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The 10 Best Places to Get Pizza in Missouri


Some days, only pizza will do. If you're hankering after a slice of crispy, cheesy deliciousness, you'll find plenty of places scattered around Missouri willing to sell you one. But which of those are the best? Where will you find pizza good enough to drive for miles to try? Find out as we count down the 10 best places to get pizza in Missouri.

10. Rocco’s Pizza, Branson

If you're craving some New York-style pizza, head for Rocco’s Pizza, Branson. With the perfect balance of crispy crust to cheesy topping, they've perfected the art of the perfect slice. A welcoming atmosphere and incredibly friendly, efficient staff complete the picture.

9. Reeds Spring Pizza Co., Reeds Spring

Named by Only In Your State as one of the best places for pizza in Missouri, Reeds Spring Pizza Co. in the historic town of Reeds Spring makes the kind of pie you'd happily drive miles for. Some of the toppings are a little unusual (cashews being one) but all of them are delicious. Cauliflower crusts are available for people with gluten sensitivities and there's also a very decent kids selection.

8. Shakespeare’s Pizza, Columbia

If you live in Columbia (or don't mind traveling), you'll find it hard to beat the pizza at Shakespeare’s Pizza. After you choose between either a wheat or white crust, you'll have a fantastic selection of styles to pick from, including the option to design your own with your choice of toppings, each of which starts at just $0.85. If you're feeling particularly hungry, try The Masterpiece, which comes with a whole pound of meat on it. If you can't resist a great deal, opt for the Pizza Lovers' Passion to enjoy five toppings of your choice for the price of four.

7. Pizzeoli-Wood Fired Neapolitan, St. Louis

Named as one of the best pizzerias in Missouri by, Pizzeoli-Wood Fired Neapolitan should be on every pizza fan's bucket list. A cozy, intimate little pizzeria set in the heart of the historic neighborhood of Soulard in St. Louis, it offers a fantastic range of pizzas made from high-quality, locally sourced, fresh ingredients. Be sure to save room for dessert - the tiramisu cheesecake is to die for.

6. Brooklyn Pizza, Fulton

Brooklyn Pizza is picky about the kind of ingredients they use on their pizzas. If it's not as fresh as a daisy and sourced locally, it's not coming within a mile of their precious pies. In further evidence of their commitment to delivering only the best of the best to their customers, each of their pizzas is cooked the traditional way in a stone oven, thus guaranteeing the crispiest crust and the most flavor-packed topping. Along with the pizzas, the menu boasts a great selection of homemade pasta (the lasagne comes particularly highly recommended), subs, salads, and Italian desserts.

5. Long-Bell Pizza Co., Lees Summit

Long-Bell Pizza Co. is the kind of family-friendly, neighborhood pizza restaurant where you can always guarantee a warm welcome, great service, and a tasty slice. All of their food is made from locally sourced, fresh ingredients to guarantee the best taste possible. Along with the Kansas City-style pizzas, they also offer a great range of burgers, wings, salads, sandwiches, and desserts. If you're in the mood for a drink to go with your slice, they have a full bar with 21 fabulous cocktails to try. With friendly, efficient service, delicious food, and a welcoming ambiance, it's a great place to grab a beer and a slice with friends, take the kids for lunch, or enjoy a date night.

4. Pastaria by Niche, St. Louis

A few years back, Pastaria by Niche's wood-fired, Neapolitan style pizza earned them the title of Thrillist's “Best Pizza in Missouri.” Judging by the queues of customers still lining up to get a seat, they haven't slacked off on their standards in the years since. If you're not in the mood for pizza, their homemade, organic pasta is to die for. With a casual, family-friendly environment, it's a must-visit for any fans of Italian cuisine in the St. Louis area.

3. Caddy Shack, Kansas City

If Sicilian-style thin crust pizza makes your mouth water, take the advice of and check out Caddy Shack. Even if you don't live in Kansas City, it's worth the trip to try their homemade sauce. It's been made the same way for decades, but don't bother asking for the recipe - it's been a closely guarded family secret for generations. Family-owned and run since 1993, it's a great place to grab a slice, enjoy a beer and catch up with friends.

2. 1889 Pizza, Kansas City describes 1889 Pizza in Kansas City as a beautifully stylish restaurant that also serves incredible pizza... a description that tells you pretty much everything you need to know about this Kansas City favorite. The pies look and smell delicious, but the true test is in the taste.... and as anyone who's had the pleasure of eating here will tell you, their pizza passes the taste test with flying colors. For something a little different, try the Honey Bee with fresh pear, Gorgonzola, and local honey. Gluten-free options are available on request.

1. Pi Pizzeria, St. Louis

With 5 locations scattered around the city, St. Louis residents just can't seem to get enough of Pi Pizzeria's pizza. And little wonder. Best known for its delicious corn meal crusts (served thin or thick - your choice), this is a pizzeria that knows exactly how to keep its customers coming back for more. There's not a single dud on the menu, but if you want to give your tastebuds an extra special treat, try the Bucktown (mozz, roasted chicken, artichoke, red pepper, green olive, red onion, feta, sundried tomato) or the Delmar (mozz, cheddar, pappy’s bbq sauce, roasted chicken, red pepper, green pepper, red onion, cilantro). Along with the pizzas, there's a great selection of salads, hot wings, and appetizers. Prices are reasonable, service is quick, and the food is perfection on a plate - if you like pizza, don't miss it.

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