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The Five Best Mountain Biking Trail Apps

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In 2022, the world seems to revolve around apps for mobile phones. There's an app for shopping, monitoring your health, counting the number of steps you take, and controlling household appliances remotely. There's an app for nearly everything. It's good news for mountain bikers. If you were disappointed with earlier versions of mountain biking trail apps, forget about the past and check out the latest innovations. They're improved over time and now deliver the information you need when out on the trails. You'll still find some of the inferior versions, but we've put together a list of the five best mountain biking trail apps that won't let you down when you need them the most.

5. All Trails

The All Trails Mountain Biking app is among the top-rated apps for mountain bikers and hikers. It's one of the best-known hiking trail apps featuring navigation and trail beta. It's useful for identifying and pointing out mountain bike trails. The pro version of the app may be used offline and it allows the rider to record GPS activity while in motion. The app is pre-loaded with more than 300,000 mountain bike and hiking routes with photos of the trails, indications of elevation ups and downs, mileage, and other useful information. This app has a price point of $29.99 for the professional version which is recommended for offline use when communicating with the outside world is not available. It's a dependable app that provides detailed information and statistics with a review of the bike trails it identifies to help mountain bikers determine if their skills are aligned with the difficulty. The All trails app is the best choice for mountain bikers who also enjoy hiking and could use the extra information available about the area. The app also identifies trails that are kid and pet friendly with new trails that you may not be aware of. The All Trails app undergoes frequent updates to provide bikers and hikers with the most current information and photos shared by other bikers and hikers.

4. Outdooractive

Outdoor active is a free app for iPhone and Android with an external link. You may know the app by its former name ViewRanger. It's one of the best apps for mapping, equipped with features for planning mountain bike trail riding routes, exploration, and navigation. It's a favored app for its free Open Cycle Map that offers tons of mountain-bike-specific route planning. The features are marked clearly as informational help. You may also access topographical maps available with the ultimate details of specified regions. You may download the maps to your phone for offline use. They work when there is no phone or data signal available when you subscribe to the pro level of the app. It also comes with an augmented reality feature titled Skyline for peaks and points overlay. You can use the Buddy Beacon feature to share your location with friends or family of your choice to let them know where you are at any point in time. It comes with a weather app with the Pro Plus subscription feature. You may also record your routes and follow or create them in the app. You can also use a computer to create custom routes. It's a versatile app that can make your trip safer and more enjoyable. You can keep the people back home confident in knowing your approximate location at your discretion.

3. Komoot

Komoot is a mountain bike app for Android and iPhone platforms. It is free for one region, and you can purchase additional maps. Komoot is a popular app for mountain bikers with varying abilities as it provides navigation and route planning based on riding ability. Riders may create their routes and follow them in alignment with their capabilities. It simplifies route planning based on a simple interface with a route planning algorithm. It's one of the best cycling apps on the market and may work with bike computers. Enjoy the convenience of converting a smartphone into a voice-command-activated sat nav. Key in your location with your intended destination. You may also record activities.

2. Bike Computer

Bike Computer is a free mountain biking trail app for Android and iPhones. It's a simple trail app that converts your smartphone to a GPS bike computer. It's available through app stores for iOS and Android. The app provides bikers with route, distance, and elevation and tracks basic metrics including pace. It can be used with heart rate monitors that are Bluetooth-ready. The app allows you to share your rides on completion or through Facebook or Strava. You may also use it for recording viewable night rides. It's among the most efficient for conserving battery energy and records health data for fitness tracking.

1. Strava

Strava is a mountain biking trail app that is available in free and premium subscriptions. It's available in Android and iPhone formats. Strava is a popular app that helps you find new trails in your area through the Segment Explore feature. It shows all riding areas in your locale and shows you where trails exist in wooded areas and warns of areas where no trails exist. The premium subscription is required for the best features that include new routes, and a Buddy Beacon for tracking and keeping up to three people of your choice informed of your journey in real-time. It's a premium safety feature that helps others know where you are if an emergency arises.

Final thoughts

These are the five top mountain biking trail apps on the market today. Each app offers unique features. Some are best for mountain bikers while others combine equal coverage for hikers and bikers, who want to find the most reliable data available for trails in specific areas. To get the best features, you must subscribe to the premium-level editions of these apps. They help to simplify route planning and finding the best trails for your skill level and keep others informed of your whereabouts when you want added protection.

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