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The 10 Best Places to Live in Colorado for Families


Finding the right location to live for your family is an individual choice, as what suits one person will not necessarily suit the next. Each family has different interests and lifestyles, and these will play an important role in where they choose to live. However, there are some common factors that most families consider when choosing a location, and it is these that determine whether a place is considered a good place for families. Some of these include the schools' quality, the family-oriented activities in the area, affordability, and safety. Based on these factors, here are the 10 best places to live in Colorado for families.

Erie Colorado

10. Erie

Erie was named after the town of the same name in Pennsylvania, and it is the former home of Richard Van Valkenburg. The cost of living is high in this Denver suburb, but that is the price you pay for the high standard of living you and your family can enjoy. Located in Weld County, Erie has a population of around 23 thousand residents, and a whopping 48 percent of households have children. One element that appeals to families is the above-average schools, while another is the activities for families. Other appealing factors include safety, employment opportunities, and transport links. Living in Erie comes at a price, as the cost of living is above the state average.


9. Broomfield

Broomfield is a consolidated city and county in Colorado, so its official name is the City and County of Colorado. It is the 13th most populous county in Colorado, with a population of more than 66 thousand residents. Almost a third of the households in this location have children. It is little wonder that families are drawn to the area, as it boasts highly-rated public schools, community diversity, various employment opportunities, a vast array of outdoor activities, a vibrant nightlife, and good transport links. It is also considered a safe area in which to live. The only negative aspect of life in Broomfield is the high cost of living.


8. Lafayette

Lafayette is a Denver suburb in Boulder County with a population of around 28 thousand, and 31 percent of the households have children. It is generally considered one of the best places to live in Colorado for all demographics, not just families. It has outstanding public schools, multiple activities for families to enjoy, a diverse community, good transport links, and health and fitness facilities. Like many of the best places to live, the cost of living in this suburb is above average.


7. Frederick

The only downside to living in Frederick is the high cost of living, says Niche; it is a town in Weld County with a population of more than 12 thousand people, and over 45 percent of the households in this town have children. It is a good place to live in Colorado for families due to the schools' quality and the many family-oriented activities.


6. Greeley

The county seat of Weld County, Greeley is a home rule municipality, and its nearest major city is Denver. The city's population is almost 104 thousand people, and more than 36 percent of the households have children. The public schools in this city are above average, and there are plenty of activities for families to enjoy. There is also a diverse community and a wide range of job opportunities in different industries. However, the downside of living in Greeley is the high cost of living.


5. Parker

Parker is one of the best Denver suburbs to raise a family, so it is a great choice for parents who work in the city and want a family-oriented area to bring up their children. Aurora is also within commuting distance of this location. Parker is home to more than 52 thousand people, and a staggering 48.4 percent of households have children. The public schools are above average, and this is another appealing feature of this location.


4. Littleton

Grand Park Colorado lists Littleton as one of the best places to live in Colorado for families. Not only does this Denver suburb have a lot of character, but it is also a great location for spending time outdoors as a family. There are bicycle and hiking trails, plenty of parks, and it is close to the mountains.


3. Windsor

More than 42 percent of the households in Windsor have children, and there are over 32 thousand people living in this home rule municipality. It is located in northern Colorado, approximately an hour from Denver. It has good schools, many family-oriented activities, and a diverse community. It is one of the best options for families that want to live in an area with an urban vibe.

Castle Rock

2. Castle Rock

Part of the Denver metropolitan area and its closest major city is Aurora. There are almost 60 thousand residents living in this city, and of these, 45.6 percent are households with children. It is an affluent area, so it does not necessarily score well on the affordability criteria. However, it makes up for this with the other factors that make it a fantastic place to raise a family. There are plenty of outdoor activities as it is near the foothills of the mountains. The drive to Denver is approximately 40 minutes, so Castle Rock is an excellent choice for parents who work in the city but want to raise their family in rural surroundings.



According to Home Snacks, the best place to live in Colorado for families is Louisville. It is a city with a population of more than 18 thousand residents, and its closest major city is Denver. Originally, Louisville was a mining community with a violent past. However, the city today is unrecognizable from its origins. Now, approximately 34.9 percent of the households have children, so it is clearly popular with families. It is also consistently listed as one of the best locations to live in the United States. Affordability is another feature that attracts family, as it is a more affordable option than Denver and Boulder,

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