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The 10 Best State Parks to Visit in Missouri

State Parks Missouri

Missouri, unofficially known as the “Show Me State,” has plenty of things that can entertain or keep any visitor or tourist engaged. Apart from the city streets which are beautifully designed, and the picturesque green pastures of Mount Ozark in the background, there is alot to explore anytime you are here. Are you planning an imminent vacation to Missouri anytime soon? This article has explored the 10 Best State Parks that you must visit, when on a trip to Missouri.

10. Lake of the Ozarks State Park

The Lake of the Ozarks State Park is a place for solitude and natural beauty. It’s strategically close to all the entertainment in the region. Visitors can partake in different activities, ranging from short cave tours suitable for children or longer hour-and-a-half self-guided nature hikes with magnificent views along shorelines like Coakley Hollow Fen Natural Area, which has bird watching opportunities. A must-see at Lake Of The Mountains State Park would be its scenic outlook. Some of these include those found near Patterson Hollow, where one may spot deer grazing among their indigenous flora and fauna. Just take precautions before heading out to avoid getting lost.

9. Roaring River State Park

Roaring River State Park is one of only three state parks in Missouri stocked with rainbow trout. The “rugged landscape” sits in a deep, narrow valley where visitors can find campsites and hiking trails on-site as well. A recent annual visitor count at this beautiful spot was 627K (a number that seems too high for the average person).

8. Table Rock State Park, Branson

Branson is a great place to visit. While you’re there, you can visit the nearby Table Rock State Park marina that contains rent ski boats and paddleboards. There are also paved paths for walking or cycling, while mountain bikers will love this trail of their creation within the boundaries of what seems like an endless Ozark wilderness. If overnight stays strike your fancy, then head over into either campsite along lakeshores, where picnicking would be ideal during warmer months. If roughing isn’t doable at night, only try out premium yurts scattered around Branson’s vast open space area outside city limits.

7. Ha Ha Tonka State Park, Camdenton

The Ha Ha Tonka State Park is a must-see for its geological wonders, like sinkholes, natural bridges, bluffs, and caves. You’ll get amazing lake views from this park that also offer trails with boardwalks. If you want to see Island Cave on your visit here, you will be required to pick up one of their permits between June 15th and September 15th. They are closed during those months due to safety concerns inside the cave. Don’t worry because there are other hidden gems in the woods anyway, like The Otherworldly Wall or “The Window.”

6. St. Joe State Park

There are two designated off-road vehicle parks in Missouri, and it’s just one of many reasons the state is such a great getaway destination. Besides being home for some incredible scenery that will leave your heart complete no matter how old you get or where on earth we live today. One place worth checking out would be St Joe State Park, in southeast Co., which has plenty going around from lakes, beaches, and all four trails through beautiful fields filled with flowers. You could spend hours exploring this wonderful area while fishing or hiking.

5. Bennett Spring State Park, Lebanon

Bennett Spring State Park is one of Missouri’s first state parks and draws in nature lovers and anglers each year. It has over 100 million gallons running through it every day. It also has five campgrounds with basic amenities like water/electricity, making this an excellent spot for camping or just spending time outdoors. One of their campgrounds is open year-round, while the others are available to rent between February and October or April and October.

4. Meramec State Park, Sullivan

For many people, Meramec State Park is the place they vacation. The state park has much to offer in outdoor activities like fishing or swimming at its beautiful beaches. It also provides eerie caves with calcite deposits created by water flowing through them over thousands upon millennia. Visitors may enjoy hunting for fossilized bear claw marks on their tour while exploring other natural attractions like scenic bluffs made of limestone rock formations. If camping isn’t your thing but still desires some rock-and-roll time away from home-this, a three-section campground should suffice nicely with modern restrooms.

3. Sam A. Baker State Park, Patterson

If you’re looking for a day of peace and relaxation, then look no further than Sam A. Baker State Park. Activities available in the park’s borders are fishing on both rivers or just floating. Here, visitors can learn about its rich history while enjoying plenty of green space with miles upon miles worth of hike-biking trails winding through forests ripe with wildlife. This includes deer, which frequent this area in herds during summer months because they love eating from our gardens so much back home.

2. Graham Cave State Park, Danville

Graham Cave State Park is a must-see for history enthusiasts. Visitors can go into the mouth of Graham Cave and see exhibits along its ancient trail, which was found to date back 10 thousand years ago. There are also plenty of other activities in this scenic park-like hiking or fishing on Loutre River’s calm waters. It’s an excellent destination any time you want some peace & quiet with nature near your campsite too. People love visiting Graham Cave State Park because they explore how humans lived long before modern times while still enjoying themselves under beautiful skies. All are within 386 acres, where essential camping spots allow guests easy access, not only their private oasis.

1. Elephant Rocks State Park, Pilot Knob

The granite boulders over a billion years old at Elephant Rock State Park are just one of many features that make this Missouri destination fun to explore. You can take on self-guided walking trails and learn about mining operations. In addition, you can have picnics in designated areas with views for miles around or go rappelling if you want an adrenaline rush. If camping isn’t your thing, there’s also lodging available. The Arcadia Valley RV Park offers affordable accommodations, while Fort Davidson Hotel has stayed guests since 1868.

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