it is an affordable place to eat that serves authentic Indian dishes, with some unusual offerings that you will not find on every Indian restaurant menu. Each dish is served with salad and raita to cool the palate. This restaurant has a relaxed vibe that is ideal for casual meals out with friends and family.

4. Taj Mahal Authentic Cuisine of India

Eating Indian food buffet-style is a great option if you prefer to sample lots of different dishes instead of ordering a single meal. It is also a good option if you are new to Indian cuisine and want to try new dishes to familiarize yourself with the flavors and spicing of this type of cuisine. If you want to eat buffet-style, then the Taj Mahal Authentic Cuisine of India is a good place to visit as it served buffets seven days a week. In addition to the delicious food, this restaurant also has a wonderful ambiance in its favor.

3. Moti Mahal

Located in Westport Moti Mahal is a favorite amongst locals. It is a fantastic place to visit if you want a fun night out with friends that includes delicious food. However, the cozy atmosphere means that this is also a great place for couples to dine. This restaurant has a buffet at lunchtime, but you must order a la carte in the evenings. The quality of the food means that this restaurant has won multiple awards.

2. Kulture Kurry

This Indian restaurant predominantly serves North Indian dishes, although there are some dishes on their menu from other areas of the subcontinent. Along with the typical chicken, lamb, prawn, and vegetarian options, there are also dishes served with paneer or goat. One of this restaurant’s specialties is biryani, and there are several varieties available. You will find this restaurant in Overland Park.

1. India Palace

According to Made in Kansas City Explore, the best Indian restaurant in Kansas City is Indian Palace. This restaurant is located at a strip mall in Overland Park. All the food is freshly prepared and full of flavor. There is a good selection of naan bread and rice to accompany your meal. If you would prefer to enjoy their amazing food in the comfort of your own home, they have takeaway and delivery options.

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