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The 10 Best Packing Cubes Money Can Buy

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If you're new to the world of packing cubes, you're probably wondering what the hoopla is all about. All we have to say is to try them. Packing cubes are designed to organize your items, either for travel or at home. Indeed, some people actually use packing cubes to keep their drawers in order. But their true purpose was to help travelers keep belongings organized. You can get REI store manager Aly Simmons states, "Packing cubes are magic, and you won't believe it until you try them. I even use them in my everyday life for organizing makeup. They are great to store and easy to zip up and take on the road." You can purchase packing cubes which simply organize and sort items, or compression cubes which compress your clothing down once you zip them up. Which ever one you choose, one thing is for sure, once you try packing cubes, you'll wonder how you ever traveled without them.

10. Gonex Compression Packing Cubes Set of 6

Stylish with a neat and organized design, it can be said that this packing cube set is exceptional in appearance alone. This Gonex set of 6 organizers are constructed of durable water resistant polyester, and come with handles for your convenience. Your purchase includes a large, medium, small, extra small and slim packing cubes. Also included is a laundry bag which could be used to store shoes instead. These cubes can also be used as storage organizers for inside the home as well, when not needed for travel.

9. Shacke Pak Set of 4 Packing Cubes

The Shacke Pak set of 4 packing cubes provides you with 1 extra large, 1 large, 1 medium, 1 small and 1 laundry bag. Their "X" design along with the double stitching ensures that the Shacke Pak cubes are there for the long haul. Indeed, you'll be able to use them for many trips to come as their durable nylon material, reinforced lid and 4 inch deep design makes sure you'll be able to pack a good amount of garments possible. As for the zippers, these cubes are made with YKK zippers, zippers known for their longevity and durability.

8. YAMIU 7-Piece Travel Organizer

The YAMIU 7 piece packing cube set is just made for those watching their budget. The set includes 2 toiletry bags, 1 shoe bag, and 4 packing cubes. However, as previously stated, this packing cube set is for those watching their pennies, so be aware that it's not made with fabric as durable as other packing cubes in our review for the best packing cubes of 2021. Still, they're the perfect choice for the budget conscious or those needing cubes for a one-off vacation or trip.

7. Bagail Set of 8 Lightweight Packing Cubes

This set of 8 packing cubes can definitely take care of your packing needs. Here's what's included: One each extra large, large, and medium packing cubes. One packing tube for underwear, one toiletry bag, one bag for shoes, one laundry bag, and one flat bag for your smartphone, keys, and so on. Each bag is made from high quality, water resistant nylon fabric and designed to fit snuggly into suitcases, duffel bags or backpacks. All cubes have durable zippers, and double sewn seams along with a mesh panel for circulation.

6. LeanTravel Premium Compression Packing Cubes

These packing cubes by LeanTravel are quite sturdy and apply the perfect amount of compression, along with sorting and organizing your items. Made from high quality, durable polyester fabric, they come with SBS double zippers which help to take 4 inches of clothing into one inch. If you're concerned that the act of compression and sealing the cubes will snag or rip your garments, it won't. This is due to anti-catch technology, so your garments are safe. Your purchase includes two large cubes and one medium cube.

5. Osprey's Ultralight Packing Cube Set

This set of packing cubes are specifically made for people who desire to travel light or have a cube set for their backpacks. Anyone who has traveled with a backpack knows how items can become jostled during a walk, and make it impossible to find what you need when you need it. Enter the Osprey packing cube set. All tolled, the packing cubes weigh in at just 2.1 ounces. Made from 40D polyester ripstop material, these small but mighty organizers will turn your unorganized backpack into a thing of beauty. All without adding extra weight. The set includes a small, medium an large cube.

4. Away Packing Cubes: The Insider Collection

Your purchase comes with a set of four packing cubes of differing sizes. Also known as compression cubes, they are meant to compress and sort your items. Each cube is manufactured from high quality, water-resistant nylon. Like most other packing cubes, each one is made with a mesh panel to help your belongings breathe. Travel expert and writer Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon is a fan of these packing cubes, stating how they turned her onto the world of packing cubes, and how you can pack them "Tetris Style".

3. Amazon Basics Packing Cubes

Amazon Basics Packing Cubes are just what the name implies in that they offer the basic solid, strong and durable protection you'll need for sorting, organizing and packing your items. Amazon basics come with 4 packing cubes. Each packing cube is made from sturdy polyester material with double zipper pulls and a mesh panel. You get two medium cubes, and two large cubes. These packing cubes are simple but good for those on a budget who are looking for good quality along with affordability.

2. Veken 6 Set Packing Cubes

The Veken 6 Set Packing Cubes take the worry and woe out of your travels. According to their manufacturer, their cube fabric is up to 26 percent thicker than their competitors. Proof lies in the fabric itself, as Veken utilizes 290D nylon, whereas their competition uses 230D polyester fabric. If you're concerned of your clothing becoming wrinkled or wet, don't be as the 290D nylon they use is water resistant. Also, clothing are wrinkle resistant if packed properly. Your purchase includes: Extra large cube, large cube, medium cube and small. You also get a shoe bag and laundry bag.

1. Eagle Creek Pack-It Cube Set

The Eagle Creek Pack-It Cube Set made the top of our list of the best packing cubes of 2021. What makes them so special? Basically, it's their overall quality, from their construction right down to the fabric, and everything in between. Travel expert Emily Krause loves these cubes, "I fit multiple people's items in one small suitcase by assigning each person a different color cube." Made from high quality nylon, this set comes in three sizes: Small, medium and large. Each packing cube comes with a mesh window which allows air to circulate so your clothes don't become dank, stagnant and smelly. Due to the hardy nylon fabric, your clothes will resist wrinkling if packed away properly.

Final Thoughts

Packing cubes are probably seen by many travelers as a saving grace when it comes to keeping their items sorted and organized. In our article covering the best packing cubes of 2021, we've located both compression cubes as well as organizing cubes. Remember if you you're not into travel, these packing cubes can be a massive asset for those into keeping their drawers, closets and any storage area nice, compact and organized. If you'd like to save space, you'd use compression cubes. If you simply wish to organize items, then use the standard packing cubes. You can organize anything, from children's toys to art and craft items. One thing is for sure, once you get a taste of the conveniences they offer, you'll be a fan for life.

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