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GeeFi: Unlimited 4G Wi-Fi Everywhere You Travel


Technology continues to advance and change the way individuals do business, interact with family, and stay connected with friends. Increasingly, people need to stay connected as much as possible even when traveling internationally. With just about every major business adopting some form of online presence, and social media driving how people interact, having an Internet connection while away from the home or office is crucial.

However, there are many issues with maintaining a strong online presence while traveling. A great deal of time can be wasted searching for restaurants and cafes with free Wi-Fi, and swapping different SIM cards can be confusing. As well, international roaming charges can quickly add up.

GeeFi has taken notice of these issues and created a product to resolve them. Essentially, GeeFi aims to provide simple, reliable, and cost effective 4G wireless Internet access to customers all over the world. While its scope is global, it is a product that is rooted in personal convenience. Having a reliable wireless connection in countries across the globe can give travelers great peace of mind, knowing they can stay in touch with family, friends, and work, regardless of their location.

GeeFi Founder

GeeFi was founded by one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the travel industry today. Eli Ostreicher created the company using his vast experience in establishing businesses that meet consumer demands.

He has previously founded several companies, including Regal Wings. This company brings in over $100 million per year in revenue and has been called the fastest growing travel company in the USA. He has devoted the same passion and care to GeeFi, which is a company that was created to enhance a traveler's experience.


With the research already having taken place, GeeFi devices will be quickly and efficiently produced within months for customers. September marked the beginning of the Kickstarter campaign, and the fundraising will finish in October.

In November, the devices themselves will be produced. This will prepare for the first shipments of GeeFi to customers in December. In total, the process will only take four months, which is impressive considering how detailed the technology in GeeFi devices is.

This product has experienced success not only because of its capable team and experienced founder, but also because of great support from backers. Over 1000 Kickstarter backers have seen the value of GeeFi and contributed to its $20 000 goal. This has resulted in $170 000 being raised since the campaign was launched in September.

While GeeFi features some of the most impressive and convenient technology on the market, it is still looking to improve. In the future, the company hopes to lower the price for 24-hour wireless access. As well, it hopes to double the already considerable number of countries and regions with wireless connectivity available to GeeFi customers by mid-2017.

How It Works

Using GeeFi to get 4G wireless access is a simple process. Firstly, customers purchase the GeeFi device. Secondly, they set up an online account and purchase a GeePass, which is a 24-hour unlimited data package. Conveniently, customers can buy as many GeePass units as they want in advance, ensuring many days of high speed wireless connectivity. Lastly, the customer's mobile device simply connects to their GeeFi's wireless network for fast and reliable Internet access.

GeeFi is able to work in countries all over the world because when turned on, it automatically connects to the strongest signal tower nearby. This provides fast and reliable 4G Wi-Fi network that can be connected to a person’s mobile device. If there is no 4G available, GeeFi will provide the best available connection.


While its ability to provide fast and secure wireless networks all over the world is impressive, there are other factors that make GeeFi stand out from its competition. Firstly, the data included in a 24-hour GeePass period is unlimited. This means there are no expensive roaming fees, slow downloads, or restrictions on wireless access.

As well, GeeFi can connect to up to 10 devices simultaneously. This means a person could have a smartphone, tablet, laptop, and smart television all connected to a fast 4G wireless network with no interruptions.

Finally, one of the device’s most attractive features is that it doubles as a powerbank. GeeFi can also act as a USB charger, so mobile devices can be charged while connected to the Internet. This is perfect for individuals who must work while traveling, as there is no fear of being interrupted by either a poor Internet connection or low battery.


In order to provide the best possible service for individuals with differing needs and occupations, GeeFi has worldwide coverage in over 100 countries and regions around the world, from the United States to Australia to Singapore. For most travelers who have a GeeFi, there will be no need to worry about finding a reliable wireless network anywhere in the world

As well, the device is small and light. It slips easily into a pocket or bag, making it ideal for easy storage while traveling.


The GeeFi is designed not only to provide 4G wireless connectivity all over the world, but to do so for extended periods of time. It requires 4 to 5 hours to completely charge, and can last up to 48 hours on a single charge. However, connecting to multiple devices simultaneously can drain the battery faster.


Buyers who take advantage of the early purchase discounts on Kickstarter can own the GeeFi for only $110. For buyers who purchase the device after mass production and delivery, the product will cost approximately $170.

The GeePass which enables wireless connectivity for 24 consecutive hours cost $10 each.


  • 145mm by 85mm by 15.6 mm
  • 210 g


  • 5000 mAh powerbank
  • USB


  • Upload: 50 MBPS (4G-LTE)
  • Download: 150 MBPS (4G-LTE)


  • Wi-Fi: 2.4 GHz
  • LTE: B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B7, B8, B13, B17, B20


Finding a reliable and fast wireless network while traveling can be frustrating and expensive. Luckily, GeeFi is a product that can save money and time by providing 4G Wi-Fi all over the world, regardless of a person’s normal carrier or network.

The device is small, light, and has a long-lasting battery. In addition to its wireless capabilities, GeeFi also acts as a charger and is able to connect to 10 devices at the same time. It is a remarkable product that has great ambitions for the future, and will save money and time for frequent travelers.

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