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The 20 Best Places to Live in Houston

Houston neighborhood

Not only is Houston the most populous city in Texas, but it is also the fourth most populous city in the United States. This large metropolis is often associated with the Space Center Houston, but it is also known for its food scene and diverse architecture. Like any major city, there are both fantastic areas to live and areas that are not so great. Of course, each individual has their own criteria when considering which area to choose for their home. Some of the most common factors people consider are the crime rates, public schools, leisure activities, amenities, outdoor spaces, diversity, employment opportunities, house prices, transport links, and the cost of living. Taking these factors into account, the following are widely considered the 20 best areas to live in Houston.

20. Friendswood

Niche lists Friendswood as the 20th best place to live in Houston. Located in Galveston County, this large Houston suburb has a population of just under 39 thousand people. Despite the high population, the area has a sparse suburban feel. A diverse range of people find this area appealing, as there are positive aspects of Friendswood that appeal to different groups. Families love the family-oriented activities and the excellent schools, while young professionals enjoy the nightlife and job opportunities. Aspects that appeal to all residents are the housing options, the moderate cost of living, and the range of leisure activities.

19. Nassau Bay

The one downside of living in Nassau Bay is the high cost of living, says Area Vibes. However, this is probably due to the area being such a desirable place to live. The many positives of residing in this suburb far outweigh the one downside. Some of the best points about Nassau Bay are the diverse housing options and outstanding schools. It is also a good place to live in terms of employment opportunities, amenities, and low crime rates.

18. Sienna Plantation

There is very little nightlife in Sienna Plantation and the transport links are not great, so it is not best suited to young professionals who want a busy social life and commuting options. However, this area has many amazing features that make it a fantastic place to live for families and retirees. This Houston suburb has a rural feel and a diverse community of over 16 thousand residents. The schools in the area have an excellent reputation, the housing is diverse and affordable, there is virtually no crime, and the cost of living is reasonable. In terms of leisure activities, there is a good range of outdoor activities and health and fitness facilities in this community.

17. Kingwood

Two developers, King Ranch and Friendswood Development, founded Kingwood in 1971. It is built between Houston’s greenbelts, and this makes it an alluring place to live. One the one hand, residents are within easy commuting distance of Houston. On the other hand, they have access to Lake Houston, hiking and bike trails, and beautiful parks. Therefore, residents of Kingwood have the best of both worlds. It has even been given the nickname of the Livable Forest. The schools in this community are excellent, and there are leisure options for people of all ages.

16. Fourth Ward

Its proximity to transport links and amenities are two of the leading reasons that Fourth Ward is such a popular place to live, although there are many more positive aspects of this area. It is a Houston neighborhood in Harris County that has an urban feel and just under six thousand residents. It is best suited to young professionals as there are good job opportunities, a vibrant nightlife, plenty of leisure activities, and a range of health and fitness facilities. The housing options and cost of living are comparable to similar Houston neighborhoods, and the community is diverse.

15. Astrodome Area

An area that will appeal to young professionals is the Astrodome Area. This is a neighborhood in Harris County that has a population of just under 18 thousand. This diverse community has an urban feel, and there are plenty of amenities for the convenience of residents. There is a vibrant nightlife, many outstanding restaurants, good transportation links, and low unemployment rates. The cost of living is reasonable and there are many different types of housing.

14. Washington Avenue Coalition/ Memorial Park

A popular area among young professionals, the Washington Avenue Coalition/ Memorial Park area is a Houston neighborhood in Harris County with a population of over 32 thousand residents. Both the housing options and the community are diverse, and there are plenty of options for leisure activities. The area is particularly well known for the buzz of its nightlife and the amazing restaurants. Unemployment is low and the cost of living is reasonable, which are also factors that make this an appealing place to live. Although there are many family-oriented activities in the area, the schools are not great in this area.

13.Bunker Hill Village

Bunker Hill Village is a small suburb of Houston with fewer than four thousand residents. It is within Harris County and is considered one of the best places to live in Houston for many reasons. The first group of people to whom this area will appeal is families. This is because public schools are some of the highest-rated in Houston and there are plenty of family-oriented activities. It will also appeal to young professionals as there are great employment opportunities, good transport links, and a busy nightlife. Other appealing features of this area are the low crime rates, the health and fitness facilities, the reasonable cost of living, and the diversity within the community.

12. Midtown

A vibrant nightlife, the urban feel, and access to amenities are all features of Midtown that appeal to the residents of Midtown, who are predominantly young professionals. There are also good transport links, sound employment prospects, a reasonable cost of living, a diverse community, and multiple options for leisure activities. There are approximately 14 thousand people living in this Houston neighborhood.

11. Montrose

The amenities are what makes Montrose such a desirable location, says Home Snacks. It is also a good place for those looking for employment opportunities as the unemployment rate is only three percent. The downside of this area is the cost of living, which is higher than in many other areas in Houston.

10. Braeswood

Those who want to live somewhere with an urban vibe but with a suburban community feel should consider living in Braeswood. This Houston neighborhood as a population of almost 36,000 and there are plenty of shops, bars, restaurants and parks in the area. The various features of this area mean that it will appeal to everyone, from families to young professionals. There are decent public schools, many leisure options, strong transport links, good job opportunities, and a reasonable cost of living. The community is diverse, and the housing options are varied. The downside to this neighborhood is that the crime rates are higher than average for the area.

9. Spring Valley Village

Spring Valley Village scores highly in almost all factors that people consider when choosing somewhere to live. This small suburb of Houston in Harris County has a population of just over four thousand people, which gives the area a rural feel. Despite its small size and the rural vibe, Spring Valley Village has plenty of amenities, good transport links, many leisure activities, and nice outdoor spaces. It is good for families because of the highly rated schools and family-oriented activities. The crime rates are low, there are job openings in the area, and the cost of living is reasonable, There are even things to do in the evenings.

8. Clear Lake

Houstania says that Clear Lake is one of the best areas to live in Houston for empty nesters and retirees. The neighborhood was originally developed in the 1960s as an enclave for employees at the Johnson Space Center. Many of the current residents have lived there since the master-planned suburb was first constructed. It is also popular among families, ad there are good schools in the area. The easy commute to NASA means that many employees of the organization live in this community.

7. University Place

The main negative of University Place is the housing options, as the housing is expensive and lacks diversity in the market. On the other hand, there are plenty of positives in choosing this area as your home. There is a mixed urban and suburban feel in this Houston neighborhood that has a population of just over 20 thousand. Young professionals like this area because of the fantastic nightlife, easy commuting, employment opportunities, and the reasonable cost of living. The neighborhood also appeals to families because of the outdoor and family-oriented activities in the area.

6. Sugar Land

At the beginning of the 20th century, Sugar Land predominantly consisted of sugar plantations, hence its name. The area was incorporated in 1959, and it quickly developed into a hot spot for families and wealthy people who wanted to live outside the main city. In recent years, there has been lots of talk about raising the profile of this Houston suburb so that it can become a city in its own right. There are some fantastic outdoor spaces and plenty of activities for residents to enjoy during their leisure time.

5. Memorial

The feel of this Houston neighborhood depends on where you are as some parts feel suburban and others have an urban vibe. The community is diverse and consists of almost 54 thousand residents. Some of the best features of the place are the top-notch schools, the diverse housing, the reasonable cost of living, the busy nightlife, the health and fitness facilities, and the family-oriented activities.

4. The Woodlands

The Woodlands is a relaxed community that lies northwest of Houston in Montgomery County, says Houston Newcomer Guides. It is a mixed area with busy commercial areas alongside stunning outdoor spaces. There has been a huge amount of development in the area in recent years, so it now boasts some top-notch education options along with many luxurious residential developments. It is a popular area to live for those who work for the local major corporations.

3. New Territory

The low crime rates, great job prospects, diverse housing options, and top-notch schools are just some of the reasons that Area Vibes rates New Territory as such a good place to live. It also has a lively nightlife that will appeal to those who enjoy socializing. On the downside, the cost of living in this area is high and the amenities in the area are limited.

2. Cinco Ranch

Residents who live in Cinco Ranch say that this suburb of Houston has a dense suburban feel. It is located in Fort Bend County and there is a diverse community of more than 18 thousand people. It is an area that is popular with families because it boasts some of the best public schools in Houston and many of the leisure activities are geared towards families. Other positive points to make about Cinco Ranch are that there are good housing options, unemployment is exceptionally low, crime is almost non-existent, and the cost of living is reasonable. The housing is generally affordable, regardless of whether you are renting or buying.

1. Greatwood

According to Niche, Greatwood is the best place to live in Houston. It is a suburb with a population of under 13 thousand people, and it has a sparse suburban feel. The area is particularly popular with families because of the highly rated schools. However, it is a popular area across a diverse range of people as it has hardly any bad points. Some of the positives of this area are the affordable houses, the reasonable cost of living, the range of leisure activities, and the many employment prospects.

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