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The 15 Best Water Parks in Georgia

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Georgia is a southern state that gets its share of hot and muggy weather in the summertime. Resident and visitors alike are looking for ways to escape the heat while enjoying the great outdoors. There are quite a few water parks throughout the state, to offer fun and recreation and a way to cool off while getting some sun and fresh air. If you live in Georgia or you're planning to take a trip there, here are the fifteen best water parks in the state to visit.

Helen Tubing and Waterpark

15. Helen Tubing and Water Park

The Helen Tubing and Water Park is the biggest attraction in the city in the summertime. It's located on Edelweiss Strasse in Helen. The water park attracts people of all ages with inviting cool waters that are crystal clear. There is a lot to do at this park including trying your skills at the rock climbing wall, tuning down the Chattahoochee River, enjoying the numerous pools, and your choice of a range of water slides from small to tall. You can also schedule a guided tube trip down the Chattahoochee River if you have between 2 to 3 hours to spare. You can find more information about the Helen Tubing and Water Park on this site.

14. Surf Lagoon Water Park

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If you're in Pooler, Georgia, you might want to check out the Surf Lagoon Water Park. It's one of the best in the state for families with younger children. This is a fairly new water park that opened its gates in 2015. It features a water playground that is designed with young kids in mind, as well as some larger attractions for older kids and adults. Some of the water slides in the park are as tall as four stories. It also offers a winding lazy river if you like to go tubing. Here you can rent your choice of private cabanas if you're in a group and like your privacy. There are also venues for renting private party rooms to celebrate special occasions. The park does offer season passes if you're a resident. If there are 20 people or more in your group, you can also get a special group discount on admission.

Neptune Park Fun Zone

13. Neptune Park Fun Zone

People in St. Simons Island and Sea Island flock to the Neptune Park Fun Zone when the temperatures soar. It's a water park that is open in the spring and summer months. We had to include this one in our list of the best water parks in Georgia because it features a water gym for those who like to combine healthy exercise with crystal clear cool water. They even offer water aerobics classes and have a lap pool for getting your daily workout. There are also wading pools, slides, and other fun things to do while you're there. You can also arrange for private swim lessons at the park, or enjoy the savings of group discount if you're going with a larger number of guests. There are also on-site concession stands if you want to grab a snack or lunch.

High Falls Water Park

12. High Falls Water Park

High Falls Water Park is located on High Falls Road in Jackson, Georgia. This is a family-friendly water park that offers attractions that are open for everyone. You won't find any age or height restrictions posted on the water slides here. One of the best attractions for kids is the pirate ship play area where they can let their imaginations roam while cooling off in the clean and clear waters. The park offers two water slides and a generously sized pool. When you've had your share of the water, there are areas where you can kick back and lounge in the sun. The water park is open throughout the summer, seven days a week. There are lifeguards on duty to ensure your family's safety at all times. You can either bring your food and beverages or take advantage of the on-site concession stands to grab a snack or lunch.

Splash in the Boro Waterpark

11. Splash in The Boro Water Park and Aquatics

Splash in The Boro is a water park and aquatics center in Statesboro, Georgia that offers something for everyone in the family. It's where the locals go for swimming lessons and fun. This park is equipped with a water playground that is designed for smaller children and toddlers. For those who have a competitive spirit, there is a five-lane racing slide. There are a lot of slides to choose from with varying heights and themes. There is also a lazy river if you enjoy tubing. You can also reserve a private cabana for up to 8 persons if you enjoy your privacy, but reservations two weeks out are required because of their popularity. The park offers discounts if you're going with a group of 20 or more guests. The fees for park admission are based on height. You won't be able to bring your food and beverages into this water park but they do have a sandwich shop and snack shack on site. If you want more information about the park visit the site.

Lanier World

10. The LanierWorld Water Park

The LanierWorld Water Park is located on the Lanier Islands Parkway in Buford, Georgia. It's a 1,500-acre park in the Sunset Cove area that offers its guests a variety of activities including special events like a "dive-n" movies night, and other types of nighttime entertainment. The Park offers a private sandy beach, multiple places to swim, a large wave pool, and water slides of all heights with crying themes. At the Sunset Cove part, guests can enjoy an evening dinner and other activities. This is a water park that has something for everyone in the family during the summer hours. You can learn more about the park by visiting their website.

Six Flags White Water

9. Six Flags White Water

Six Flags White Water is the premier place to go for summer heat relief if you're in Marietta, Georgia. The park is spread out of 69 acres and it offers a variety of themes with over 20 water slides of all sizes for everyone in the family. There are some places for little ones and attractions for older kids and adults as well. Admission to the park is free for children under two years old. After you've had a great day of fun in the sun, there are plenty of places to enjoy a sit-down meal at their on-site dining establishments. There are also multiple ATMs there if you run low on cash. You can also rent day lockers or a private cabana with a seating area and private food service.

Summer Waves Water Park

8. The Summer Waves Water Park

The Summer Waves Water Park is located on South River View Drive on Jekyll Island, Georgia. It's one of the biggest attractions in the town during the summer months. This park is a family-friendly place to go when it's hot outside. It offers a kiddie pool area for kids that are less than 52 inches tall and a 40-foot water slide for those who are a bit more adventurous. The park sometimes sponsored special events including water aerobics classes and movies that you can watch while you swim. There is also a lazy river if you want to do some casual tubing.

Hurricane Harbor Waterpark

7. Hurricane Harbor Water Park

The Hurricane Harbor water park is located in Austell, Georgia as a part of the Six Flags over Georgia Park. You can access the water park by purchasing tickets to the Six Flags over Georgia Park. It's a Caribbean-themed water park that features a giant wave pool, an interactive children's play area for the younger ones, and a zero-gravity wave slide. There are a few requirements for gaining access to the water park, however. You must wear lined swimsuits. No street clothing is allowed in the water areas. You can purchase swimwear and food on site. Guests may obtain life vests free of charge at the park, and lifeguards are always present and licensed for your family's safety.

Splash Island

6. Splash Island Water Park

The Splash Island Water Park is situated within the Wild Adventures Theme Park in Valdosta, Georgia. It's a park within a park, and admission to the theme park gets you into the water park as well. It's open throughout the summer months every weekend. The park is equipped with a variety of water slides and a play area for toddlers and small children. If you prefer privacy, they offer cabana rentals for the day for up to 8 persons. If you live in the area and purchase season passes you get to go in ahead of the crown on Saturday mornings. With membership comes privileges. The park also offers other perks like bring a friend for free on some days for members.

Terminus Wake Park

5. Terminus Wake Park

Terminus Wake Park is one of the most popular attractions during the summer months in Cartersville, Georgia. The wake park is designed for everyone who enjoys kneeboarding, water skiing, wakeskating, wakeboarding, and more active water sports. It's a great place for people of all experience levels from beginners to pros. There is a lake at the park that is suitable for beginners, intermediate, and those with advanced levels of skill. This is an action park that is set up to accommodate people of all skill levels. It's not your average water park.

Bogan Park Community Recreation and Aquatic Center

4. Bogan Park Community Recreation and Aquatic Center

The Bogan Park Community Recreation and Aquatic Center are located in Buford, Georgia. It's spread out of 83 acres with a variety of water activities for people of all ages. The Park has a large indoor pool for swimming, and on the outside, there is a volleyball court, an outdoor playground, a softball field, a football field, outdoor basketball and badminton courts, a dance studio, and a two-mile area for running and walking on the trails. This is a park for large family events with something for everyone to enjoy.

St. Mary's Aquatic Center

3. St. Marys Aquatic Center

St. Mary's Aquatic Center is located in St. Mary's, Georgia. It is a large park that features the Oasis lazy river for hours of tubing in a related stream. Splash Mountain is a zero-depth entry water playground for children of all ages with dumping buckets, slides, water cannons, and more. Those who are looking for exercise will enjoy taking laps in the twenty-five-yard lap pool. There are so many things to do that you will want to set aside an entire afternoon if not the whole day. The park also provides a variety of fun and games including shuffleboard and others. The Orange Crush is a massive twister slide for the more adventurous. When you're done, catch a bite to eat at the Snack Shack, and check out the gift shop for a souvenir if you're from out of town.

Water Wiz

2. Water Wiz water park

The Water Wiz water Park is located in LaGrange, Georgia. There are tons of water activities at this large water park. There are slides of all heights for people of all ages, cool pools to wade and swim in, and there are also places in the park for camping and fishing, as well as a roller-skating area, and other attractions and things to do. There is also a concession stand to grab a bite to eat.

Collins Hill

1. Collins Hill Aquatic Center

The Collins Hill Aquatic Center is located in Suwanee, Georgia. This is a fifteen-acre center that is designed for people of all ages and abilities. The main feature is the massive indoor competition swimming pool that is open all year round. You can swim, dive, take laps and have the whole family enter into competitions against one another. Another feature is a zero-depth entry pool with fun water structures, two huge water slides, and an outdoor pool that features a lazy river. If you're into walking and hiking, there is a one-mile duration paved trail for hikers and runners. There is a lot to do at the Collins Hill Aquatic Center.

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