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The 10 Best Water Parks in Arizona


Arizona is not only known for its beauty but also its climate, which can get somewhat warm, especially during the summer months. Hence, it should be of no surprise to anyone that Arizona is home to some of the best water parks in the world. These water parks are places where tourists and community members can get cool and have a great time doing it! All of the water parks on our list of the best water parks in Arizona are known for their cleanliness and habit of providing excellent service to their patrons. Not only that, they are quite beautiful places due to the efforts of professional landscapers. If you've a notion to visit Arizona in the future, then consider taking in a water park or two, and let our picks for the best water parks in Arizona set you off on the right foot.

Surprise Aquatic

10. Surprise Aquatics Center, Surprise

Yes, there actually is a city called "Surprise", and it's in Arizona! Just a stones throw from Phoenix, Surprise has its very own Aquatics Center, and it's a pretty good one. They offer visitors a zero depth area with plenty of interesting play features, a flume slide, a tunnel slide, vortex, whirlpool, competition pool, diving well and 2 1-meter diving boards. Their Hollyhock pool comes with a zero depth area with play features, a splash pad, 1 water slide and a 3 lane lap pool. As for things to do, they offer swimming lessons, rentals, Aqua Aerobics and much more. Visit today and if you're a member of the community you have access to discounts.

Kiwanis Wave Pool

9. Kiwanis Wave Pool, Tempe

The Kiwanis Wave Pool is located in Kiwanis Park in Tempe Arizona. Kiwanis Park is a great place to take your family for a full day of thrills and excitement. First of all, the park is home to a 12 acre lake and indoor recreation center. Inside the recreation center is where you'll find the Kiwanis Park wave pool. Here, adults and kids alike will enjoy not only the wave pool, but also have endless fun zooming down the water slides. But that's not all as there's also the 3 foot waves to consider!

Enchanted Island

8. Enchanted Island Amusement Park, Phoenix

Enchanted Island Amusement Park contains both water-based attractions as well as dry land attractions. With regards to the water park, it's designed for kids mostly. However, adults can enjoy them too, but just know this is not a water park with huge slides with high drop offs. Basically designed for kids under 10, water attractions are geared to splashing activities in the Splash Zone, water jets and of course, the constant favorite: dumping buckets.

Desert Oasis

7. Desert Oasis Aquatic Center, Chandler

Oodles of family fun to be had here by all, so grab your favorite swimwear, some snacks and head over to Chandler Desert Oasis Aquatic Center. Here, you'll have access to a 25 yard, 8 lane pool, rain drop and spray whale, sand volleyball court, figure eight water slide, drop slide, zero depth entry and kiddie slide, turf areas, and a sand playground. Swimming lessons are also available at this facility. So prepare to have some rollicking fun at this water park as you cool off from the Arizona heat.

Anthen Community Center

6. Anthem Community Center, Anthem

A favorite of tourists and community members alike, the water park at the Anthem Community Center offers some fine activities for young and old. These activities include a splash pad for the young ones, deep water diving, and heading off to enjoy a swim in their lap pool. Next up are the water slides, and of course, Anthem's "Big Red Bucket". The Big Red Bucket is an attraction which regularly pour out 200 gallons of refreshing water every 4 minutes. If someone in your group doesn't know how to swim, know that Anthem offers swimming lessons too. Once you've had enough activity, take a nice, relaxing lounge around the pool.


5. Golfland Sunsplash, Mesa

Golfland-Sunsplash is actually made up of two parks. Golfland contains 3 miniature golf courses, eateries, go carts and more. While that's all well and good, we're concerned with Sunsplash. Sunsplash is as it's name implies: A water park. Sunsplash offers its visitors some exhilarating water attractions such as the Doubledare, Stormrider, Thunder Falls, and more. Not only that, but fans of wave pools will be happy to learn that they have a huge, 450,000 gallon wave pool! For the younger set, they have kiddie slides and pols as well.

Big Surf

4. Big Surf, Tempe

Big Surf Water park in phoenix carries with it a bit of history as it's America's very first water park. Fans of wave pools are probably familiar with the wave pool at Big Surf, as it's the third largest in the world. Located in Tempe Big Surf sits on 20 acres of land which host some great family orientated attractions. For instance, you get access to kids fun zones, 3000 feet of water slides, plus a plethora of rides. The landscaping is quite lovely with well-trimmed and cared for foliage and palm trees.

Great Wolf Lodge

3. Great Wolf Lodge, Scottsdale

Great Wolf Lodge in Scottsdale is a vacation resort with an indoor water park. The indoor water park is also known as Wiley's Water Park, an 85,000 square foot attraction which play host to a wide variety of water attractions. Here is what you get: Tube slides, 13 water slides, a wave pool, a lazy river, activity pools, body slides and raft rides. The little ones can enjoy spending time at the splash zones and mini slides. Lets not forget the Diamondback Drop a lightning fast raft ride filled with heart stopping curves. Other slides include: Alberta Falls, River Canyon Run, and Wolf Tail.

Six Flags

2. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Phoenix

This is a great water park! Previously known as Wet 'n' Wild water park from 2009 to 2018, Hurricane Harbor is seen as some as the best water park in Arizona due to the improvements Six Flags pumped into the park. One of the first innovations is the creation of Paradise Island, a 42,000 square foot area which will hold a 12,000 square foot activity pool. Other attractions of interest include: The Tornado, Anaconda, Bonzai Pipelines, Hurricane Bay and much more.


1. Oasis Water Park, Phoenix

The best water park in Arizona has to be the Oasis Water Park in Phoenix. This oasis in the desert measures a full 7 acres, and is located at the Arizona Grand Resort and Spa. Not only that but the property also hosts 6 resort pools. But just how good is this park? Well first of all, it comes with some highly rated 8 story water slides! The Slide Canyon Tower is 8 stories tall. The Free Fall slide is 225 feet long, the Road Runner is 220 feet long, and the Sidewinder takes down a slippery 31 feet. All of this and so much more set in the backdrop of a beautifully landscaped park overflowing with thick, green foliage and giant palm trees. Other water features include the Oasis Wave Pool, Caliente Springs, Wild Cat Springs, Zuni River

Final Thoughts

To summarize, when it comes to amusement facilities which host water parks, you'd be hard pressed to find a state better equipped than Arizona. Some of their water parks are privately owned, while others are connected to community centers, and most are clean and offer fabulous service to their visitors. Before you decide on one, be sure to check out their amenities, as some may be connected to resorts, which include the water park entrance fee in the room rentals, and so on. Also, some parks are more attuned to children than adults, so be sure to look for one that services adults as well.

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