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The 20 Best Places to Live in Minnesota

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Whether you want big town attractions or small-town vibes, a peaceful community or a vibrant buzz, you’ll not be short of options in Minnesota. The state is full to the brim with sleepy towns, bustling cities, and welcoming villages, many of which boast insanely low crime rates, great schools, and the kind of job opportunities that guarantee a more than reasonable lifestyle. If you’re curious to learn more, check out our roundup of the top 20 best places to live in Minnesota.

20. Eagan

At $262,500 for a single-family home, the property prices in Eagan may be slightly above the national average, but few would quibble over the price when it comes with a lifestyle this good. Crime is low, and the neighborhood has more than you need in terms of shopping, restaurants, schools, libraries, yoga studios, bowling, and other recreational venues. To cap it off, there’s also the stunning Lebanon Hills Park; a giant green area where you can hike, run, walk, swim, paddleboard, or simply sit and enjoy the sunshine.

19. Summit Hill

If you have your sights set on St Paul, you’ll find it hard to do better than the lovely Summit Hill neighborhood. Rich in amenities, low in crime, and with walkable streets, plenty of green spaces, and a gorgeous blend of the old and the new, it’s as well set up for families as it is for millennials. Property prices may be on the high side (expect to pay around $351,310 for a decently sized home) but the above-average median income of $71,793 more than makes up for it.

18. Union Park

As one of the best neighborhoods in St Paul, Union Park has a lot to offer. Property is reasonably affordable at $264,427 for an average family home, while the range of amenities and recreational opportunities on offer is excellent (according to residents, the range and quality of restaurants is a particular highlight) as, indeed, is the job market, which currently supports the very robust median income of $65,586.

17. Chanhassen

As Carver County suburbs go, you’ll find it hard to do better than the lovely Chanhassen. With the average home coming in at $350,600, it’s by no means the cheapest place in Minnesota to live, but with a list of perks a mile long, few would question its value. Crime, poverty, and unemployment rates are all below the state average, while the median income of $116,569 is more than double the US average. The state schools servicing the area are all excellent (Minnetonka Senior High School, Clear Springs Elementary School, Minnetonka West Middle School, Minnewashta Elementary School, and Excelsior Elementary School all come particularly highly recommended) while the range of bars, restaurants and shops on offer are excellent. The population of 25,108 residents, meanwhile, is community-spirited, diverse and welcoming.

16 Arden Hills

10,250 residents live in the friendly St Paul suburb of Arden Hills, and judging by their comments on Niche, most are extremely happy with their choice of home. “Arden Hills is a great community for young families who are looking to connect with other young families and build friendships that will last.,” comments one, while another enthuses, “A quiet, safe suburb that is still close enough to the big city, without the disadvantages of living in a big city. Arden Hills is minutes away from the shopping centers, businesses, and restaurants of Roseville. The area is abundant with walking and biking trails, parks, lakes, and forested areas.”

15. Regina

With a population of just 2,104, Regina may be small, but it’s packing a mighty punch. The average home is eminently affordable at $183,206 (rent even more so at just $601), while the low crime, strong job market, and bountiful array of amenities makes for a very pretty package. The distinctly unaverage median income of $88,526, meanwhile, is the icing on top of an already very edible cake.

14. East Isles

For the price of $356,487, you could join the other 3,289 residents of East Isles enjoying a very handsome lifestyle. Median incomes in this appealing neighborhood of Minneapolis stand at a very attractive $95,967, while crime, unemployment and poverty levels are almost too low to deserve a mention. Amenities are plentiful, while the number of well-maintained parks and outdoor spaces offering plenty by way of outdoor adventure. With an easy commute into the center of Minneapolis’ business and financial districts, the job opportunities are generous, making it an extremely appealing proposition for both families and single professionals alike.

13. Lauderdale

High home values aren’t always reflective of how desirable a place is, and neither are low ones always reflective of how undesirable it is. Take Lauderdale as a case in point. While the average home value is almost $10,000 below the US average at $175,500, its list of attractions would befit a price tag twice the amount. Violent crime is a rare to never kind of occurrence, while the property crime rate is well below the national average (last year, there were just 196.5 burglaries per 100 k residents compared to the national average of 500.1; 668.2 thefts compared to an average of 2042,8; and 117.9 motor vehicle thefts compared to the average of 284). The schools are good, while its proximity to the University of Minnesota agriculture campus ensures plenty of green spaces. Friendly neighbors, quiet streets, and amenities galore complete the very attractive picture.

12. Page

If you fancy earning $138,121, you may want to set your sights on Page, a delightful neighborhood of Minneapolis where the average resident is netting over double the average salary. And it’s not just the incomes that are good: the community is diverse, friendly, and engaged, while the excellent range of amenities and recreation on its doorstep is guaranteed to please. Crime is unfeasibly low, while the schools serving the area all boast higher than average test scores and graduation rates. If this sounds your kind of thing but you can’t quite stretch to the $380,898 usually needed to buy a home here, you may want to consider renting: at just $679 per month for a good-sized family home, it’s almost $300 less than the national average.

11. St. Anthony Park

With its robust median household income of $61,984, stellar range of amenities and recreational opportunities, educated, welcoming community, fantastic range of schools and services, and good number of local events and organizations to get involved in, St. Anthony Park makes a very attractive proposition indeed.

10. Rosemount

As one of Only in Your States top ranking contenders for best places to live in Minnesota, the lovely town of Rosemount is a particularly hot destination for families… and with its great range of libraries, abundant outdoor spaces for kids to play, and excellent schools, it’s hardly surprising.

9. Loring Park

If budget is a concern, you may want to cast your eyes in the direction of Loring Park, where just $121,194 will get you a good-sized family home. Don’t confuse the low cost of living with a low number of attractions though: this gorgeous little neighborhood of Minneapolis has perks by the bundle. As well as offering residents a good choice of first-rate schools, it offers easy access to the downtown area, with all the shopping, dining and cultural facilities that entails. While crime isn’t quite as low as some of our other entries, most residents are happy to report a safe, welcoming vibe to the area.

8. Shoreview

Low crime rates, affordable housing, a high median income of $84,362, a good range of amenities and services, some A-grade schools, and enough outdoor spaces to provide plenty by way of outdoor attractions... with features like these, it’s little wonder residents = of Shoreview are so happy to sing their suburb’s praises over on Niche. “I absolutely love that I can walk almost anywhere for food, groceries, etc... I grew up in a wonderful neighborhood where there was at least one child in every home. I had plenty to do because I live on a beautiful lake and have a five-minute walk to a park. The best part is the trail system! It's beautiful and quiet. I also love to walk to the community center to shoot hoops. Shoreview is filled with wonderful things to do and wonderful people,” says one, while another offers the short but sweet comment, “There are many parks and it's very family-friendly. I've found the local government to be approachable and aligned with my personal values”.

7. Falcon Heights

Falcon Heights is currently home to just 5,560 residents- a small population, maybe, but a very happy one nevertheless. Housing is a relatively affordable $284,900, crime is low, and the job opportunities are bountiful enough to support an average income of $68,654. The schools, meanwhile, are of a good standard, while the rich array of recreational and cultural opportunities on offer is a delight. Situated as it is between two big metropolitans, it combines a small-town vibe with easy access to the city… although even if you never venture outside its limits, you’ll still find all the shops, restaurants, and cafes you need.

6. Linden Hills

At $480,718 for a decently sized property, Linden Hills is certainly not a cheap option for those looking to buy, but it’s a great choice, regardless. The thriving little community of 7,766 residents is welcoming, diverse and friendly, while the safe, clean streets, great range of indoor and outdoor recreational pursuits, boutiques, bakeries, cafes and shops, good school system, and strong job market makes it a hugely attractive proposition to families… as does the expected median income, which, at $105,731, is almost double the national average.

5. Edina

As Minneapolis suburbs go, you’ll be hard pushed to find much better than the delightful Edina. With low crime and plentiful amenities on its doorsteps, it’s one of the most popular places for retirees in Minnesota. Although that’s not to say it’s not equally popular among other demographics: thanks to its easy commuting access, good job opportunities, first-rate schools, and median household income of $96,477, it’s an ideal spot for families and single people as well.

4. Eden Prairie

Thanks to its sizable population of 63,660, Eden Prairie has a buzzing, vibrant energy that’s hard not to love. Equally attractive is the fabulous combination of chain stores and mom and pop stores, excellent police presence (and correspondingly low crime rate), good number of events, and active community center. The sky-high median income of $103,426 doesn’t exactly hurt matters either.

3. Lowry Hill

You may need to lay down $442,655 to secure a property in the lovely Lowry Hill, but this is one investment you’re unlikely to regret. The nearby lakes and abundance of biking and hiking opportunities provide lots of entertainment for the active, while the excellent range of shops, restaurants, cinemas, and cafes guarantee more than enough to keep the more indoor orientated community members happy. Throw in a low crime rate and a very attractive household median income of $118,321, and you can understand why it’s considered such a hotspot.

2 Lynnhurst

Want to live in a quiet, peaceful neighborhood that’s still within striking distance of Minneapolis’ best attractions? If so, you may want to consider Lynnhurst, a friendly, safe community with a vibrant vibe, easy access to multiple cities, and best of all, Lake Harriet – a great spot for walking and enjoying summer concerts at the band shelter. As an added bonus, most residents enjoy a median income of $147,435.

1. Macalester-Groveland

If you want to experience the very best that Minnesota has to offer, we heartily recommend Macalester-Groveland, a superb neighborhood in St Paul that offers everything you could want, including a low crime rate, an above-average median income, a great range of schools, good transportation links, and a diverse, welcoming community. As Minnesota residences go, it’s hard to beat.

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