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The 15 Best Things To Do in Morro Bay, California

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At the seaside of San Luis Obispo County, California, U.S lays the great Morro Bay, which runs alongside the state's Central Coast. The bay is named after the Morro Rock, one of the area's key attraction features. The bay covers a total area of 26.74 square kilometers and has an elevation of six feet. It receives almost 8000,000 visitors, whose total expenditure is almost $161 million annually.

Like all the other bays, you can do so many activities at Morro Bay, and in this article, we shall look at the best 15 activities you can do when you visit the place. These activities have been drawn from analysis of several authoritative sources, and you can be assured that they are the best. Some are in-door while others are outdoors. Enjoy your read.

El Moro Elfin Forest

15. Walk Through the El Moro Elfin Forest

The great El Moro Elfin forest occupies a 90-acre piece of land, is under the California State's ownership, and is managed by the San Luis Obispo County Park. The forest is covered by native oak plants and prehistoric dunes, which are 150 feet tall, and you can find them in the Southern part of Morro Bay. As you walk through the forest, you will come across more than 200 species of plants. If you are in a team, covering the 5-mile-long is one the most fantasizing activities you can engage in.

Visit the stunning Morro Bay Art Association Gallery

14. Visit the stunning Morro Bay Art Association Gallery

The Morro Bay Art Association Gallery, proud to call its location in Morro Bay's historic downtown its home, is well recognized as the principal center for fine art on the California Central Coast. This landmark in Morro Bay has an extensive collection of works by regional and local artists, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints, jewelry, greeting cards, and many more. A good number of these works of art are also available for guests. For prospective artists, the gallery provides both possibilities for professional networking and educational pursuits, such as financing for art center programs and scholarships. Additionally, it holds between eight and nine art exhibits each year.

See the Skateboard Hall of Fame in Morro Bay

13. See the Skateboard Hall of Fame in Morro Bay

The Morro Bay Skateboard Museum is sure to be one of the highlights of any museum-going experience in the city of Morro Bay. A trip to this location will be enjoyable due to the availability of over 300 different skateboards for viewing. You may see the first skateboards with steel wheels and the most recent ones manufactured here. Skateboarders visiting the city often congregate at this museum as their primary gathering venue. If one is interested, you are welcome to come here and take advantage of the free admittance.

Take a Beer at The Three Stacks and a Rock Brewing Company

12. Take a Beer at The Three Stacks and a Rock Brewing Company

Sometimes while on holiday, you must find a place to enjoy a cold beer. In the Northern part of Morro Bay, you will find the famous Three Stacks and a Rock Brewing Company, which has freshly made in-house beers you can enjoy. Some of the beers you can get at this place are ciders, craft beers, and even wines. At the company, you will find a pub-style ambiance where tables and chairs are provided for visitors to sip their beer. According to the Vacationidea, if you happen to visit the place on Wednesday, you shall be served chicken wings and a variety of sauces. On Sundays, beer is served with pizza for willing customers.

. Check out Bayshore Bluffs Park's fallen Monterey Cypress

11. Check out Bayshore Bluffs Park's fallen Monterey Cypress

Bayshore Bluffs Park is a natural meadow that spans 3.2 acres (1.2 hectares) and has a roosting location for cormorant birds. As a result, the park is a beautiful destination for those who like watching birds. In addition, there is a bicycle route that goes up to an observation deck. In addition, it offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape and its abundant fauna. Those with canoes, kayaks, and other small boats may utilize the hand launch as a parking spot for their automobiles.

Although tourists are not permitted to remove any of the abalone or oyster shells found in this location, the area nevertheless gives a beautiful view. The park is home to a Monterey Cypress tree brought to its knees by an El Nino storm many years ago. The fallen tree has created a natural arch over the walking route in its current position.

Spend Your Nights in The Great Hotels of Morro Bay

10. Spend Your Nights in The Great Hotels of Morro Bay

The bay has several hotels where you can spend your night alone or with your family. The Beach Bungalow Inn and Suites are the highly ranked hotels, Motel 6 Morro Bay and Inn at Morro Bay. There are also 2-star hotels such as the Morro Crest Inn and the Rodeway Inn at Morro Bay. To book one of the Morro Bay hotels, you can visit and choose a hotel of your choice. Most hotels come with free WiFi and heated pools and are pet friendly.

Visit the Morro Bay State Park Museum of Natural History

9. Visit the Morro Bay State Park Museum of Natural History

Try to stop at the Museum of Natural History in Morro Bay State Park. Morro Bay and Morro Rock may be seen from this location, which dates back to 1962 and was developed to take advantage of the vista. Inside the museum, there are a lot of interactive exhibits for children, where they may learn via responsive touchscreens, and there is also information on the unique ecosystem of the Morro Bay estuary. Both of these things are available to visitors. A trip here is advised for those who like spending time in the great outdoors and with their families.

Climb Black Hill Trail

8. Climb Black Hill Trail

Climbers will like the Black Hill Trail, situated close to Morro Bay in California. During your journey, one can observe numerous stunning wildflowers that thrive in this area. Most visitors use this path for hiking, walking, nature excursions, and birdwatching. It is suitable for hikers of varying ability levels. It is possible to get there any time of the year, making it an excellent location for beginners to start their climbing careers. When you reach the peak, you'll be greeted with breathtaking panoramas of Morro Rock and the Morro Bay estuary.

Capture the beautiful scenery of the Morro Bay Estuary

7. Capture the beautiful scenery of the Morro Bay Estuary

The Morro Bay Estuary covers an area of about 2,300 acres (930.80 hectares) and has a diverse array of attractions. This estuary, located in the southern part of Morro Bay, has become a habitat for many different plants and animals. Several beautiful species may be seen in this area, including the Eared Grebe, Green Heron, Turkey Vulture, and Anna's Hummingbird. In addition to that, there are sea otters that reside in the area surrounding the bay that visitors may see. It is good that you seize the opportunity to take photographs of these breathtaking vistas whenever you get the chance to do so.

Take Advantage of The Central Coast Outdoors

6. Take Advantage of The Central Coast Outdoors

The Central Coast Outdoors is one of the adventure travel companies in California. It operates in Morro Bay, Big Sur, Paso Robles, and SLO county Central regions. This company is eco-friendly, and it charges visitors affordable prices. Being one of the companies with experienced teams, it can offer you unforgettable experiences. In addition, they also offer bicycling, kayaking, hiking, and customized tour packages. One of the most outstanding features of the company is that it can offer services to small groups, and customers are allowed to make prior arrangements.


5. Sportfishing

Sportfishing has recently emerged as one of Morro Bay's most sought-after recreational pursuits. You can book a private fishing excursion or a tour lasting the whole day through one of the local charter fishing businesses. This is an activity that the family can participate in and enjoy, and if you are new to fishing, the guide will assist you and give you some pointers that will be helpful in your future fishing endeavors.

Watch Birds at the Heron and Cormorant Rookery

4. Watch Birds at the Heron and Cormorant Rookery

The lovers of birds have the option of traveling to the Heron and Cormorant Rookery. Just upon arrival at the Morro Bay National Estuary. You can see bird nests just a few meters from the parking lot. If you have a good camera, you can get a video clip of various birds feeding their young ones in the nests sandwiched in the dry frees' branches. Common birds in the area are pelicans and Egrets. It is also advisable that you come with your kids for them to get an opportunity to have a real-life experience of the birds they learn in school.

Rent a canoe or kayak

3. Rent a canoe or kayak

Renting a canoe/kayak on Morro Bay is a fun activity to do while on vacation. You could get a glimpse of some of the marine life in the region, such as birds, sea lions, and river otters. You may rent kayaks from various locations in Morro Bay, and the locations can be located with relative ease using the internet. In addition to that, several of these locations also provide kayaking instruction.

Watch a Movie at the Bay Theater

2. Watch a Movie at the Bay Theater

If you have a dull evening and perhaps you are looking for an activity to undertake, visit the Bay Theater. According to Yelp, the theater is open from Tuesday to Sunday. From Tuesday to Saturday, it runs from 1530 Hours to 1900 hours; on Sundays, it runs from 1200 Hours to 1530 Hours. The theater is famous for its first-run films. If you are visiting Morro Bay, here is a fantastic way of getting a chance to watch an American Sinema. Those who have visited the place have told stories of how the theater's seats are comfortable, how the sound system is well balanced, and of course, the theater's excellent screen quality.

Private Guided E-Bike Tour

1. Private Guided E-Bike Tour

This private guided electric bike tour will provide the information you need to fill in any gaps in your Morro Bay knowledge. This bike trip will take you through Morro Bay's tourist attractions, historical structures, and coast. Your expert tour guide will give you stories, fascinating facts, and practical advice about each destination you visit along the route. Your journey will bring you to Morro Rock, an ancient volcanic plug where you will learn about its history. On your schedule, you will also visit Estero Bayle, where you will be greeted by the sight of coastal birds, sea lions, and sea otters.

In Conclusion

Next time you visit Morro Bay, California, U.S, you are aware of the best activities you can engage in. When planning which activity to undertake, check with the local sources on news and prices. Many activities discussed herein are best when you undertake them with a group of friends or family members. Visit Morro Bay and smile as you enjoy these activities. Never be in a hurry to choose the thing you would wish to do; where you are not aware of the appropriate action to take, seek professional guidance. Each activity has set rules on health and safety; therefore, remember to observe all of them.

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