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The 20 Best Places to Live on Disability Income in the US

Wichita Falls, Texas

If you're living on a disability income and you're struggling just to make ends meet, it might be in your best interest to look for a more suitable city with an economy that better supports your income confinements. Some cities are less expensive to live in and they are considered to be more disability income friendly. If you're living on a fixed income here are the 20 best places to consider to help stretch your income further from month to month.

Jackson, Mississippi

20. Jackson, Mississippi

According to GoBanking Rates, Jackson is one of the top 20 places for people who are on fixed incomes. The median cost of rent is one of the lowest in the country at $790 per month. It's hard to find rentals for under $800 anywhere in the country. Jackson has a cost of living score that is 73.6, which is above average. Although, there are some drawbacks. The livability score is just 58 with some high crime rates.

Toledo Ohio

19. Toledo, Ohio

Toledo has a slightly lower median rent cost of $777 per month. The cost of living score is better than Jackson by a few points, at 76.7. In general, the basic expenses in Toledo are about 25 percent less than most of the rest of the country. It's a city that will help you to stretch limited resources further.

Evansville Indiana

18. Evansville, Indiana

Evansville is a good option for those who live on limited incomes. While the median rent is a little higher at $889 per month for rentals, the cost of living score, in general, is much better at 83.6. Other necessities such as utilities, food, entertainment options, and so forth tend to be more affordable. The livability score of 70 is also much better.

South Bend Indiana

17. South Bend, Indiana

South Bend is a city that is good for people on limited incomes with a cost of living score of just over 77. The median cost of rent is just $745 per month, making it one of the more affordable choices for those on limited fixed incomes. The cost of living in South Bend is just under 23 percent lower than in the rest of the country. When you can find rent for less than $750 per month you're doing very well. It can go a long way in stretching your monthly disability check.

Fort Wayne Indiana

16. Fort Wayne, Indiana

Indiana is a state that has multiple cities that are good for people on fixed incomes. What makes Fort Wayne a good choice is the cost of living score of 81.2. While the median rent costs are a little higher at $1,011 per month, the amenities in the area are a lot better. It's a place that is popular with retirees and it's also a good choice for those living on disability income. The livability score of 74 makes it a more attractive option to boot.

Birmingham, Alabama

15. Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham is another city that offers reasonable rent prices. The average cost of monthly rent is just $749. The cost of living score for the city overall is 72.6 with a livability score of 57. It has one of the lowest costs of living scores and when compared with the rest of the nation, the costs are just over 17 percent lower than most other parts of the country. It's easier to make ends meet on a limited income in Birmingham, Alabama.

Brownsville, Texas

14. Brownsville, Texas

The Motley Fool picks four cities in the United States that are among the best for people who live on fixed and limited incomes. Brownsville, Texas is a good choice because it doesn't have a personal state income tax. On top of that, it's one of the most affordable cities to live in the state of Texas. The cost of living is lower ith the average cost of rent at just $700 per month. The housing market is good if you're in a position to buy with the median home value at $90,000, which is lower than most parts of the country. The city has its share of restaurants, shopping, museums, and other amenities.

Sun City, Arizona

13. Sun City, Arizona

Sun City is largely a retirement community with more than 75 percent of the population over the age of 65, but it's also a great place to live if you're living on a disability income. While the average monthly cost of rent is $1,100, there are many free activities to engage in for residents. Free and low-cost entertainment and recreational opportunities, the use of golf carts in the streets, and its 20 square mil small size mean you won't need a car to get around. This will save you in auto maintenance and fuel costs alone.

Spokane, Washington

12. Spokane, Washington

Spokane is one of the larger cities in the eastern part of Washington state. If you currently live in the pacific northwest, this may be a good option if you're living on a disability check. There are numerous smaller areas in rural parts of Spokane with mountain views and lush forests that are affordable for people on a fixed income.

11. Palm Bay, Florida

Most parts of the metropolitan area of Florida are expensive to live in, but not Palm By. It's a popular retiree destination with sunny beaches and no personal state income tax. Disability benefits are not taxed in this state. When you're trying to make ends meet, you'll save on tax dollars which can help your check to stretch a lot further.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

10. Albuquerque, New Mexico

New Mobility offers a list of disability-friendly cities that can help you to stretch your monthly funding further. Albuquerque offers a useful Sun Tran public transit system for getting around with the Sun Van paratransit service. It has a high rating for its accessible amenities with an affordable cost of living.

. Madison, Wisconsin

9. Madison, Wisconsin

Madison is a city that is brimming with easily accessible amenities which makes it easier to get around and enjoy entertainment, shopping, and restaurants. Although there are waiting lists, the city is known for its Medicaid waiver programs that can save you a lot in medical expenses and stretch your disability income even further.

Lynchburg, Virginia

8. Lynchburg, Virginia

According to Yahoo lifestyle, Lynchburg is a city that has one of the better cost of living scores with an 85.5 and a high livability score of 79. This means that there are plentiful amenities and it's a very affordable place to live. If you're on a fixed income, you'll enjoy the benefits of rent that are around $949 a month, but other costs of living factors are lower to help you stretch your check further.

Killeen, Texas

7. Killeen, Texas

Killeen is another city that is highly rated for people living on a fixed income. The median monthly cost of rent is $934 per month if you opt to rent. The low cost of amenities is one of the perks of living in Killeen, which can help you stretch your monthly dollars a lot further. The cost of living score is 78.8. easy to access amenities and low cost for goods and services. The overall livability score is 74, meaning that Killeen is an enjoyable place to live. People who currently live in the state of Texas, and you're having trouble making ends meet, you might want to consider relocating to Killeen.

El Paso, Texas

6. El Paso, Texas

El Paso is a city that is considered to be a border town. The climate is warm and sunny and it's not far from the Mexican-American border. El Paso is one of the most affordable places in the state to live with median rent costs of $987 per month. Other costs of living factors make your monthly check stretch a lot further. The cost of living score is an incredibly 83.6. The believability score is also one of the highest at 80. It's one of the most affordable and livable cities in Texas.

Akron, Ohio

5. Akron, Ohio

Akron is a city that has a livability score of 69. While it's not on par with El Paso, it does have a few more things going for it. The first is the average monthly rent at a low $750. This is one of the most affordable cities to live in with an overall cost of living score of 79. Akron is a city that is good for people who must live on a fixed income. It's an excellent choice for people on disability incomes and social security retirement payments. It's one of the most affordable cities to live in in the State of Ohio.

Terre Haute, Indiana

4. Terre Haute, Indiana

Terre Haute is one of the best places to live if you have limited financial means. People who struggle to survive on a disability income will enjoy the average price of rent at just $711 per month. This is almost unheard of in most parts of the country. This is the single factor that makes it so attractive to people who must live on a small monthly budget. The overall livability score is 72 which is slightly above average. There are plenty of amenities that provide you with shopping, dining, and recreation. The cost of living score overall is 79.4 which is well above average.

Lawton, Oklahoma

3. Lawton, Oklahoma

Lawton, Oklahoma is even more affordable than Terre Haute. The median monthly rent cost is just $694 per month with some places going for even less. This is combined with a livability score of 73 and a cost of living score of 80.5. Living in Lawton is far more comfortable for people who must stretch every dollar and make it count for survival.

Lawton also offers plenty of opportunities for recreation, entertainment, shopping, and dining at affordable costs. Living in Lawton is a pleasure for the majority of its residents. There are plenty of places to choose that are outside of the city limits if you prefer rural to living. One of the best things about Lawton, in addition to its affordability, is the choice of living in rural and quiet neighborhoods. If you prefer city living to be closer to the action, that's also an option because the housing is plenteous.

Muncie, Indiana

2. Muncie, Indiana

Muncie is a city in Indiana that is a friendly place to live with a high number of retirees and people living on monthly disability checks. It's because of the warm environment and the low costs of living. The overall cost of living score is 76.3 with a livability score of 73. There are plenty of places to go for shopping, entertainment, dining, and recreation.

The public transit system has a high overall. This makes it easier to get around if you don't own a car. The median monthly rent costs are at $758 and in some cases lower. This makes Muncie the most affordable city to live in the state of Indiana. In general, people who live in Muncie, Indiana are in a place that provides ample opportunities for social interaction and affordable things to do.

Wichita Falls, Texas

1. Wichita Falls, Texas

Wichita Falls, Texas has a median monthly rent of $874 per month. While it's not the lowest in the nation, it is one of the top cities to live in in the state. The high livability score of 79 makes it one of the most desirable places to live. There are plenty of amenities in the city which makes it a haven for people with limited means.

There are plenty of restaurants, shopping venues, and entertainment that keep its residents feeling happier and fulfilled in their lives. The cost of living score of 76.9 helps people who have limited resources. Wichita Falls is one of the most affordable places in Texas to reside. Livability counts for a great deal when you're looking for a place that is affordable for people who live on limited incomes.

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