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The 10 Best Survival Kits Money Can Buy

Survival Kit

Survival kits can also be found in pockets of outer clothing. Survival kits come in many shapes and forms - some canned products resembling everyday canned products, others in pocket-size tins or even with compartments in military-style vests with all sorts of items inside. It is no surprise that survival kit manufacturers operate on a large scale - with so many different potential customers who might purchase their product, there simply isn't enough time to provide proper support after purchase. And since most people tend to carry their survival kit in a pocket on their outer clothing, the number of available products is huge. Manufacturers, however, are aware that not every survival kit will be used to its full potential - many are just satisfied with being able to survive for a few days longer in case of an unexpected catastrophe. Therefore they have designed some fundamental kits usually consisting only of the most needed items. These are carefully selected to provide help in more than 80 percent of situations where people get lost or stranded away from civilization. Such kits are also cheap enough so that even hikers on a budget can afford them without being too concerned about losing them or having them stolen by pickpockets (which is not unheard of). Here are 10 of the best kits that money can buy. This list should give you an overview of what is available but remember: no survival kit can save your life if you don't know how to use the contents.

10. EVERLIT Complete 72 Hours Emergency Survival Kit

Everlit Emergency Survival kit comes as a complete 72 hours survival kit for two people. It is a premium survival kit specially designed by US military veterans. The product weight is 1.5 pounds and includes a custom-made tactical backpack, 3 in 1 Hand-Crank flashlight, 200 pieces first aid kit, firestarter matches with striker card, and much more important contents. The multi-purpose backpack allows the storage of additional items such as clothing, laptops, tablets, and snacks. According to EVERLIT, the kit will help you cope with sudden emergencies and disasters such as Floods, Hurricanes, Tsunami, Other Disasters.

9. Sustain Supply Co. Premium Family Emergency Survival Bag/Kit

Sustain Survival Bag is an expensive but affordable survival kit for four people. It contains all the essentials you may need over three days, including MRE's, stove, water filter, shelter tarp, water containers, etc. Sustain Supply Co. bags are designed to fit into your car or home emergency kits as well as your backpack or bug-out bag. The kit also contains a custom-made MOLLE tactical vest to carry the contents and has extra space for carrying additional items such as clothing, a laptop, tablet, and snacks.

8. VSSL Ultimate Camp Supplies Kit w/70 Outdoor Essentials

VSSL Survival kit is a premium quality, compact survival kit – a campers' dream. It contains all the essentials you may need while camping or hiking in the wild. The durable metal-plastic construction of VSSL CAMP Supplies built from military-grade aluminum allows for storage of 70+ pieces of outdoor essentials. According to VSSL Gear, the kit also comes with a durable compass, ultra-bright 4-mode LED light, and much more. VSSL CAMP Supplies are environmentally friendly as they contain no dangerous chemicals or aerosol propellants that can harm the environment.

7. Emergency Zone Family Prep Survival Kit

Emergency Zone Family Prep kit is a complete 72 hours survival kit for four people. It can help you to stay alive during any unfortunate event or disaster. The kit includes 5-year shelf life food bars, first aid kit, flashlights, multi-purpose knife and much more essential items like fire starter sticks and cotton bandages. Emergency Zone has designed the kit with complete focus on food, shelter, and safety.

6. LUXMOM Emergency Survival Kit and First Aid Kit

LUXMOM Emergency Survival kit is a comprehensive all-in-one family survival kit for any unexpected event or disaster that can help you to stay alive during the next 72 hours. This is a premium quality, compact emergency survival kit designed by US military veterans. The kit contains 5-years shelf life food bars, first aid kit, multi-purpose knife, waterproof matches and much more essential items. The multi-purpose backpack allows the storage of additional items such as clothing, laptops, tablets, and snacks.

5. NAPASA Professional Survival Kit

This NAPASA Professional Survival Kit is a great addition to your outdoor gear and will come in hand for those disaster or emergency preparations. It comes with 232 items included 63 pieces high quality survival tools and 169 pieces comprehensive medical supplies, including all kinds of necessary first aid such as bandages, unguents, band-aids, cotton ball, medical tape, CPR mask and so on.

4. EMDMAK First Aid Kit Survival Kit

EMDMAK First Aid Kit Survival kit is a bag style first aid kit with the newest design to fit every outdoor need. It has all the necessary supplies for medical emergencies and contains 13pcs powerful survival tools including EMS shears, paracord, military wire saw, flashlight, fire starter flint rod, tactical pen etc., all high quality. It also has 262pcs comprehensive medical supplies, providing users with great convenience for outdoor activities.

3. Verifygear 216Pcs Survival First Aid kit

This Verifygear's 216-piece Survival First Aid kit is the ultimate survival kit for your next outdoor adventure. It includes all necessary first aid supplies and high quality tools you might need in an emergency situation, including 5m of military grade paracord, LED flashlight, fire starter rods, waterproof matches etc. The durable bag with snap hook allows to attach to your belt or backpack, ensuring easy access when you need it quickly.

2. Ready America 72 Hour Elite Emergency Kit

Ready America 72 Hour elite emergency kit is a complete 3 day survival kit for four people. It's designed with your family's safety in mind and includes 5-year shelf life food bars, first aid kit, five-mode lantern with radio, hand warmer packets and much more essential equipment. According to Ready America, the large capacity back pack allows the storage of additional items such as clothing, laptops, cell phones etc. Ready America 72 Hour elite emergency kit is safely packed in a strong metal case for added protection and easy carry.

1. Rescue Guard Survival Kit

And in the first place we have the Rescue Guard Survival Kit. The kit is designed for emergency preparedness and consists of 5-year shelf life food bars, first aid kit, tent, multi-purpose knife, poncho, light sticks and thermal blankets. You can have it as a first aid kit, hurricane kit, disaster kit or an earthquake kit. That means the Rescue Guard Survival Kit is highly versatile and can be used in many different situations.


So, if you are looking for the best emergency survival kit ever, these 10 products are the only logical choice. They were created by professionals with high experience in first aid and survival kits manufacturing. If you want to buy an emergency kit that will last long and serve you well in every situation, look no further! All of these products come with a 100% warranty and a long list of satisfied clients. Pick your product and enjoy your outdoor adventure in total safety.

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