The 10 Best Sport Touring Motorcycles in the World Today

You can take nearly any street legal motorcycle out for a long distance drive on the open road, but there are some types that just make the trip more enjoyable. When it comes to safety and comfort, you can still look sporty and enjoy the trip a lot more with a sport touring bike. Every one has their own tastes and preferences, so we’ve pulled together a collection of the top 10 best sport touring motorcycles in the world today. As you browse through these bikes and to see what makes them so special for touring, you’ll see what we mean.

BMW R 1200 RS

The tenth best sport touring bike in the world features an 1170cc DOHC engine that is a twin cylinder both air and water cooled. It reaches its peak at 125 horse power with speed and agility. It’s not a big motorcycle, but it handles smoothly and offers weather and wind protection, heated grips and seats, and a decent high seating position for body comfort. The suspension is high with excellent clearanceand it features a range of power mode choices and automatic stability control.

Triumph Tiger Explorer XRT

This bike is perfect for taking on a road trip in comfort with cruises control, protection from the wind, cornering ABS, a lightweight design and construction and a 1,215cc triple inline engine that gives you speed and power for a sporty look and feel, excellent handling and the guts and ruggedness to go off the road whenever the notion strikes you.

Ducati Multistrada

When it comes to versatility the Ducati Multistrada has cornered the market. This is a sports tourer that you can fully customize to please your senses and appeal to your sensibilities. It comes stock with a 1198cc V twin engine (90 degree) that tops off at 160 horses. It’s the perfect open road tour bike with a smaller size, or make it your work commuter because it does just as well in the city. The Multistrada is a combination commuter/ touring motorcycle that is replete with high tech gadgets, a semi active suspension, sophisticated electronics, state of the art ABS system, traction control, a self adjusting windshield and cruise control.

 KTM 1290 Super Duke GT

The KTM 1290 Super Duke GT not only features a sporty attractiveness, it’s known for its reliability. The engine is a 130cc V-twin that hits its peak at 173 horse power. The fuel tank is generous in size to add to the convenience of traveling though long stretches with no gas pumps in between. The specs include a Bosch MSC lean angle sensitive ABS, a stable chassis, a semi active electronic suspension with quick shifter, electronic cruise control, a range of high tech gadgets, hill hold control and heated grips.

Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Voyager ABS

The Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Voyager ABS is ranked as the sixth best sports touring motorcycle in the world, landing firmly in the “superbike” class with adaptations for the open road. It’s an excellent option for an extended road trip because of all the comforts for both passenger and driver. It features an advanced ABS system with smooth handling performance, an intercom and headset compatible audio system, an ample amount of storage room via the integrated hard saddlebags, cruise control that can be activated when you reach third gear and a top case that will accommodate two full face helmets.

Yamaha FJR1300

The Yamaha FJR1300 is the brand’s flagship touring motorcycle. This sporty model is powered by a 1298cc in line four engine, liquid cooled, a six speed transmission and a host of creature comforts to make it one of the top 10 best sports touring bikes in the world. The aesthetics are over the top with sexy sleekness.Beneficial features include traction control, heated seats, switchable power modes, ABS, an electric wind screen, electronically adjustable suspensions, a glove box, quick release luggage mounts, cruise control and folding mirrors.

Victory Cross Country Tour

The Victory Cross Country Tour comes recommended for long distance rides when you want to show the country your sense of style. The aesthetics are stylish with a vintage tone with bat-wing fairing and lowers and a ton of storage space with a top trunk and hard saddlebags for carrying your personal items. It’s powered with a 1731cc V twin engine, paired with a smooth six speed transmission. It’s belt driven for a quieter ride than with many other touring bikes. It has the power and comfort necessary for an enjoyable long distance road trip, and lands firmly as the forth best choice on the market today.

 Triumph Trophy SE

The British manufacturer comes in third place with the Trophy SE. Travel in luxury without sacrificing performance for drive or passenger. This bike is designed with armchair ergonomics, and an entire suite of electronic gadgets and systems including traction control, ABS, electronically adjustable headlights and windshield, ride by wire throttle, anti theft immobilizer, tire pressure monitor, cruise control and adjustable seats.

Harley-Davidson Electra Glide

The Harley-Davidson Electra Glide maintains its reputation for high quality ruggedness and reliability with the comfort of a true sports touring motorcycle. It offers a smooth ride and it’s made for extended road trips. It’s fully packed with GPS, infotainment , one touch saddlebags for your convenience, maxed out rider and driver comfort and all of this is powered by Milwaukee Eight 114 V twin and Milwaukee Eight 107 engines, your choice.

Honda Gold Wing

It should come as no surprises that the Honda Gold Wing holds its own as the top sports touring motorcycle in the world. The other nine are all truly amazing , but there’s something special about the Gold Wing that just won’t let enthusiasts go. The model has been around since its first year of production in 1975 and it’s fully packed with everything you could want for a long distance luxury tour bike. We’ll start with thee flat six engine that offers all the power you’ll need for city or the open road. The aesthetics are gorgeous as always, and it features heated seat and grips, passenger armrests, low floorboards and wide seats, state of the art technology aboard including a satellite navigation system and a production line airbag for safety.

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