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The 20 Best Things to Do in Tigre, Argentina

Peruse the Stalls at the Puerto de Frutos

Tigre is a town just north of the city of Buenos Aires in the Buenos Aires Province in Argentina. It is a gateway to the wetlands and rivers of the Parana Delta, and it is known for its harbor, food, and history. If you plan to spend some time in this town during your visit to Argentina, then you will find a vast array of activities to include in your vacation itinerary. Here are the 20 best things to do in Tigre Buenos Aires.

Puerto de Frutos

20. Visit Martin Garcia Island

There are many interesting islands to visit in the delta where you can absorb yourself into the islanders' culture, but one of the most interesting islands to visit is Martin Garcia Island. You can enjoy both nature and history on this island. The island is covered in greenery, and it is home to an abundance of wildlife. There are also historical landmarks on the island, including a small museum, a lighthouse, an old prison, and a former theater and cinema.

Reserva Natural Otamendi

19. Explore the Reserva Natural Otamendi

One of the best places for outdoor enthusiasts to explore is the Reserva Natural Otamendi. It is a 2,600-hectare protected preserve, and there are various natural environments that are found in the province of Buenos Aires, including the natural ravines, Pampas grasslands, logging forests, riverside forests, and lowlands. The reserve is home to a diverse array of wildlife, including fish, multiple bird species, and the endangered river wolf and swamp deer.

Performance by Theater on the Delta

18. Watch a Performance by Theater on the Delta

You might think that you are unlikely to catch a performance in Tigre due to it being a small town surrounded by wetlands and a rural landscape. However, a group of islanders has come together to create Theater on the Delta, and they put on a performance every weekend. The performances take place at various venues, including on the riverbanks, in local schools, and in the Federal District.

Sarmiento's Museum

17. Go to Sarmiento's Museum

Welcome Argentina describes Sarmiento's Museum in Tigre as being a unique house in an impressive glass box. The house once belonged to Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, who is known as the Father of the Classroom in Argentina. Sarmiento was a rural teacher, politician, writer, and then president of the Republic of Argentina from 1868 to 1874. When Sarmiento died in 1895, his house was bought by Carlos Declasse, who donated the property to the public welfare institution. In 1966, the house was declared a National Historical Monument, and the wooden house was preserved in a glass box. Inside the house, it is now a museum and library.

Helicopter Ride

16. Take a Helicopter Ride

A fun way to view Tigre's landscape is by taking a helicopter ride, which gives you the chance to enjoy a bird's eye view of the delta. Most of the helicopter rides also take you over Buenos Aires, so you can get a different perspective on the urban landscape and compare the differences between the two geographical areas.

Nature on the Islands

15. Get Close to Nature on the Islands

The Whole World or Nothing says that one of the best activities for animal lovers is getting close to nature by taking a trip around the islands. By doing so, you can spot the native wildlife as you travel between the islands. Visiting the islands is also a fantastic way to absorb yourself in the culture of the delta's islanders. They have a more laid-back and traditional lifestyle than their neighbors in Buenos Aires.

Delta Eco Spa

14. Relax at Delta Eco Spa

There are also opportunities to relax when you visit Tigre Buenos Aires, and the best place to do this is at the Delta Eco Spa. You can book yourself in for a day or spend a few nights at the spa enjoying treatments that aim to pamper and rejuvenate guests. The spa is in a tranquil setting that adds to the feeling of getting away from everything for a while. There are three outdoor pools, a pool bar, and a deck in addition to treatment rooms. The spa also has an on-site restaurant that serves outstanding meals.

Delta Terra Natural Reserve

13. Explore the Delta Terra Natural Reserve

The highlight for many people visiting Tigre Buenos Aires is exploring the surrounding natural terrain, and one of the best places to do so is at the Delta Terra Natural Reserve. It is a nature reserve along the banks of the river, and it has multiple well-maintained hiking trails to explore. It is a popular spot for birdwatchers and people that want to see some of Argentina's native wildlife. In addition to hiking and birdwatching, another popular activity in this reserve is kayaking on the river. Although visitors are free to explore the reserve on their own, it is also possible to book a guide to take you around and educate you on the reserve's flora and fauna. Within the reserve, there is a small café with a terrace where you can buy food and drink.

Trip to Isla El Descanso

12. Take a Trip to Isla El Descanso

From the main port of Tigre, it is possible to catch a boat to the Isla El Descanso, which is one of the islands in the delta. It is also possible to take a helicopter ride to the island, although this option is significantly more expensive. The island is open to the public, but you must make a reservation first. It is filled with spectacular gardens and unusual contemporary outdoor artwork. Experts are available to lead visitors on two-hour guided tours of the island, and they can provide more information about the gardens and sculptures.


11. Go Kayaking

If a guided tour on a boat is not your thing and you prefer something more active, then another way to explore the delta is to go kayaking. It is a fantastic way to see the sights and explore the different landscapes around the delta. Kayaking is also a great way to enjoy physical activity and get close to nature.

Museo de la Reconquista

10. Visit the Museo de la Reconquista

An interesting museum to include in your itinerary is the Museo de la Reconquista. It is a small museum set in a colonial-style house with gorgeous gardens. The focus of the museum is on both Tigre's history and the reconquest of Buenos Aires following the British invasions. Some of the artifacts on display include models, uniforms, and photographs. There is also a room with exhibits relating to the native people, flora, and fauna of the delta. Throughout the year, there are various cultural events and workshops hosted in the museum.

Trilenium Casino

9. Enjoy a Night at the Trilenium Casino

Many of the things to do in Tigre are activities to enjoy during the day. However, there are also some fun activities to enjoy in the evenings. One of the best options is to have some fun at the Trilenium Casino. Despite the small size of Tigre, the casino is impressively large, and it boasts everything you would expect in a casino, including slots and table games. It is also one of the top entertainment venues in the town, as there are concerts, live bands, and tango shoes. There are also multiple dining options, ranging from fine dining to bar food and buffet-style restaurants.

City's Art District

8. Explore the City's Art District

If you are a fan of art, you do not necessarily need to go to a museum or gallery to enjoy some artwork, as there is plenty to enjoy outdoors in the city's Art District. Exploring the Art District is a free activity that you can easily fit into your vacation itinerary, as it will only take a couple of hours to stroll around the district enjoying the art. The Boulevard de Tigre is a bohemian area that is filled with artists' studios, workshops, and art galleries. Many of the walls have been adorned with colorful graffiti. The area also boasts vintage clothes shops, bars, and cute boutiques.

Museo Naval de la Nacion

7. Go to the Museo Naval de la Nacion

One of the top tourist attractions in Tigre is the Museo Naval de la Nacion. The museum boasts exhibits relating to the history of the Argentine Navy and Argentina's maritime past. Exhibits include model ships, naval weaponry, and recreations of ships' cabins and living quarters. You will also learn about the warships of South America, trade ships, and pirates.

Stroll Along the Paseo Victoria

6. Stroll Along the Paseo Victoria

A wonderful place to take a stroll is Paseo Victoria. It is a walkable and bikeable pathway that runs alongside the Lujan River. You will pass various landmarks along the way, such as the Naval Museum, the art museum, the historic Tigre Hotel, and the rowing clubs. If you bring a picnic, you can stop off at one of the picnic benches or sit on the grass to enjoy some food while watching the boats on the river. Alternatively, stop off along the way at one of the restaurants that sit alongside the Paseo Victoria.

Take a Boat Tour Around the Delta

5. Take a Boat Tour Around the Delta

You cannot visit Tigre without enjoying a boat ride around the delta, as this is one of the best ways to experience the true Tigre and see how the people of the delta live. The boat rides will take you amongst the islands in the delta, where you will see the traditional wooden huts on stilts, the boats taking children to school, and the river taxis taking the locals about their daily business.

Museo de Arte Tigre

4. See the Art at the Museo de Arte Tigre

The top art attraction in Tigre is the Museo de Arte Tigre. The gallery is set within an Italian-style mansion that sits by on the riverside. It is worth taking a stroll around the grounds before going inside to see the art. Once inside, there is a small collection of 19th and 20th-century art, mostly from Argentina. There are also some aesthetically interesting features to admire, such as a marble staircase and a ballroom.

Have Fun at Parque de la Costa

3. Have Fun at Parque de la Costa

The most fun attraction in Tigre is the Parque de la Costa, especially if you are visiting the area with children. It is an amusement park that has something to entertain people of all ages, including a couple of rollercoasters, a Ferris wheel, a carousel, some water rides, and rides for small children. There are also some places to eat in the park. It is the biggest amusement park of its kind in Argentina.

Visit the Museo del Mate

2. Visit the Museo del Mate

Mate is a hot herbal drink, and it is the drink of choice in many homes around Argentina. The Museo del Mate is a museum devoted to the history and production of this popular hot drink, and it houses more than 2,000 artifacts relating to the subject. A visit to the museum begins with a short film about Argentina's mate and yerba production. At the end of the museum tour, visitors are treated to a tasting. If you are not interested in learning about the drink's history but want to give it a try, there is a mate bar where you can drink your first cup of mate.

Peruse the Stalls at the Puerto de Frutos

1. Peruse the Stalls at the Puerto de Frutos

According to The Crazy Tourist, the most popular tourist attraction in Tigre Buenos Aires is Puerto de Frutos. Some people take a day trip from the city to visit this market before returning to Buenos Aires. It is a bustling market that sits on the riverfront, and it is named for the former fruit market that operated from the same location. Although the market once specialized in fruit, there are now many stalls selling a wide range of wares, including homemade jams, cured meats, cheeses, artisan crafts, accessories, plants, and tourist souvenirs. The market is open all week, but there are more stalls at the weekends. Around the market, there are various restaurants and cafes.

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