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The Five Best Pizza Places in San Francisco

San Francisco

San Francisco is a city that has some fantastic eateries. You can find loads of upscale restaurants and a variety of diverse authentic ethnic establishments, but there is really no replacement for a well-done pizza. If you're a pizza lover and you're planning to be in the area, you're in luck. SF is home to some of the most exceptional pizza places in the country and although some are so popular that you'll have to wait in line, they're so good that it's well worth the wait. When you have a craving that can only be satisfied with this amazing and versatile dish, here are five of the best pizza places in San Francisco.

 Tony’s Pizza Napoletana

Tony's Pizza Napoletana is so popular that the business has been named winner of the World Pizza making championship on 12 different occasions. This lets you know that they're not letting up on the quality. Tony Gemignani is a master when it comes to creating the perfect mouth watering pizza. His place is located in the North Beach area and it offers 10 kinds of pizza that range from classic Italian to Detroit style. The pizzas are the rage in his neck of the woods. The restaurant is also famous for their hearty salads, craft cocktails and specialty dishes that are truly one of a kind.


Regazza started out in 2007 as Gialina. Sharon Ardiana had a flair for crating the perfect pizza with a thin crust pie menu that chcanges with each season. It's never boring and she's made sure to keep the favorite menu items available year round. A long time favorite of her patrons is the Amatriciana with tomato, pancetta, chiles, pecorino and a fried egg. The first restaurant was such s success that Ardiana was obliged to open a second location in 2010 and she named this one Regazza. It's located on Divisadero Street and they serve dinner daily. It's a must try for anyone who loves traditional pizza, or who would like to try one of her new seasonal offerings, but we're warning you... these pizzas are one of a kind and if you get hooked, there's only one place to find them.

 Pizzeria Delfina

With four locations in the Bay area, Pizzeria Delfina is so good that they have to run several eateries just to keep up with the demand. You can find them in Palo Alto, Burlingame, Pacific Heights and in the Mission next to Delfina Restaurant. They offer a specialty Neapolitan style thin crust pie with a choice of interesting toppings. Choose from arugula, radicchio, endive adn lemon vinaigrette, pork, beef, veal meatballs, and a host of traditional toppings. Their fennel sausage is house made and they don't skimp on the mozzarella unless that's the way you want it. They offer take out pizzas, but you need to order well in advance of your hunger pangs and be prepared for a long, wait, but in the end, you'll realize it was worth it.


Delarosa is another popular pizzeria in SF that is so popular that they had to set up multiple locations. Their unique pizza creations are prepared in a Roman style and the environment of the restaurant is communal. They're open seven days a week, all day so you can eat pizza for lunch and dinner if the thought is appealing. They offer a build your own pie option and this is part of the reason they're so popular. You choose the toppings (there are a lot to choose from), and they also have vegan cheese and vegan sausage options. Delarosa also serves cocktails and other Italian dishes featuring chicken breast, crab, and ravioli.


Capos, like Tony's Pizza Napoletana is owned by Tony Gemignani. They offer the best Chicago style pizza in the area. You have your choice of crusts options from cracker thin, deep dish, stuffed, thick crust adn cast iron options. The pizzas are authentic and mouth watering. The establishment gives you the sense of stepping back in time with old school red vinyl booths. In addition to their pizzas, they are also well known for their other dishes including meatball subs, linguini with clams, clams casino and chicken marsala. With an multiple award winning chef at the helm, you can rest assured that this is a top notch pizzeria.

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