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What Differentiates the BMW Steering Wheel from other Cars?

BMW Steering Wheel

What Differentiates the BMW Steering Wheel from other Cars?

According to BMWblog, steering wheels are one of the most vital parts of all automobiles as well as being the one that is interacted with the most, But, for some reason, it also tends to be one of the least mentioned. In fact, besides the pedals, there’s literally no other feature inside your car that you interact with more.

Your steering wheel is something that you should have your hands on the entire time that you're driving. So, that means that you really need it to be the proper size and for it to feel nice in your hands. In addition, it's crucial that it look great. too. After all, it's literally staring you in the face whenever you're driving. Right? And, nobody wants to be stuck looking at an ugly steering wheel.

Now, BMWs have usually been equipped with some nice-looking steering wheels. Mostly they’re nothing too over-the-top, but are generally functional, simple, and nice-feeling in your hands. They're usually black, too, no matter what color your interior is. So let's take a quick look at the best of the best when it comes to those Bavarian steering wheels, starting with:

The BMW E30 M3

The BMW E30 M3-

The E30 M3 steering wheel is actually as plain as steering wheels can get. That's also why it looks so great. No fuss, just the right size and shape. It's also made of really attractive materials, making it basically perfect. And, it has three spokes for giving it a sporty look. All in all, this steering wheel represents both simplicity and harmony, albeit somewhat boring to some.

BMW i3

BMW i3

The BMW i3 steering wheel has actually been taking some heat lately with its two-spoke design, which appears to be quite unthreatening. That aside, however, it does instill a feeling of pure relaxation instead of aggression. It happens to perfectly fit the i3's calm interior perfectly. And, the blue trim on its rim and all around the Roundel, makes it look great while also reminding you that that the BMW i3 is truly something special. Let's face it, if a steering wheel reminds you that you’re driving something special, then obviously it’s doing its job perfectly. So, in spite of the fact that it might not look quite as sporty as the steering wheel of an M3, for example, it fits the i3 beautifully.


BMW Z4 steering wheel

This is one of the few BMWs that offers a Bespoke steering wheel. It's not featured in any other models in the U.S., which is too bad since it happens to be one of the nicest-looking steering wheels to ever have worn a roundel of blue and white. And, the way that those three spokes stem out from its center just serve to make it look even more edgy and aggressive. In addition, the steering wheel on the BMW Z4 has large thumb bolsters for better grip and hard driving. The Z4 is an amazing car for driving and its only fitting that its steering wheel looks exceptionally cool with its aluminum shift paddles.

BMW i8

BMW i8

With a special look that's quite similar to the i3, the steering wheel in the i8 has the look of a modern-day supercar. Although still elegant and simple, like all of the BMW steering wheels, there seems to be just a little bit more to it. Maybe it's the blue trim that's similar to that of the i3, or perhaps it's the overall design that's slightly funky. The bottom line is that the i8’s steering wheel just seems to look right. However, the fact is that It also feels really good in your hands plus it's the perfect size. When you purchase anything that's as different and special as the i8, you just naturally want every aspect of it it to match and that goes double for that one part that you're touching the most. And, the i8’s steering wheel gives it that necessary specialness.

All Current BMW M Models

All of them have more or less the same steering wheel with the three-spoke design that really looks fantastic. The rim is thick and chunky with superior bolstering. And, everyone loves the bottom spoke's silver lining as well as the way the circular horn is sticking up slightly higher than the thin side spokes. All in all, this ia a steering wheel that's simple but sporty, making you want to just grab hold of it and take on some wicked corners. It’s the perfect size and feels great in your hands, making it the perfect fit for the sports car that it controls. Last but not least, it looks cool with the carbon fiber paddle shifters that flank it. In the eyes of many BMW fans, this is the one steering wheel that's the very best from Bavaria.

Precise Feedback

According to BimmerForums, there aren't many cars that can match the BMW solid steering feel that's only available in this Bavarian make of car. The fact is that the majority of other automakers are simply using a variation of power-assisted rack-and-pinion systems, however, it would appear that only BMW can get it just right. It's perfect because it can transmit the right road sensations right back at you, giving you precise feedback.

How Good BMW Steering Can Feel

So, what is it that the BMW engineers know that all of their competitors simply don't when it comes to their steering wheels? It could have something to do with mounting the steering rack directly onto the subframe, making the car's steering feel more responsive and direct. And, let's face it, other cars don't feel quite the same after you've driven a BMW. Their steering wheels are as close to perfect as they can be. So, it makes you wonder why other automakers can't seem to get it right. Well, either BMW engineers are automotive geniuses or BMW's competitors just don't care that much about having BMW-level steering. But then again, the average driver probably doesn't even realize exactly how good BMW steering can feel!

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