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The 20 Best Things to do in Harrisburg, PA

Susquehanna Art Museum

Harrisburg is the capital of Pennsylvania, with a population of more than 49,247 residents as of 2020. It covers an area of about 30.72 km squared and is known for its fondness for historical sites, beautiful scenery, and culture. The city is charming and attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. This article will discuss the 20 Best Things to do in Harrisburg, PA.

Pennsylvania State Capitol

20. The Pennsylvania State Capitol

The Pennsylvania State Capitol is a building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It is the official seat of government for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and serves as one of three state capitals. Since 1812, it has been the meeting place of the Pennsylvania General Assembly, making it one of the oldest continuously operating legislative buildings in the United States. The capitol building Possess exquisite architecture and is located in the downtown district of Harrisburg. The inside showcases artwork and mosaics that depict famous industries, figures, and events from Pennsylvania. It is the best place to learn about the history of this state. You will be received by knowledge guide to take you through the history of PA and every feature in the state capitol.

State Museum of Pennsylvania

19. The State Museum of Pennsylvania

This is a must-visit when touring Harrisburg, as it follows, documents conserve history, and appreciates the art of Pennsylvania. The museum features many exhibitions of this state's regional, natural, and industrial heritage. According to Trip Advisor, more than two million objects associated with Pennsylvania's history from the beginning to the modern day are found here. It tells about Native Americans, the Civil War, industry, astronomy, and the state's wildlife. The museum also has a massive collection of antiques and collectibles, including an impressive array of American Furniture and decorative art like the largest Civil War painting on a single canvas. The museum is full of rich history, with artifacts, documents, and artworks. It is a big hit on the visitors' list.

FNB Field

18. FNB Field

FNB field is home to many sports and games, like the minor-league baseball team. Enjoy a night game under the lights and cheer on the hometown heroes. They have many promotions, with significant discounts for students and senior citizens. Since it is located on the city island, it is easily accessible, and you can have an outdoor dinner in the park while waiting for the game. All the games come with extra goodies like activities for kids, fireworks, and a mascot. This means you get to enjoy it even when traveling with the kids.

Wildwood Park

17. Wildwood Park

Wildwood Park is one of the most popular spaces in the city. It is home to beautiful sceneries, landscapes, and nature. This is the best place to enjoy and reflect on nature. Boardwalks and trails are all over the wetlands, wild and wood park areas where you can cycle, ride a horse or hike. You can see all the local species in dense woods or lakes. Since the park is located in the city, it is easy to access, and no fee to use its services. It is a great way to enjoy nature while exercising and getting closer to mother nature. Visitors can also learn about the snakes, rabbits, herons, and turtles sighted in the park.

Appalachian Brewing Company

16. Appalachian Brewing Company

The placing for the Appalachian Brewing Company is perfect for a brewery tour. The brewery is located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and has several beers that you can sample. After having a busy touring day, you can relax at the venue and have fun with friends, family, or employees. Being one of the oldest breweries in the state, they have been around for more than 100 years. They created a variety of beers in different flavors and combinations. Vintage and excellent-tasting brews are just some of the best they produce. The brewery tour is fully guided, so you will get to learn a lot about beer and the process of brewing it.

Cathedral Parish of Saint Patrick

15. Cathedral Parish of Saint Patrick

The Cathedral Parish of Saint Patrick is a great place, and the tour of this place will mesmerize you. You will have a wonderful time exploring this place's history and natural beauty. According to Planet Ware, the beautiful architecture, magnificent stained glass windows, and excellent acoustics make this one of the oldest still active places. Today it has become a historical landmark for the community. The dome of the Cathedral is dramatic, reaching a height of more than 40 m. If you like history and art, this is the place to be.

Spring Gate Vineyard

14. Spring Gate Vineyard

Spring Gate Vineyard offers tours and tasting experiences, and the vineyard is located on the outskirts of Harrisburg. The vineyard is surrounded by hills and is a popular location for weddings and special events. Enjoy different types of wine, food, and music in a romantic atmosphere. They have a large tasting area and new open seating where you can unwind after a long day of touring the city. The place is excellent for couples, families, and groups.

Riverfront Park

13. Riverfront Park

Have a moment at the Riverfront Park and rest from your busy day's busy schedule. This is located in front of the shoreline of the Susquehanna River. The park is great for enjoying a picnic with family and friends under the bright sun. This is a great place to capture your special moments in Pennsylvania for those who love taking photos.

It was built to bring more architecture and outdoor spaces to the city. You can also see artists performing on this stage or at other special events often held here. MusicFest, Kipona, and PrideFest are just some events that excite people in this park. There are statues, public art, and memorial installation in the park for anyone to enjoy. There are picnic benches to meet up with friends, colleagues, or family for a great time.

City Island

12. City Island

The one-mile-long city island is home to many different things. All the things you love about your hometown are also on the city island. Enjoy a nice walk, go sightseeing, cook with friends and family, or chill out in the park and enjoy nature. Its riverside trail and sporting park provide you with many activities for fun and entertainment. According to Family Destination Guide, there is a sandy beach, bike access, and being located near the river make it a relaxing day out with family and friends.

The Capital Area Greenbelt

11. The Capital Area Greenbelt

Enjoy a jog, run or cycle along the river and adjacent trails. The green belt offers a unique experience for you if you are a nature lover who enjoys hiking and camping. The track is long and takes you through parks and open spaces where you want nature around you. The trail is 20 miles long, with a couple of shelters and road signs to make your trip as easy and fun as possible. The trail leads to different tourist attractions and places of interest, like neighborhoods and the wild of Susquehanna River and Five Senses Garden, to make your trip more exciting. Explore the site to learn more about the history of the area from the plaques available.

The Fort Hunter Mansion and Park

10. The Fort Hunter Mansion and Park

This historical park, situated in the city of Harrisburg, is a must-see for all those who love history. It was built by Hunter and is one of the oldest houses in the state. Touring this place will give you a different perspective of life back in 1725. beautiful gardens and a park area surround it. You can go for a short walk, bike, or roller blades along the park and enjoy the beautiful view of the river. The mansion has served as a wartime fort, private residence, and museum. This house is an excellent place for photography enthusiasts as you can capture some fantastic shots of the mansion and the city of Harrisburg. Today people hold weddings and events since its a scenic splendor.

Hershey Park

9. Hershey Park

The Hershey Park in Pennsylvania is the world's largest Chocolate park. The park offers you great adventure and fun at its best. Rides, attractions, games, and a great atmosphere enhance your experience. According to Touropia, the park has a great food and entertainment selection to meet your daily needs, including rollercoasters for both young and old. Initially, it was a leisure park but now has more than seventy entertainment activities. The place has something for everyone on your trip. The atmosphere is lively, inviting, and fun-filled in a very relaxing way. Kids are also loved by the park as it offers rides suitable for all ages. There are also themed places like the kissing tower hill and pioneer frontier. You can also visit the zoo and enjoy the music parade in the park.
John Harris and Simon Cameron Mansion

8. John Harris and Simon Cameron Mansion

The mansion is over two hundred and fifty years old and has been displayed many times. This is a great place to walk and enjoy the splendid scenery of the city. The mansion was built by John Harris, a wealthy businessman and the founder of Harrisburg city. You can enjoy seeing the architectural style of the place and its exceptional designs.

The Broad Street Market

7. The Broad Street Market

have a taste of the local produce by visiting the broad street market. The Broad Street Market is located in the center of the city and has a variety of produce, preservatives, and ready food. Different food vendors in the market serve you the freshest and best available local food. It is an excellent place to grab some food for lunch or dinner and be on your way. Back in the day, it was a place to feed union soldiers and slowly turned into a market where people even today gather and do their groceries or lunch.

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

6. Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

This park is located about three miles from the city of Harrisburg and offers fun and flavors for the whole family. The park has many interactive games, rides, animals, and activities for kids. You can explore the whole park and have a great time with your family. The wildlife in the park is friendly. You get to see animals up close and personal without a cage around them. You can also learn a lot about the animal's behavior and distribution in the wild. If you love a countryside safari tour, this is a great spot to visit.
National Civil War Museum

5. The National Civil War Museum

This museum is a great way to have fun with family or friends and learn about the history of the American Civil War history. According to Travel Raval, the museum offers unbiased galleries that show both sides of the war. It is a museum with the history and information you need to understand, and there are also interactive exhibits for you to touch, feel and learn about the war. You can learn from slavery, the first shot, and the effects of geography and topography on soldiers' movements. Understand why the war started and the role of women in the war times. The Civil War Museum offers everything you need to make your trip fun and educative at the same time.

Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts

4. Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts

Enjoy three floors of youthful and exciting exhibits for you, your family, or your friends. From science and nature to art and sports to cultural activities, there are exhibits for all ages at Whitaker Center. The center offers you a great place for kid-oriented activities, plus live music and dance. Spend your time at the Esports area offers video gaming either online or in person, Sunoco Performance Theater offers live shows and Harsco Science Center for presentations or exhibitions for all ages.

National Fire Museum

3. The Pennsylvania National Fire Museum

The art of firefighting has come a long way since the days of fire trucks and hoses. The museum presents the history of firefighters and firefighting tools from the earliest times to modern tools and equipment that save lives. Built in 1899, it holds different exhibits and photos, and artifacts that show how people fought fire in those days.

Susquehanna Riverboat Cruise

2. Susquehanna Riverboat Cruise

Board a cruise boat and enjoy a tour of the Susquehanna River in Harrisburg. From these boats, visitors can get an unparalleled view of the city and its surrounding cities. When you are on the boat, you will be able to see all the buildings and landmarks of Harrisburg. You can also enjoy narration from the captain, who will tell you about some of the interesting landmarks in Harrisburg. Tourists can also enjoy sunset rides, music nights, and mystery dinners-themed events.

Susquehanna Art Museum

1. Susquehanna Art Museum

Families will enjoy the art that is on display here, art that has made history. According to Attractions of America, the museum offers exhibits, galleries, and events for visitors to enjoy and learn about the art world. You can get a better understanding of what is considered great and how it all started. It's home to a diverse collection of art that defines the culture of the community and is done by international and national artists. Artistic features like the marble floors and high ceilings are evident in the museum, and a recent expansion has allowed people to see more art. The Art Museum has also developed into a top attraction because of its diversity.

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