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The 10 Best Matchless Motorcycles of All-Time

Best Matchless Motorcycles

In this article, we'll be talking about the 10 best matchless motorcycles of all time. Matchless motorcycles were made from 1909 to 1966 and have a long history in motorcycle racing. It's hard to make a list like this because there are so many great models that come to mind when thinking of matchless bikes, but here is our list of the top 10.

10. Matchless G9 500cc Vertical Twin

Matchless G9 500cc Vertical Twin

In tenth place is Matchless G-Nine 500cc vertical twin. The motorcycle has a single-cylinder, and the engine was designed to be reliable with an emphasis on simplicity over performance. Though it did not have many features like electronic ignition or self-starter, they were less complex than other models of its time period making them cheaper for customers and easier to maintain.

The Matchless G-Nine 500cc vertical twin had a top speed of around 80km/h and could reach it in just over five seconds making it one the fastest motorcycles at that time period. The innovative design of the crankcase is modeled after a sphere, which allows for separate cylinders to be deep spigotted.

The valve system utilizes Stellite tipped valves and cast-in seats that are forged from light alloy connecting rods made out of wire wound pistons with roller bearings on both ends. A full dry-sump lubrication system ensures all moving parts receive constant pressure feed by using twin gear pumps at high output rates.

9. Matchless Competition Models G3/LC 350 and G80C 500cc

Matchless Competition Models G3/LC 350 and G80C 500cc

The Matchless Competition Models G80C 500cc is the only competition model that was not built in a limited production run, and it has an impressive reputation as one of the most sought-after models.

The G350 engine had been tuned for racing, which led to its power being boosted up from 35 horsepower on the LC 350 to 45-50 horsepower. The G350 engine was fitted with Clarke's carburetor, while the 500cc model had a twin-choke Amac carburetor and it also used heavy-duty valves, conrods, and bushings.

8. Matchless G3

Matchless G3

The 1936 G3 Clubman came in two forms, the Standard and Special. The new 350 engine was introduced early to test its marketability while both models boasted a single exhaust port oriented vertically with hairpin valve springs that were powered by magneto sparks for illumination on-demand via lights made by Lucas.

This motorcycle was created in response to the growing market of Matchless G-types and had a distinct engine design from the side. The bike featured an innovative new, patented type of telescopic fork for its front suspension based on their own patent filed for this idea one year earlier by Roland Browning before he left Matchless after being headhunted by the British Motorcycle Manufacturing Company.

The G-type was deemed the forerunner to Matchless’s later post-war models and went through two main iterations: 1937 G-type, which had a slightly revised cylinder head design that lowered compression but increased horsepower.

7. Matchless G9 500cc twin

Matchless G9 500cc twin

The Matchless Model G9 was the first to be released at Earls Court Motorcycle Show in London. It had a magneto mounted near the cylinders and proved popular with US buyers, while it is counterpart-the AJS 20--had it mounted behind them for style purposes but mechanically they were identical. The bikes went on sale throughout 1948 though by 1949 production increased so UK customers could get their hands on one too.

6. Matchless G 80 E 1989

Matchless G 80 E 1989

The Matchless G 80 E of 1989 was a sporty motorcycle that was the last to be introduced by the company. It had quite an impact on the market, and many were surprised when it was discontinued in 1991. The bike had best-in-class handling for its time thanks to its high ground clearance and low seat height as well as its lightweight, compact size. The G 80 E is the only Matchless motorcycle to be fitted with a single-shock rear suspension system and was designed for use on paved surfaces like roads or tracks.

5. Matchless G-12 1965

Matchless G-12 1965

The motor is an impressive 646 CC engine that produces 35 HP and has a top speed of 65-70 mph. The Amal carburetor ensures ample fuel for the powerful combustion process, while air cooling keeps things running smoothly in hot weather. A chain drive system delivers power to both axles with ease. The Matchless G-12 is a superb example of British engineering and craftsmanship.

4. 1955 Matchless G45

1955 Matchless G45

The G45 500 twin race bike was first ridden by Robin Sherry in the Manx Grand Prix of '51 and took 4th place. The G45 was based on Matchless's street model, the G9, and would eventually take on many other racing competitions throughout Europe's history such as Paris-Dakar Rally. The motorcycle was also instrumental in Matchless's dominance over the TT races, winning a total of 18 at their peak.

The G45 500 twin had a 465cc side-valve engine with an overhead camshaft that increased horsepower to 48 bhp and top speed to 90 mph (145 km/h). The G45 would continue to be Matchless's top-of-the-line model until 1957.

3. Matchless G80 500cc single

Matchless G80 500cc single

1949 was the year for new bikes. The G80, a top-of-the-line 500cc single from AMC's British bike division, had pushrods and an under the square engine in the typical fashion of motorcycles at that time. The company also introduced swing arm rear suspension on this model as well as telescopic forks with hydraulic damping which were both coming off AMC’s other motorcycle brand straight into this one.

The G80 was the first British motorcycle with such a suspension system, which is still in use today. The 500cc engine had an output of 18 horsepower and could reach speeds up to 100 miles per hour (160 kilometers). The bike’s construction made it perfect for long trips due to its reliability and durability. However, this machine is not as lightweight or agile as the other bikes on this list.

2. 1957 Matchless G11

1957 Matchless G11

Though the Matchless G11 and AJS Model 30 were only produced for a short period of time, they are still considered classics. The 500cc displacement engine was outdated by 1955 so these bikes served as stopgaps between that model and 650cc competitors from other manufacturers like Norton or Triumph which launched in 1958. The 1957 Matchless G11 is one of the most coveted bikes in existence.

The G11 was designed by Geoffrey Tinsdale, who had left BSA Cycles to join International Matchless (later AMC) in their Chiswick factory. It is considered as being a landmark design for both company and designer with its rear-mounted twin shock absorbers and telescopic front forks.

1. Matchless Model X Reloaded 2015

Matchless Model X Reloaded 2015

Number one on our list is the Matchless Model X Reloaded 2015. This motorcycle is one of the most expensive on our list, but it's also packed with features and innovative design features that make this a steal for any serious collector or enthusiast. The bike has an aluminum frame, leather seat, chrome fenders, silver spoke wheels, and more to create a unique look unlike anything on the market.

The Model X Reloaded is a remake of one of Matchless's most iconic and popular motorcycles, with some updates to modernize it for today's rider. Designed for the hardcore rider, this naked bike is not your average hipster ride.

With a 1000cc engine and all-wheel drive to handle any terrain thrown at it, Model X Reloaded was built with one goal in mind - getting you there fast without breaking down along the way! Features like an auto tune-up help keep everything running smoothly so that riders can enjoy their adventures worry-free. This sleek machine comes fully equipped with an advanced braking system (ABS) as well as cruise control features which make long distances seem shorter than ever before on two wheels.


The Matchless Motorcycles are the best of all. There is no other bike that can compare to them because they have such an interesting history and design, making it impossible for any company to make a motorcycle just like theirs. There you have it, the top ten best Matchless Motorcycles of all time.

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