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The Five Best Motorcycle Chocks on the Market Today

Best Motorcycle Chocks

Of all the accessories in a motorcycle owner's arsenal, a motorcycle chock is one of the most essential. While most people think of them as being a useful device for securing a motorcycle to a pickup or trailer for safe transportation, motorcycle chocks serve a variety of other, equally valuable, purposes. Short of a hydraulic lift or a full stand, a motorcycle chock is the best way of keeping your motorcycle upright during any routine maintenance. Many of the motorcycle chocks on the market can be attached to either the front or rear wheel, allowing extra versatility. The benefits don't stop there. Bolt a motorcycle chock to your garage floor, and you get an ultra-safe, secure place to chain your motorcycle that will deter all but the most persistent of thieves. If you're don't feel comfortable parking your motorcycle on slippery surfaces, a motorcycle chock lends great stability, keeping your motorcycle firmly anchored regardless of how wet the conditions or how long you leave it. Talking of parking, a motorcycle chock helps keep your motorcycle within its designated parking space. It effectively acts as a barrier to stop your motorcycle from intruding into other spaces and getting in the way of other vehicles. Finally, a motorcycle chock keeps your motorcycle safe: if an external force is applied, it'll make sure your motorcycle doesn't fall or get damaged. If you're ready to introduce this handy piece of kit into your life, you'll find no shortage of options to choose between. To help you sort the best from the rest, we've sifted through the data to pick the five very best motorcycle chocks on the market today. Without further ado, here they are.

1. Extreme Max Motorcycle Chock

Extreme Max Motorcycle Chock

The Extreme Max motorcycle wheel chock boasts a minimalist design and a hard-core functionality. Attach this to your wheel, and the chance of your motorcycle tipping is next to none. Its strength comes from its pure steel construction, which has been coated with a semi-gloss black powder finish for added durability. A high-strength, sturdy front bar ensures excellent stability, while the multiple wheel cradle adjustments let the device accommodate various wheel sizes without requiring adjustment to the chock itself. A V shape design to the cradle’s front and rear allows the device to be fitted to wheels ranging from 17 to 21 inches. The simple design allows it to be used with ease by just one person, while its easy locking system is a breeze to operate. Its wide stance enhances stability. Some users have complained that the chock is too wide for some wheels, but other than that minor drawback, this is an excellent chock that's well deserving of your attention.

2. Pit Posse PP2900 Motorcycle Chock

Pit Posse PP2900 Motorcycle Chock

As one of Safe Road's Top 10 Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks of 2021, Pit Posse PP2900 Motorcycle Wheel Chock clearly has no shortage of fans. And for good reason. Constructed from heavy-gauge steel, reinforced with 7/8 inches of chrome-plated steel tubing, and featuring a zinc-plated cradle, it's a supremely well-crafted device that performs well across the board. Features include a self-locking mechanism that locks the wheel firmly in place as soon as you roll the wheel into the cradle, an easy-to-operate construction, and easy unlocking. An adjustable bracket allows the chock to be fitted to the front wheel of most bikes, including dirt bikes. Stability is enhanced thanks to the addition of durable plastic caps. If all that wasn't enough to encourage you to invest, the benefit of a 5-year warranty should convince you.

3. Lock N Load Motorcycle Chock Kit

Lock N Load Motorcycle Chock Kit

As Best Reviews notes, the Lock N Load Motorcycle Wheel Chock Kit is a sturdy, full trailering stability kit that includes both the chock itself and a variety of straps, including a front tire strap, rear ratchet tie-downs, and mounting plate. Its one-size-fits-all design allows it to be used across a wide range of bikes without a problem. Built from solid steel, it's incredibly durable. A quick-disconnecting mounting plate allows for easy operation and smooth disconnection. Additional benefits include a tie-down system for the front tire which lends great stability while driving.

4. Condor PSTK-6400 Motorcycle Chock

Condor PSTK-6400 Motorcycle Chock

First up, the Condor isn't cheap. If your budget is tighter than you'd like, you might want to skip on to our next entry right about now. If, on the other hand, you're willing to blow the budget if it means getting your hands on one of the very best motorcycle wheel chocks on the market, stay right where you are. The Condor PSTK-6400 is a premium product with a premium price tag. It delivers everything you could possibly need from a motorcycle chock, and more besides. A self-supporting steel and aluminum frame offers superb stability, keeping your motorcycle firmly in place no matter how long you leave it standing. Despite its sturdy construction, it folds down to half its original height, allowing for easy transportation and storage. A quick-release mounting kit further enhances ease of movement. Unlike some devices that struggle to accommodate larger motorcycles, the Condor PSTK-6400 can easily accommodate a wide range of both front and rear wheels. As an added benefit, the device can hold motorcycles vertically, allowing you easy access during maintenance.

5. MaxxHaul Motocycle Chock

MaxxHaul Motocycle Chock

Ranked by Best Reviews as one of the best motorcycle chocks on the market, the MaxxHaul Motorcycle Wheel Chock is a budget-friendly option with some very appealing features. It may lack the flexibility of some of the other options on the market (if you've got a large bike, you're better off looking elsewhere: there's a good chance this won't fit), but it more than makes up for that in value: compared to other similar devices, it's a fifth less expensive. If you're fortunate to have a motorcycle that fits the chock, you won't be disappointed. Its heavy-duty steel construction is enhanced with a powder-coated finish that not only enhances the aesthetic of the device but adds several years onto its lifespan (which, thanks to its excellent rust and corrosion resistance, is already considerable). A pivoting cradle allows for easy loading, unloading, and locking. Once the wheel is in place, an automatic, rotating, tire-lock swings into place over the back of the wheel for added stability. Added value comes by way of the additional bolts included, which lets you mount your motorcycle to the floor, truck bed, trailer, or any other flat surface. Operation is easy and can be managed simply enough by a single person.

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