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The 20 Best Water Parks in Asia

Aqua Jungle

If you're planning to take a trip anywhere in Asia this summer, it's a good idea to know what the temps are going to be and to know where the nearest water park is located. It's been getting hotter than usual with record-breaking temperatures around the world, but these recreational water havens offer entertainment and fun with nature's best cooling agent. To give you a heads up on the most unique, popular, and enjoyable places to go to beat the heat, here is a list of the 20 best water parks in Asia.

Wet N Joy

20. Wet N Joy Water Park: Lonavala, India

If you're traveling to the Lonavala, India region, you will be in luck. It's the home of one of the best water parks in the country. Wet N Joy is designed to provide guests with a magical and fun experience. It's recommended that you plan to spend at least 3 hours at the park take advantage of the many activities available. There is a variety of different sized and themed water slides along with wading pools and areas to swim that is safe for people of all ages and abilities.

Ramayana Water Park, Bang Sare, Thailand

19. Ramayana Water Park, Bang Sare, Thailand

The Ramayana Water Park is the newest in Thailand, and it's also the largest. It's the ideal getaway from the summer heat with 21 brand new rides which include four rides that can only be found in this park. It's recommended that you plan on spending an entire afternoon there if you want to see the more than fifty attractions at the park. The amazing dueling aqua coasters with high water jets, the Aqualoop, and more are set in a natural environment surrounded by Silverlake with an aquatic playground for people of all ages.

Cartoon Network Amazone Pattaya, Thailand

18. Cartoon Network Amazone Pattaya, Thailand

The Cartoon Network Amazone is located in Pattaya, featuring the Cartoon Network theme in a waterpark. It's designed for families and people of all ages and abilities. The Cartoon Network characters are featured throughout the waterpark with Johnny Bravo, The Powerpuff Girls, Adventure Time's Finn, and Jake, and many more. The park features a 17 meters free fall attraction, Riptide Rapids, a variety of fountains, and slides with 10 various themed zones that are intended strictly for children. It's time to prepare for the adventure because the will make its debut in October of 2021 as a brand new addition to the Pattaya landscape.


17. Waterbom Jakarta, Pantai Inah Kapuk, Jakarta

Waterbom Jakarta is just outside of the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport close to the downtown area of Jakarta. This is an urban waterpark that features a variety of different waterslides with cool and relaxing pools for wading and swimming, along with multiple attractions for people of all ages. The park is an affiliate of Waterbom Bali in the Jakarta location offering areas that are filled with thrilling and adventurous attractions along with more relaxing areas for kicking back for cool refreshments. It's recommended that you spend at least 2 to 3 hours experiencing all the attractions at Waterbom Jakarta.

Joyful Waterpark

16. Joyful Water Park, Nagashima Spa Land, Kuwana, Japan

The Nagashima Spa Land is one of the most popular amusement parks in Kuwana. The Joyful Waterpark features ten pools in different depths and eighteen different water slides. The water temperatures in the pools are all different so you can find the perfect temperature for your ultimate comfort. The water park is open year-round. One of the most exciting attractions is the Tornado Water Slide. Outside of the water park is the Nagashima Spa Land amusement park when you've had enough fun in the water, featuring kiddy rides, several rollercoasters, a giant Ferris wheel, and more.


15. Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia

The Sunway Lagoon is Malaysia's biggest waterpark that is situated on a 35-hectare property with six adventure zones, including a Water Park, Amusement Park, Extreme Park, Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon, Scream Park, and a Wildlife Park. The featured attraction is Vuvuzela with its 11 stories high launch that plunges into turbulent water and takes you through a series of rapids. You can also work on your surfboarding skills on the Flowrider. The park was established in 1993. It's best to check in advance for hours of operation here.

Waterbom Jakarta, Pantai Inah Kapuk, Jakarta

14. Waterbom Bali, South Kuta, Indonesia

Waterbom Bali in South Kuta is a water park that features water games for people of all ages and seventeen different slides. The park is spread over 2.8 hectares with pools and tropical gardens for a lot of fun and spectacular views. Popular rides at the park include the Smackdown waterslide with a 26-meter vertical drop, along with a raft tube ride with swings and drops called The Python. The Climax is the steepest slide in Asia. For more information visit the website.

Water Kingdom

13. The Water Kingdom, Mumbai, India

The Water Kingdom is one of the biggest thematic water parks in India. The Mumbai attraction is a part of Essel World with a variety of water rides and slides. One of the most popular attractions is the What-A-Coaster ride which features a seven-story drop with speeds up to 64 mph. Here you'll also find the largest wave pool in the world in the Wetlantic zone.

Black Mountain

12. Black Mountain Water Park, Hin Lek Fai, Thailand

The Black Mountain Water Park is one of the best parks in Thailand set in a large water recreation completes. There are seven different types of pools for adults and children with nine water slides of varying heights and themes. Guests typically spend between 2 and 3 hours to see their favorites among the 600 plus attractions at the park. There is a kids' waterpark area that is designed for kids age 3 to 5. The admission costs are low and there are usually no waiting lines as guests gain immediate access. There is a small restaurant on site that serves a generous selection of foods at low prices. the staff speaks English. You can learn more when you visit the official website for the park.

Chimelong Water Park

11. Chimelong Water Park, Guangzhou, China

The Chimelong Water Park is the place to be on hot days in Guangzhou, China. It's an aquatic recreation center set on a sprawling expanse of property with hundreds of attractions. Here you'll find tubing rides, colorful slides of all sizes and shapes, along with multiple pools that are designed for all age groups from small children to adults. If you're there during the evening you'll be thrilled with the electronic music shows that take place after dark. You can find out more about the schedule when you visit.


10. Funtasia Water Park, Chainpura, Patna, India

When visiting Chainpura, Patna, India, there is a water park inside the larger Funtasia amusement park. The water park is the home of various water playgrounds and water slides. It is the first waterpark to serve the Bihar region. It's under the ownership of Takshila Seas and Resorts Private Limited of Mumbai and the park also features an amusement area in addition to the water park. Plan on spending at least 2 to 3 hours there to see everything that the park has to offer.


9. Aquatica Water Park, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

When visiting West Bengal, India the best relief from the heat of summer is a visit to the Aquatica Water Park. This is a massive 70,5000 square ft park with a water theme. The park first opened in 1999 and is the largest water amusement park near Kolkata. It's one of the most popular attractions in the city during the heat of summer.

Asia Park - Sun World Da Nang Wonders, Da Nang, Vietnam

8. Asia Park - Sun World Da Nang Wonders, Da Nang, Vietnam

When in Da Nang, Vietnam, one of the best places to take the kids to escape the heat of the day is the Asia Park Sun World Da Nang Wonders. This is an amusement park that also offers a waterpark area with tons of fun and games along with a variety of thrilling rides. There are slides and pools to enjoy, and when you're tired of playing in the water, you can go on rides in the amusement park. It's a great place for families.

Amaazia Water Park

7. Amaazia Water Park, Surat, India

When in Surat, one of the best places to be on a hot day is the Amaazia Water Park. The park was first opened to the public in December of 2015 by the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Vijay Rupani. It's an amusement-themed water park with a capacity for 3,500 visitors at a time. Some of the most notable attractions are The Kamikaze, King Cobra, Black Hole, Twister, Windigo, Free Fall, Wild Raft, Jungle Boat Forest Jump, and Tribal Twist.

Dino Beach

6. Dino Beach Water Park, Shanghai, China

Dino Beach Water Park is a massive amusement-themed waterpark in Shanghai, China. It's one of the most popular attractions in the city when an orange alert for summer heat is issued. The theme park features a dino theme with a beach and plenty of different pools to swim in. It is the first water park to emerge in Shanghai and although others have sprung up around it, this one remains the most popular.

Nicco Park

5. Nikko Park, Kolkata, India

Nikko Park is located in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. It is a popular tourist attraction that is state-owned. It's a family-friendly water park that features an educational theme with lots of pools and slides to choose from and free entertainment. The most popular attractions are the Cyclone and Skydive rides. There are tons of different water rides to choose from for a cool and fun experience.


4. Vismaya Amusement Park, Parassinikkadavu, India

This is a water park with an amusement theme located near Taliparamba in Kannur, Kerala. The surroundings are festive with a variety of pools and waterslides for fun in the water. There are also traditional rides for people of all ages. There is also an on-site restaurant for grabbing a bite to eat at reasonable prices.

Happy Valley

3. Happy Valley, Beijing, China

When you're visiting Beijing, one of the most popular warm-weather attractions is the Happy alley Beijing amusement park. It first opened in July of 2006 as the second park in a chain of Happy Valley themes. The most popular attractions in the park are the Golden Wings in Snow Field, Crystal Wing, and Jungle Racing. The water park is designed for people of all ages.

Worlds of Wonder

2. Worlds of Wonder Water Park, Noida, India

The Worlds of Wonder water park is an amusement-themed water park not far from Delhi. This is a popular amusement park that offers fun for families and people of all ages. The waterpark offers a variety of different waterslides and pools for cooling off during the summertime heat. There are also 20 different rides for fun and entertainment with divided zones for families and kids, and a teen zone called The Roadshow. Plan on spending at least 2 to 3 hours there to see all of the attractions. There are also a few great places to eat on site.

Aqua Jungle

1. Aqua Jungle Water Park & Resort, Latifpur, India

The Aqua Jungle Water Park & Resort has attractions that appeal to people of all ages and abilities. It's designed with a variety of pools and slides for cooling off while having fun. When you've had your fill of water activities there is an amazing restaurant on the site. The food is highly rated. It's ideal for families who are on vacation to spend the entire day for a recreational and cool experience. The Aqua Jungle Water Park & Resort offers a lot of luxury amenities for its guests.

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