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The Five Best Motorcycle Helmets for Women

Best Motorcycle Helmets for Women

Motorcycle riders all need protective gear when riding, but men and women have different needs and preferences. For example, helmets, one of the most essential pieces of equipment are made differently for guys and girls. Helmets for ladies are usually smaller and come in a variety of stylish options. It's vital to obtain a proper fit, along with maximum protection from injury, but looks are important. Here are the five best motorcycle helmets for women for your consideration.

5. Scorpion Sport Glide 3-in-1 X07 Helmet

Price: $300

Scorpion Sport Glide 3-in-1 X07 Helmet

The HD Sport Glide 3-in-1 X07 is a stylish model that comes with removable features for ultimate comfort and protection. The venting face mask provides ample airflow to reduce heating and perspiration but it is removable for additional comfort. The rear comfort sleeve provides additional padding, but it can also be removed to change things up. this is a sporty half-helmet that also comes equipped with sleek graphics and a choice of colors for coordination with various riding gear styles. The average weight is 3 lbs 1 oz for lightweight comfort. The helmet is constructed of a fiberglass shell with a double D ring chin strap to keep it secure. Brown vents and perforations on the face mask provide airflow. The interior and linings are made of moisture-wicking material with an antimicrobial liner that is removable and washable. The helmet is compatible with Boom Audio 20S Bluetooth Helmet Headset. The helmet is convertible for three different styles for comfort and includes a retractable sun shield with an anti-scratch and anti-fog coating. The helmet meets DOT Safety standard FMVSS 218. Comes with a helmet bag for storage.

4. J-Tech Killian Sun Shield J08 Modular Helmet

Price: $400

J-Tech Killian Sun Shield J08 Modular Helmet

The Killian Sun Shield J09 Modular helmet is a simple ladies' design. It is made for a more spacious interior for greater comfort. The average weight is 3 lbs and 11 ounces. The helmet is made of fiberglass with Spectra fiber for maximum strength with minimum weight, with a double D ring chin strap. The interior and linings are removable and washable, made of moisture-wicking antimicrobial materials to reduce overheating and perspiration. Mouth, top and rear vents allow good airflow. The helmet is equipped with a pull-down retractable sun shield with an anti-scratch coating with a bubble face shield design for more interior room. This helmet meets dual certification for DOT safety standard FMVSS 218 and ECE 22-05 requirements.

3. Simpson Mod Bandit Helmet


Simpson Mod Bandit Helmet

The SimpsonMod Bandit is a stylish ladies' motorcycle helmet that is made in original Bandit styling with a lightweight shell made of composite materials. The helmet is fully ventilated for exceptional airflow. It has a built-in integrated speaker and microphone pockets for the installation of your communication device. The antibacterial liner is removable and washable. It is equipped with an internal drop-down sun visor for changing light conditions, dual adjustable chin vents, top and rear ventilation, and a removable chin noise and air dam. This helmet is DOT/ECE certified.

2. Sedici Strada 2 Primo Carbon Helmet

Price: $349.99

Sedici Strada 2 Primo Carbon Helmet

The Sedici Strada 2 Primo Carbon Helmetfetures an aerodynamic shell made of 6k carbon fiber material that is lightweight and exceptionally strong for maximum protection. The helmet is designed to fit closer to the head with less material required and lighter weight for comfort. It's equipped with multiple exterior vents to channel airflow. It comes with removable cheek pads and top liners that are washable and dryable. Foam panels are placed at the temple and forehead locations and are also removable if extra space is desired. A chin skirt reduces wind noise by sealing the helmet bottom but it's also removable. The liner is Dual-density EPS with channeled airflow. A quick-release flat face shield is treated with anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment. The 360-degree face shield is seamless and gasketed to reduce wind noise. It comes with double-D ring closure. Meets or exceeds DOT and SNELL M2020 standards.

1. Shoei GT-Air II Helmet

Price: $599

Shoei GT-Air II Helmet

The Shoe GT Air II helmet is one of the best ladies helmets on the market today. The shell is made of an evolutionary new design that makes it aerodynamic with an improved ventilation layout. It is built with a multi-piece EPS liner with enhanced impact absorption. A Molded air spoiler reduces lift and drag while diminishing neck pressure when riding at speed. A built-in QSV-2 sun shield is glare resistant. The visor meets the ANSI Z80.3-2010 standard for non-prescription eyeglasses. This helmed has a redesigned upper air intake vent for maximum air volume to the interior of the helmet with an enlarged lower intake vent to reduce shield fogging and increase ventilation, with rear and neck vents for air exhaust. There are three intake and six exhaust vents. It also comes with a breath guard and chin curtain. This helmet is loaded with special features. The center pad is a 3-D Max-Dry with multi-layering with polyurethane foam cheek pads for additional comfort. The cheek pads are removable and washable and replaceable. The interior of the helmet is large enough to accommodate eyeglasses. The Emergency Quick-Release System is installed in the event of an emergency to allow paramedics to remove the cheek pads easily to make helmets removable easier. The chin strap is a micro-ratchet type made of 100 percent stainless steel interlocking mechanism for fast, smooth, and easy operation. The CNS-1 Shield system is three-dimensionally curved with added width and height with a pin-lock antifog lens for greater coverage of the shield. The dual ridge window bead increases shield contact for wind noise reduction when riding at speed. The shield is treated with scratch-resistant coating and it is 99.9 percent effective in protecting from harmful A&B and UV rays. This helmet is DOT certified. The Shoei GT-Air II helmet is both stylish and highly functional. It's one of the best ladies helmets on the market today.

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