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The 20 Best Places to Live in Dallas


Like any major city, Dallas is divided into neighborhoods and suburbs. While some of these areas are not great places to live, others offer all the factors that people consider essential for an enjoyable and comfortable lifestyle. What each person thinks are the important factors to look for when choosing somewhere to live can vary from one individual to the next, and this can depend on their personal interests and their stage of life. Some of the most common factors that people consider are safety, public schools, employment opportunities, transport links, leisure activities, outdoor spaces, diversity, house prices, and the general cost of living. While not all of these factors are relevant to everyone, depending on their priorities, these are the factors that are generally used when determining which are the best places to live in or around a city. Based on these factors, the following are the 20 best places to live in Dallas, TX.

20. Campbell Green

According to Niche, Campbell Green ranks highly in the list of the best places to live in Dallas as there are almost no negatives to living in this area. In fact, the only downside to this area is the poor transport links. Families love living in this Dallas neighborhood as it has some of the best schools in the city and it offers families a good standard of living. It also has plenty of job opportunities, great nightlife, and the cost of living is reasonable Furthermore, this is a diverse neighborhood that has very low crime rates.

19. Lakeview Heights

Lakeview Heights is a small Dallas neighborhood that has a population of under four thousand people. Although there is not a diverse community in this area, it has many other positive features. It is one of the safest areas to live as it has exceptionally low crime rates, and it offers families an excellent lifestyle. Y0uong professionals like this area because of the busy nightlife, the opportunities to socialize, the decent job prospects, and the good transport links. There are many different housing options, and the cost of living in this area is reasonable.

18. Prestonwood

With a population of more than 21 thousand residents, this Dallas neighborhood has a dense suburban feel. Young people love this area because of the many leisure facilities and the opportunities to socialize. It is also a popular area for families as there are highly-rated public schools nearby. Prestonwood is a diverse area with good housing options and low unemployment. There are also lots of health and fitness facilities in this community, so it will suit those who have an active lifestyle

17. Moss Farm- Forest Meadow

Good for both young professionals and families, the Moss Farm- Forest Meadow area has a population of just over four thousand. This means the area appeals to those who prefer a small-town environment with a nice community feel. According to Niche, the factors that make this a good option when choosing an area to live in Dallas include the diversity, the housing options, the low cost of living, and the health and fitness facilities.

16. Double Oak

A tiny community in Dallas, Double Oak has barely more than three thousand residents. This means that the area has a true sense of community. This is a safe place to live as the crime rates are low, and the public school options are excellent. It is also a good place to live in terms of employment opportunities. The downsides to this area are the high cost of buying or renting property, and the overall cost of living. However, high living costs are a common problem if you want to live in one of the most desirable areas.

15. Trophy Club

Home Snacks says that Trophy Club is an affluent community that is well-known for its golf courses. Its population is over 11 thousand, and it is located in Denton and Tarrant counties. It appeals to a diverse demographic as it has outstanding schools, lots of jobs, a range of housing options, excellent amenities, and low crime rates. Despite having an affluent community, the general cost of living is reasonable.

14. Allen

Allen stands out from other Dallas suburbs as it is a great place for shopping, it has a thriving arts and culture scene, and outdoor activities are plentiful. Many people who live in this area enjoy an active lifestyle, and this is partly thanks to the 800 acres of parkland in the neighborhood. These offer a variety of nature walks, hiking trails, and recreational activities. It is a great place for music lovers of all genres of music as there are lots of live music performances, from classical orchestras to rock bands. The house prices are reasonable compared to other Dallas suburbs, and there are even affordable options for first-time buyers. This suburb has a small-town feel that gives it a real sense of community.

13. Grapevine

Grapevine boasts excellent transport links as it is close to the airport and is at the center od seven major roads. It is a central hub for several industries, including wine production. The downtown area has art galleries, boutique shops, and multiple restaurants serving a wide range of cuisine. The population in this area is around 50,000 people, and there is an excellent high school. The hosing in this area is very varied with listing ranging between $200,000 and $2 million. This means it attracts young families, affluent people, young professionals, and empty nesters.

12. Flower Mound

An abundance of leisure activities is just one of the reasons that Flower Mound is such a popular place to live. It also has diverse housing options, multiple amenities, many fitness facilities, and excellent schools. If you are a golf enthusiast, this area is a good option as there some top-notch golf courses, including Bridlewood Golf Club.

11. Keller

There is an emphasis on quality of life in Keller, which sits at the heart of the Dallas- Forth Worth Metroplex. It has all the convenience of a big city with the community feel of a small town. Some of Dallas’ top attractions are in Keller, so there are plenty of things for people to do in this area. Most of Keller is residential, and there are some affordable housing options. However, the house prices go as high as $2.5 million.

10. Colleyville

Colleyville sits conveniently between downtown Dallas and Fort Worth. There are both parks and amenities in this area, and these are two factors that add to the appeal of living in this area. It is also close to many popular attractions and some of the best golf clubs in Dallas. Residents are lucky enough to have fantastic transport links into Dallas and the surrounding area. The housing is diverse with some affordable options for first-time buyers. The schools in this area are rated above average.

9. Coppell

Coppell is surrounded by freeways, and this has two advantages. First, they provide excellent transport links to Dallas and the surrounding area. Second, they shield Coppell from the hustle and bustle of Dallas. It is an excellent area for both foodies and those who enjoy an outdoor lifestyle as there are plenty of restaurants, parks, and sports venues in this neighborhood. The area has undergone lots of development in the past, and this has attracted some major companies to the area meaning there are lots of job openings. There are also to elementary schools, three middle schools, and one high school in this area.

8. Southlake

Located in north Tarrant County by the southern end of Lake Grapevine, this area is home to approximately 30 thousand residents. It is considered one of the safest communities anywhere in the United States, which is obviously a feature that will appeal to many people. The area attracts many people who enjoy the outdoor lifestyle as popular activities include swimming, hiking, horseback riding, paddling, fishing, and watersports. It is also home to some of the best golf courses in Dallas.

7. Highland Park

VIP Realty lists Highland Park as one of the best areas to live in Dallas, TX. It is described as a beautiful, landlocked enclave in Dallas that appeals to affluent families and young professionals alike. Most of the properties in this area are period properties that were built in a variety of styles. However, there are also some new-build family homes. The area has excellent schools, top-notch restaurants, and plenty of leisure facilities. Unfortunately, all these benefits come at a price as this is one of the most expensive areas to live in Dallas.

6. University Park

Although University Park is a suburb of Dallas, it still feels like it is part of the main city. It is slightly more affordable than Highlands Park, but it is still a pricey place to live. This area is known for its clean streets and lush foliage, so it is a visually appealing place to live. Due to this area boasting some of the best schools in Dallas, this is a popular area amongst families.

5. Plano

Those who are moving to Dallas for better employment opportunities should consider living in Plano, as there are many large companies with their headquarters in the area. Due to local development, it is expected that opportunities for employment will continue to rise across a range of industries. Although there are some older properties, there are multiple new developments in the area. The area is known as a destination for shopping and restaurants.

4. Carrollton

The two main features of Carrollton that appeal to people are the diversity and the affordability. It is one of the largest of the Dallas suburbs, so it has a dense suburban feel. Due to the diversity of the community, you will find a wide range of international cuisines served at the restaurants in this area, so there are some great options for dining out and trying new food. It is also worth noting that this is considered a very safe community as the crime rates are so low.

3. Farmers Branch

An affordable area to live in is Farmers Branch, which also boasts close proximity to the action in the middle of the city. It has a small-town feel and there are under 30 thousand residents living in this part of Dallas. The demographic to which this area most appeals is the young professionals. This is possibly because of the employment opportunities, the transport links, and the great social life on offer.

2. Frisco

One of the best areas to live in Dallas for families is Frisco. Not only does it have excellent schools, but it also has lots of family-friendly activities. It has also been named as the best place to live in the United States for first-time homebuyers due to the low house prices and the diversity of the housing options. It is a fast-developing area, and there are numerous large corporations moving in and around this neighborhood. This means there has been an increase in employment opportunities. The only downside to living in this neighborhood is that the transport links to downtown Dallas are not great.

1. Addison

According to Doorsteps, Addison is the best place to live in Dallas, Texas. Just 10 miles north of Dallas, this is an ideal place to live for those who want to live close enough to the city to make the most of the amenities, jobs, and leisure activities, but far enough away to enjoy a quieter lifestyle in an area with a strong community. It is known for its culture, and it appeals to both families and young professionals. There are lots of excellent restaurants in Addison, so it is a nice place to live for people who like dining out and socializing.

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