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The 20 Best Things to do in Arlington, TX

Arlington Texas

Arlington is an exciting city located between Fort Worth and Dallas in Texas. As a vibrant city, Arlington offers a wide range of exciting activities, from museums, sports events, and restaurants, to fun music. Before you visit any city, it is important to research and come up with a list of interesting activities to do in that city. This article will make your research work easier. If you ever visit Arlington in Texas, here is a list of twenty fun activities to do in this city.

UT Arlington

20. Start the day by visiting the Planetarium at the University of Texas in Arlington

If you love science and anything to do with space, you will love this place. A planetarium is an epic place open to the public for teaching, learning, field trips, and holding any fun, private functions. The place was opened in 1975 when Professor Ulrich Herrmann suggested that the University of Texas at Arlington should convert its little round building into the region's first Planetarium. The 60-foot diameter dome has a Digistar five projection system. It is the biggest in Texas. A visit to this place will make your trip a lifetime adventure.

River Legacy Park

19. Relax at River Legacy Park

River Legacy is a beautiful, green, and lustrous park located on the banks of River Trinity in Arlington. The park is found in a 1031-acres forest. The forest park hosts animals who live in their natural habitat. Many flock to this place for bird watching, biking, picnic, and jogging. According to Arlington, this is one of the best places to enjoy biking. It has approximately 10 miles of trail you can use for jogging and biking. The park has many beautiful sceneries with 28 species of wild trees, 400 species of wild animals, and 193 different types of native birds.

Six Flags

18. Enjoy the day at Six Flags over Texas

If you want your children to boast that they have the coolest parents in the world, take them to Six Flags over Texas. The place is designed especially for kids to enjoy a fun-filled day. There are a lot of activities that kids can engage in, from live shows, thrill rides to family rides. This place has more than 18 family rides, so you don't have to worry about missing out on anything. Thrill rides are the best choice if you are daring and want to experience an adrenaline rush.

Museum of art

17. Visit Arlington Museum of Art

Travel back to the Arlington Museum of Art and enjoy viewing its wide collection of historical artifacts. The museum is located in the JC Penny building. It was opened to the public in 1989 when it received its first visitors. Arlington Museum has an expansive collection of exhibitions used to educate, challenge, and inspire visitors. According to Travellens, every day, the museum receives both local and international tourists who go there for inspiration. They mainly focus on cultural and historically important exhibitions.


16. Grab a beer at Legal Draft Beer

At the end of a fun and tiresome day, all you want to do is down some beer as you catch up with friends on the latest gossip. Legacy Draft Beer is the first brewery in Arlington. The brewery was opened by Greg McCarthy and Curt Taylor in the city's downtown District. They produce a unique kind of beer throughout the year. Some of the local's favorite beers include Accused Amber Lager, Hung Jury Hefeweizen, and Gluten-free Helles Larger. Guests can enjoy beer as they play games like drafts. If you want to go for beer tasting, the place is open from Thursday to Sunday for this. They also offer local tours to see how beer is produced.

Globe Life

15. Enjoy some time off at Globe Life Park

Globe Park is a stunning open-air ballpark. The park can comfortably accommodate 48,114 baseballers. It is found in a 270-acre complex surrounded by a 12-acre lake. There are many parking lots and parks around the stadium. A tour around the stadium will give you an opportunity behind sceneries of the Ballpark. The tour shows Arlington's City Suite, the press box, cages, and the dugout.


14. Tour the International Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame

Every bowling fan will enjoy a trip to the international Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame. The museum has a beautiful collection of epic artifacts that will help you travel back in time. Besides artifacts, you can enjoy bowling in this wonderful place. According to Trip Advisor, bowling is an ancient Egyptian activity that dates back to 5000 years ago. After bowling, you can view some old photos of ancient bowling legends.

mexican food

13. Eat Delicious Meals at Mariano's Hacienda

Nothing beats the feeling of eating a delicious meal after a long day. Mariano's Hacienda is one of the local's favorite restaurants in Arlington. Most of the time, you will find that the restaurant is packed to capacity. The restaurant is characterized by an inviting Mexican Décor, large round tables, and a delicious aroma of Mexican spices and grilled meat. The menu has a wide range of meals, and topping the list is the local's favorite. You can have fajitas, succulent beef, and chicken. You can down the meal with some legendary margaritas.


12. Have Fun at Top O'Hill Terrace

Top O'Hill Terrace is a popular casino that opened some years back when Las Vegas was just an ordinary city. The building that hosts this casino was opened in 1920 to serve as a tearoom before it was converted to a restaurant in 1926. Many famous gamblers like John Wayne and Clark Gable have visited this casino. Before they legalized gambling, the casino had constructed underground escape tunnels and a secret room to keep all the gambling equipment. Gamblers would hide and escape through the tunnels.


11. Try Delicious Gourmet Burger at Twisted Root Burger Co.

You know something is yummy when you find a queue lined up to get served. Twisted Root Burger is a local restaurant located in Ballpark near the historic downtown. If you have never eaten a gourmet burger, head to this place. They serve a wide range of burgers like turkey, vegetables, and beef. The unique thing about these burgers is the toppings that give them a mouthwatering taste. The restaurant also serves sumptuous meals such as bacon, Danish Blue cheese, mushrooms, guacamole, and prosciutto.


10. Play Golf at Tierra Verde Golf Club

Golf is a sensational game, but only a few can master the game's art. Tierra Verde is a wonderful place to play golf as you enjoy the amazing natural scenery. It is the first golf course in Texas to receive accreditation. The golf course was first opened in 1998 and is located on 120 acres of land. The grass on the golf course is green and beautifully mowed, making the game even more exciting. The green trees and verdant native grasses surrounding the golf course add to its natural beauty. Besides playing golf, they also have a club clinic where you can visit and learn from certified professionals.

french food

9. Indulge in French Cuisine at Mimi's

Different cuisines have unique tastes, but French cuisine is just something else. Mimi's Restaurant is a cozy local eat-out joint offering delicious French cuisine. The food is a mixture of French and American servings. They are known to serve tasty sandwiches accompanied by delicious brioches and fresh croissants. You can never go wrong if you buy any of their flavorful salads. You can indulge in other incredible meals: grilled steak, chicken, mussels, and grilled salmon. The food is made with original French spices and served with homemade butter.

College Park Centr

8. Visit College Park Center

College Park Center is an exciting place to visit if you are a sports fan. The center has an events arena at the University of Texas in Arlington. This is an exciting place to come and cheer for your favorite Mavericks. Apart from concerts and lectures, the arena proudly hosts regular basketball and volleyball games. The arena can host approximately 7000 guests, so you don't have to worry about missing out on space.


7. Enjoy Exciting Music at Symphony

Symphony was opened in early 2000, and since its commissioning, it has been under the guidance of Robert Carter Austin. Since its opening, the building has undergone renovation and is equipped with modern lighting and sound equipment. According to Vacation Idea, the interior of the building has classic and luxurious décor. If you are a music lover, you will enjoy the local orchestra comprising 93 professionals from 19 different countries. Before visiting the stadium, they should check their website to see the colorful events they have outlined for every season.


6. Head Over to AT&T Stadium Tours

AT&T Stadium Tours is a fascinating architectural and art gallery in Arlington. It is also home to the famous Dallas Cowboys. A tour of this stadium is a fun way to spend your day. From here, you can view the extravagant football pitch and gigantic temple. If you want to enjoy your visit, book a self-guided tour that will help you to explore the stadium fully. If you have kids, you can take them to run in the field as you take a few pictures here and there. You will see glamorous photos and paintings when you visit the art gallery center.

escape room

5. Try Something Different at Blue Ops Mission

Blue Ops Mission is the perfect place to visit if you want to entertain family or guests. It is a mobile escape room that you can book, and it will be delivered where you are. This escape room is unique because it does not require science-fiction themes or scare tactics. It is an escape room constructed to promote cooperation and teamwork. Every corner of the room is designed to test perseverance and creativity. If you want to enjoy their services, visit the company's website and book your desired engaging mission.


4. Visit Alley Cat's Entertainment

Head over to Alley Cat's entertainment for endless entertaining activities and games. There are various activities that people of different age groups can engage in here. The entertainment center has a 24-hour complex bowling system, bumpers, and ramps for young children. You can visit this place as a family and have memorable moments with your loved ones. To accommodate everyone, Alley Cat's has a magnificent modern arena that has a climbing wall, batting cages, arcade games, and outdoor putt putt.

race car

3. Take a tour of K1 Speed Arlington

Nothing beats a day full of hours and hours of entertainment. K1 speed is an entertainment center that offers an air-conditioned Go-karting race center. The center is equipped with a modern racing track that uses clean and electric speed racing karts. You can race alone or compete with other racers. Competing with other racers tests your racing skills alongside other competent racers.


2. Go to the Oldwest Café in Arlington

A healthy breakfast should be the first thing every morning. If you find yourself anywhere near Arlington, don't worry about where you will have breakfast because Oldwest Café will sort it. The café was opened in 1999 and served one of the healthiest breakfasts in the region. Many people visit this café every day, and you will often find a queue of people waiting for their turn to enjoy great meals and friendly service. According to Old West Café, the café is famous for serving tasty Almond French Toast alongside various sausages, bacon, eggs, pancakes, and biscuits. It is open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


1. Go shopping at The Parks at Arlington

No trip is complete without going for shopping to buy souvenirs. The Parks at Arlington is a local mall that opened in 1988. Since then, the mall has been renovated to become a modern shopping center. Inside the mall, you will find many shops and boutiques where you can buy various things. If you get hungry, don't worry, there are restaurants and many cafes where you can eat and drink. Different shops have different opening hours, but the mall opens at 10:00 am and closes at 9:00 pm.

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