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The 10 Best Copper Mugs Money Can Buy

Copper Mugs

Copper mugs are trending for serving trendy cocktails such as the Moscow Mule. They're decorative and fit in exceptionally with a rustic theme. Copper is also celebrated for its perceived health benefits. If you're ready to add a new look to your bar and step up the eye appeal, here are the ten best copper mugs that money can buy, for your consideration.

10. Hammered Copper Moscow Mule Mugs, Set of 1 Price: $119.00

This set of two Moscow Mule Mugs is made of copper material featuring an antimicrobial and antibacterial health benefit that is naturally delivered in copper. it's safe and healthy drinkware that comes in a style that can be mixed and matched with various other bar equipment and serving containers. The set comes with a bar spoon, butler's bell, two 120ounce mugs, and a sharpshooter shot cup. We love the hammered copper aesthetic, designed by artisan Jonathan Beall.

9. Ember Mug Metallic Collection Price: $129.95

The Ember Mug Metallic Collection comes in a choice of 10 ounces or 14-ounce mug sizes. The new 14-ounce size is currently trending as a special edition for the Metallic Collection. It's a classic smart mug that maintains the temperature that you set for the contents. Enjoy any drink of your liking in a temperature-controlled smart mug made of healthy copper material with a beautiful aesthetic. The mug operates via a built-in rechargeable battery that maintains a constant temperature for up to 1.5 hours before it needs recharging. A charging coaster is included to maintain temperatures continuously. This mug is hand washable and may be submerged in the water safely.

8. Moscow Copper Original Mug with Gift Box Price: $ 34.95

If you're looking for a stylish yet affordable gift, the Moscow Copper brand original mug with gift box is the perfect option. You may also opt for special character engraving in the copper material of the mug that accompanies the brand and logo. You also have the choice of an exterior finish in hammered or polished styling. The gift comes complete with a history of the Moscow Mule company. The mug is made of 100 percent pure copper with no dyes or other additives. The mug is unlined for an authentic and healthy experience. It holds 16.9 ounces of fluids in an Old World styling, complete with a recipe book and microfiber polishing cloth.

7. Acopa Alchemy 16 oz. Antique Copper Moscow Mule Mug - 12/Pack Price: $69.95

Complete your bar with a 12 pack of the Acopa Alchemy antique copper Moscow Mule Mug Set. The mugs are designed for serving the Moscow Mule cocktail and may be purchased in sets of 12, 4, or individually. You can continue to expand your collection as your circle of friends or family grows. The mugs feature a copper finish for maintaining ice-cold temperatures with a nickel lining. The handle is made of copper with a comfortable grip. The rim is rolled to make sipping smooth and easy, and to accommodate garnishes.

6. CoPPure Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Set of 2 Price: $29.94

The CoPPure brand features a set of two mugs that are made of 100 percent solid copper with a hammered finish. These mugs help to retain the coldness of the beverage with healthy copper metal that contains no additives or lining for an authentic drinking experience. The set of two is offered at an affordable price for the high-quality and purity. They're great for gift giving or for stepping up the eye appeal and aesthetics of your home bar.

5. A29 Moscow Mule Copper Mugs - Set of 4-100% Pure Solid Copper Mugs - 16 oz Premium Gift Set with 4 Cocktail Copper Straws, Shot Glass and Recipe Booklet Price: $39.99

This set of A29 Moscow Mule Copper Mugs is ideal for small gatherings of four friends or family. These mugs feature 100 percent pure solid copper. They come in a 16-ounce size. This is an ideal copper mug set for gift-giving. It's perfect for the mixologist in your life with four copper mugs, four cocktail copper straws, a recipe booklet, and a shot glass. You can find this copper mug gift set on Amazon.

4. B. Weiss Copper Mug Gift Sets Price: $34.97

Enjoy this set of four pure copper Moscow Mule mugs for serving the famous cocktail with class and style. Each mug is handcrafted. You get a guarantee of premium quality. The rolled rim provides your guests with a smooth drinking experience. Each set comes with four wooden coasters, a copper shot glass, one spoon, four copper mugs, and four copper straws.

3. Linall Set of six copper mugs Price: $37.95

This set of six copper Moscow Mule Mugs features an attractive exterior of polished and hammered copper plating over strong, durable stainless steel. Each mug holds up to 18 ounces of Moscow Mule cocktail. They're bright and shiny for an upscale aesthetic. You can find these mugs for sale on Amazon.

2. K. Kitcherish Moscow Mule Mugs, set of 4 Price: $27.99

mug collection is perfect for the budget-conscious. The set features four quality copper mugs. They're ideal for serving your Moscow Mules. The 18-ounce size allows you to make generous servings. The mugs have durable stainless steel for the lining with pure copper plating on the outside. Attractive gold brass handles for a bit of extra eye appeal. You can find these mugs on Amazon.

1. Benicci Copper Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Price: $32.97

This premium set of copper mugs is 100 percent, pure solid copper, in a 16-ounce size. The set comes with four attractive polished copper mugs, four cocktail copper straws, and a jigger to add to the attractiveness of your home bar. Impress your friends with this unique and stylish quality set of copper mugs, or give it as a gift. You can find this product on Amazon.

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