The 10 Best Places to Eat in Nagoya, Japan


When visiting Japan, there are many ways that you can absorb yourself in the Japanese culture. One way of doing this is to eat the country’s traditional cuisine and delicacies. If you are staying in Nagoya, there are many outstanding restaurants where you can try local dishes, which will add to your experience of this location. There are also many restaurants serving cuisines from elsewhere in the world, so you can mix and match your dining experiences to suit your tastes. Here are the 10 best places to eat in Nagoya, Japan.

Sky Lounge Zenith

10. Sky Lounge Zenith

One of the best places to enjoy stunning views across the city while you dine is at Sky Lounge Zenith. Located on the 52nd floor of the Marriott Associa Hotel, Sky Bar Zenith is a classy bar and restaurant with some of the best views in Nagoya. It has a sophisticated menu of both Japanese and international cuisines, and it is known for its cocktail menu. It is important to note that you will need to make a reservation to dine at this restaurant.


9. Kawabun Nagoya

There are two reasons why people choose to eat at Kawabun Nagoya. The first is the excellent food, which is skillfully crafted from the region’s finest produce. Despite the Japanese name of the restaurant, the menu features Italian and other European dishes, so it is something different from the usual Japanese offerings you will find in the majority of Nagoya’s restaurants. Another reason this restaurant is popular is the tranquil setting. The restaurant is in a woody Taisho-era building that is set in a pretty garden with a pond. Many diners enjoy sitting outside with a drink before enjoying their meal in the dining room.

Sushi Kenzan

8. Sushi Kenzan

Open for more than 60 years, Sushi Kenzan is a high-end restaurant located within the Hotel Grand Court Nagoya. As it sits on the 29th floor of the hotel, there are stunning views to enjoy while you dine. There is the option to order a la carte, which can save you some money. However, you will enjoy the best dining experience if you opt for one of the multicourse prix fixe menus, the largest of which is eight courses.


7. Trattori Cesari

While you should try as much of the regional cuisine as you can during your stay in Nagoya, Japanese restaurants are not the only option in this city. If you feel like enjoying a wood-fired pizza and other Italian dishes, then the place to go is the Trattori Cesari. It is open for both lunch and dinner service, and there are multiple pizza topping options alongside a variety of traditional Italian dishes that are served by Italian-speaking waiters. The restaurant has a relaxed vibe, and the prices are affordable. There is some outdoor seating down the side of the restaurant if it is full inside or if you want to enjoy alfresco dining.

Aichi Nagoya Japanese Restaurant Aikyo

6. Aichi Nagoya Japanese Restaurant Aikyo

If you want to sample some of the more unusual local dishes, then Arrival Guides recommends a visit to Aichi Nagoya Japanese Restaurant Aikyo. Some of the interesting options on the menu are eel dishes and the chance to try the potentially fatal fugu fish. However, there are also some more traditional options for those not feeling experimental, such as wagyu beef and Iseshima fresh abalone steak.

Atsuta Joraiken

5. Atsuta Horaiken Honten

Seafood enthusiasts should try a meal at AtsutaHoraiken Honten, as this chain restaurant boasts a seafood-centric menu. The chain was opened in 1873, and the Nagoya location is its head branch. It is a popular restaurant amongst locals, and there are often queues outside as people wait for a table. They serve set meals, including tempura and steaks. However, it is the seafood dishes that are the most popular at this restaurant. The signature dish of Atsuta Horaiken Honten is eel basted in a sauce that is served on rice. Diners can choose toppings of dashi, wasabi, or green onion.

Nagoya Crown Hotel

4. Nagoya Crown Hotel

If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy breakfast, then the most impressive place to dine in Nagoya is at the Nagoya Crown Hotel. At this hotel, breakfast is served buffet-style, and you do not need to be a guest of the hotel to enjoy breakfast. Dining at the hotel is a fantastic way of sampling lots of the local cuisine at one sitting. On the extensive buffet, you will find small bites, including hitsumbushi, kishimen, and miso katsu. The hotel has won multiple awards for its breakfast.

Yabaton Honten

3. Yabaton Honten

Lonely Planet recommends dining at Yabaton Honten. It is a fantastic place to try miso-katsu, which is a regional variation of tonkatsu, a dish of deep-fried pork. The restaurant has been open since 1947, and their signature dishes include breaded pork cutlet with miso on sizzling cabbage and schnitzel-style breaded pork.

Kishimen Sumiyoshi

2. Kishimen Sumiyoshi

Nagoya is famous for Kishimen, which are flat noodles like tagliatelle. One of the best places to sample this local food is at Kishimen Sumiyoshi. This restaurant is located at Nagoya Station across platforms 3 and 4. Dining at this casual restaurant is a fun experience as you choose your dish at a booth and click to get a ticket. You then take a seat at the communal counter, and your dish is brought over to you.



According to Eater, one of the best places to eat in Nagoya, Japan, is Kato. It is a Michelin-starred fine dining restaurant that specializes in udon. Former diners recommend starting with seasonal tempura that is seasoned with sea salt. You can then choose your udon bowl, with options including udon in briny dashi or udon with a paste of wagyu beef and red miso. To wash down your meal, ask about the selection of local and regional sake.

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