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The 20 Best Places to Live in Africa

Dar es Salaam- Tanzania

If you are thinking of moving abroad and want to experience a different culture, then one option is to make a move to Africa. Each of the countries on this continent has its own culture and landscape, so each location offers something different in terms of lifestyle.

Every location has both pros and cons, so it is important to consider the options when choosing the best location for you. Some of the factors that people consider when deciding where to live in Africa include access to healthcare, education, the landscape, crime rates, the cost of living, facilities, amenities. and the general lifestyle on offer.

Based on a combination of these factors, here are the 20 best places to live in Africa.

Casablanca- Morocco

20. Casablanca - Morocco

Not only is Casablanca the biggest city in Morocco, but it is also the largest Atlantic port city in this country. It plays an important role in international trade, and it is the leading financial center in Africa.

The schools are predominantly Arabic or French-speaking schools, although there are some international educational establishments where English is spoken. Casablanca is the principal center for recreation in Morocco, so there are lots of things to see and do in your free time.

The culinary scene in Casablanca is excellent, so it is a fantastic place to live if you plan to eat out often.

Rabat- Morocco

19. Rabat - Morocco

Rabat is one of Morocco’s four imperial cities, and it is also the capital of this country. Located along the Atlantic coast, this city has a strong French influence. Textiles is one of the biggest industries in this city, and other important sectors are fishing, farming, and manufacturing.

The Mediterranean climate is one reason that people choose to move to this city, as it is ideal for enjoying an outdoor lifestyle. There are also plenty of recreational activities for residents of this city to enjoy.

Victoria- Seychelles

18. Victoria - Seychelles

Victoria is the main commercial, economic, and political hub of Seychelles, says Lonely Planet, and it is also home to approximately one-third of this country’s population.

The city is located on the northeastern coast of Mahe island, which is Seychelles’ largest island. There is a Creole culture in this city, and there are plenty of attractions for both tourists and residents of the city. The tropical rainforest climate, which is an appealing feature to those considering a move to this city.

Durban- South Africa

17. Durban - South Africa

Although there are several South African cities that are fantastic for ex-pats, one that is often overlooked is Durban. Located on the East Coast of South Africa overlooking the Indian Ocean, Durban is a diverse city with African, Indian, and colonial influences.

There are 3.44 million people living in this city, which is the second-most important manufacturing hub in South Africa. It is also South Africa’s sugar industry headquarters.

The outdoor lifestyle is a big attraction to living in this city as it is lined with beaches and has several nature reserves. Another reason people want to live in Durban is the subtropical climate.

Port Louis- Mauritius

16. Port Louis - Mauritius

Mauritius is a popular tourist destination due to its location in the Indian Ocean, the tropical climate, and the stunning landscapes. It is for the same reasons that people choose to relocate to this country.

If you want to live in Mauritius, then one of the best locations is Port Louis, which is the capital of the country. This city is one of the major financial centers in Africa, and it is home to the biggest port facility in the Indian Ocean. The port facilities are one of the biggest contributors to the economy of the city. Other important sectors include tourism, manufacturing, and finance.

Asmara- Eritrea

15. Asmara - Eritrea

The economic hub of Eritrea, Asmara is a beautiful city with stunning architecture. There is a large Italian-Eritrea community in the city that was first established in the colonial days.

This city has been described as one of the safest in the world, which is something that appeals to many potential residents. Asmara has something for everyone to enjoy in their free time.

Grahamstown- South Africa

14. Grahamstown - South Africa

Known as the City of Saints because of the many religious buildings from all faiths, Grahamstown is also an art and literature center. This city is the only city in South Africa with education as its major economic sector, and it is home to the renowned Rhodes University.

There are many cultural activities to enjoy in this city, and it hosts the world-famous National Arts Festival every year.

Algiers- Algeria

13. Algiers - Algeria

Often called the Paris of North Africa, the French influence is clear in both the architecture and the culture in Algiers. This European influence blends perfectly with the Arab culture of the city. Algiers has a booming economy, and this has attracted many ex-pats.

There are multiple attractions to enjoy in this city, which is set in a stunning location with sandy beaches and diverse landscapes surrounding the urban area. An interesting element of life in Algiers is that the city is run on a socialist system that does not differentiate between class differences.

Accra- Ghana

12. Accra - Ghana

If you want to live a modern, urban lifestyle, then Accra is the best option for you. It has a booming real estate sector, a fantastic culinary scene, multiple bars, and excellent shopping malls.

This city is a popular tourist destination for affluent Africans. And many wealthy Nigerians have a holiday home in this city. Accra is the capital city of Ghana, so it is the financial and commercial center of the country. The tropical environment makes this a popular option for people moving from cooler climates.

Lagos- Nigeria

11. Lagos - Nigeria

The most populous city in Nigeria, Lagos is steeped in history and culture. There are multiple interesting attractions, and the architecture in Lagos is stunning. Although Lagos is not the capital of Nigeria, it is considered its economic center.

If you plan to work after moving to Africa, Lagos is a good option as it is home to many notable companies and some top educational establishments. There are also excellent amenities throughout the city.

Gaborone- Botswana

10. Gaborone - Botswana

The political stability and flourishing economy of Gaborone make it a popular option for those moving to Africa for the first time. Another appealing feature is that it is a very peaceful city in which to live.

The major economies in this city are diamonds and exporting beef to Europe. The city’s tourism is growing, and this is partly thanks to the development of sports and recreation facilities in the city.

Kumasi- Ghana

9. Kumasi - Ghana

Known as the Garden City, Kumasi offers stunning surroundings thanks to the exotic plants and flowers that are growing throughout the city. Another element of life that residents of this city enjoy is the strong sense of the community and the friendliness of people who reside in this city.

An interesting feature of this city is that it is home to one of the largest markets in West Africa as there are over 10 thousand stalls.

Libreville- Gabon

8. Libreville - Gabon

There is a strong French cultural influence in Libreville, which is the largest city in Gabon. The city’s monuments and architecture reflect the French style. This city is one of the best options if you want to live in an urban area that also offers an outdoor lifestyle.

There are stunning beaches, large parks, and beautiful nature reserves within the city that are the perfect setting for outdoor activities. The urbanized areas of the city have excellent amenities, so there is an element of convenience to living in this city. The two main industry sectors in Libreville are mining and oil.

Kigali- Rwanda

7. Kigali - Rwanda

Home to more than one million residents, there is already a large and established community of ex-pats living in this city. The housing options in this city are diverse and include some stunning housing developments.

Job opportunities are plentiful in the central business district of this city, so it is ideal for people moving to Africa who plan to continue working. Both in the city and in the surrounding area, there is an abundance of activities for residents to enjoy.

It is a nice place to live if you want to combine an urban lifestyle with enjoying the outdoors, as Kigali is surrounded by the beautiful countryside that is home to many animals, include mountain gorillas.

Cape Town- South Africa

6. Cape Town - South Africa

Cape Town is comparable to some of the most developed metropolitan cities in the world in terms of the amenities, businesses, and leisure activities. However, it is the outdoors that attracts many people to move to this city.

This colorful city is lined with breathtaking beaches and surrounded by vineyards that produce some of the best wine in the world. Cape Town is also set against the backdrop of mountains, which are a magnificent sight. This city is the hub of Africa’s insurance and digital sectors.

Dar es Salaam- Tanzania

5. Dar es Salaam - Tanzania

The year-round tropical weather is one of the big draws to living in Dar es Salaam. This city is the third-fastest growing city in Africa, which makes it the political and economic center of Tanzania. Primary education is free in Tanzania, and there are some good schools in Dar es Salaam.

This city is also home to the University of Dar es Salaam, which is the oldest and largest university in the country. If you want to live in a location with good leisure options, then you will find plenty of things to see and do in Dar el Salaam.

Nairobi- Kenya

4. Nairobi - Kenya

African Exponent lists Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, as one of the top places to live in Africa. This city has completely transformed in the last decade, so it now has many positive elements that make it a desirable place to live.

Its transformation has included improvements to public transport, the city’s infrastructure, and the economic liberality. Furthermore, Nairobi is one of the leading political and financial centers in Africa. This city is surrounded by a stunning landscape, so it is ideal for those who enjoy the outdoor lifestyle.

Tunis- Tunisia

3. Tunis - Tunisia

Popular as both a tourist destination and as a place for ex-pats to live, Tunis has many interesting features that make it a desirable city. First, it has been listed as the second happiest place to live anywhere in Africa.

Second, those who live here are extremely healthy as there is a high life expectancy. This city is also historically and culturally interesting, and it was the first Muslim city to become listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tunis is a city that is growing economically, as its GDP is rising, and the manufacturing sector is expanding.

Windhoek- Namibia

2. Windhoek - Namibia

Windhoek is only a small city, but it is the economic, political, cultural, and social capital of Namibia. Within the business district of the city, there are multiple trendy shopping malls, some excellent restaurants, and many lively bars.

This makes it a good city in which to live if you want to establish a good social life. Two other important points to note are that there is good healthcare in this city and some excellent educational institutions.

Johannesburg- South Africa

1. Johannesburg - South Africa

According to Travel Start, the best place to live in Africa is Johannesburg in South Africa. This is one of the wealthiest cities in Africa, and it offers a lot of career and investment opportunities.

It has many things for the residents to enjoy in their spare time as there are outstanding restaurants, many bars, several shopping malls, and multiple attractions. It is also worth noting that the inner city areas are very clean.

Some interesting points to note about this city is that it is home to the largest man-made forest in the world, and it also has one of the best airports anywhere across the globe.

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