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The 10 Best LED Truck Bed Lights Money Can Buy


For over a decade now, LED Truck bed lights have significantly gained popularity in the automobile industry. Unlike traditional models, these lights are easy to install and offer improved visibility to the back of your truck. According to Saazs, proper LED truck bed lights are approximately ten times brighter than conventional lighting systems and are energy efficient; thus, ensuring a longer lifespan to serve you for a long time. Here, we will take a closer look at the 10 best Truck Bed Lights money can buy.

10. Truxedo 18-inch Battery Powered Truck B-Light (Price: 99.99)

In addition to the fact that the Truxedo 18-inch battery-powered Truck-B LED light is power efficient, it also does not require any wiring. All you need to do is peel the adhesive backing and install the strip and the battery case wherever in your truck bed. The battery has a button that makes installation and operation easier. You just push the button, and the lights are powered on; push it again, and the lights are powered off. The only downside with this lighting kit is the connecting wire from the battery box is too short.

Key Features:

  • Adequate light
  • Seamless operation with just the push of a button
  • Auto-off mode for battery saving
  • Easy installation
  • 3 AA battery powered truck bed lights

9. EXCOUP LED Lights for Truck Bed (Price: 34.11)

The EXCOUP LED lights have a wider wire that features wide LEDs for clearer bright light. This package comes with eight pods truck bed lights that incorporate 48 super-bright LEDs, each LED light with a 23-inch wire. It also comes with a fully integrated on/off switch that allows you to control the brightness of your truck bed.

Key features

  • Impressive lifespan of 30,000 hours
  • High-Quality LED light Pods
  • IP67-rated waterproof
  • Easily compatible with a 12V power source

8. Linkstyle RGB LED Rock Lights with Remote Control (Price: 12.99)

These light kits come as two separate strips, each with four pods. These pods have a total of 48 LEDs offering 2400 lumens, which is a decent amount of lighting.

Key features:

  • Affordable
  • Relatively waterproof
  • Remote control operated
  • Available in different color options, like red, blue, green, and white

7. Xprite Led Rock Light for Bed Truck (Price: 19.99)

With an IP67 rating, these LED strips are highly weatherproof and can easily withstand harsh weather elements like rain and snow. These 1025-inch pods provide plenty of light, thanks to their unique rectangular shape.

Key features:

  • Strong build
  • 24 LEDs for bright light
  • Easy installation
  • 2I feet of wire
  • Removable individual LEDs

6. AMBOTHER 8Pcs LED Lights for Truck Bed (Price: 24.99)

These lights boast a long life span and high brightness to conveniently illuminate a large area of your truck bed. They are also easily installed.

Key features:

  • High level of brightness
  • 3M adhesive tape
  • Low power consumption
  • Rugged aluminum alloy ensuring water-resistance

5. Partsam LED Truck Bed Light (Price: 16.95)

One awesome thing about these Truck bed lights is their waterproof nature and well-safeguarded from rain, dust, snow, and other harsh weather elements.

Key features:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Available in four color options- blue, white, green, and red
  • A 21 feet power cord
  • Sturdy silicone seal for water resistance

4. Nilight TR-05 180 LEDs Bed Strip Kit (Price: $22.99)

The Nilight TR-05 180 LED kit incorporated 180 individual LED lights, with 90 LEDs on each strip. Each of the LEDs produces about 20 lumens, summing up to a total of 3600 lumens. With this bright light, you are guaranteed to see the entire Truck bed in the dark. According to Autoguide, the Nilight LED Strip kit has high-quality LED lights with a pleasant warmth level of over 5000K. You will also enjoy the durability and flexibility of this LEDs Truck Bed Strip Kit.

Key features:

  • Extra lock mounting hardware
  • 5X strength adhesive backing
  • 2-way wire splitter and switch for added security
  • Peel and stick installation

3. LEDGlow White Truck Bed LED Lighting Kit (Price: 42.99)

The LEDGlow White Truck Bed Light comes with 8 LED lights, each having 6 LEDs bringing that to a total of 48 LED lights. One notable feature about LEDGlow is the impressive length of its wire (6M tape) and 21 feet power wire that comfortably reaches the power source. Moreover, this lighting kit is well sealed to offer added protection against water and dust.

Key features:

  • · More than 21 feet of wire
  • · Cool, bright white 5000K light
  • · Compact toggle switch
  • · Sturdy 3m tape for easy mounting
  • · 48 bright LED lights

2. MICTUNING 2Pcs 60” White LED Truck Bed Light (Price: 29.90)

Just as the name suggests, the MICTUNING LED Truck Bed Light features two LED strips, each measuring 60 inches in length. The strips also have a pin switch that allows you to preserve your battery by turning them on or off manually. Moreover, these lights are well-known for their durability and sturdiness, but the wiring is not very long.

Key features:

  • Pin switch
  • Completely sealed
  • 60 inches per LED strip
  • Quick and Easy installation
  • 2 separate LED light strips

1. YITAMOTOR 2pcs 60″ LED Truck Bed Light (Price: $65.99)

First on our top 10 list is the Yitamotor LED Truck Bed Light; this package comes with two 60-inch pieces that are well-integrated with pure 5050 SMD LED lights. The lights are compatible with running board LED lights, truck bed lighting, door LED lights, and RV awning. Installing them is also very easy as they have self-adhesive tapes to help firmly secure the LED strips.

Key features

  • Two-way Splitter cable connectors for improved connectivity
  • An integrated on and off switch
  • Impressive long-life of up to 50,000 hrs.
  • IP67 rated dustproof, sand proof, and waterproof

Final Thoughts

With the help of this guide, you will be able to comfortably look for the best-LED truck light to clearly see the back of your truck. According to Truckomize, there are several LED truck bed lights to choose from, each having its distinctive features, styles, and color options. That said, make sure to do thorough research before deciding on which LED truck bed to get for your truck.

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