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The Boeing Dreamliner: An Apartment That Can Fly


Just about everyone dreams of living in luxury and traveling the world. Even for the well-off, these two often must be balanced. Making sacrifices at home can allow a person to see a new part of the world. For the very wealthy, luxury living and travel can both be had at the same time.

The Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) 787 Dreamliner is a private jet which offers such incredible luxury, it is easy to mistake it for a high-end apartment. The difference being, of course, that the BBJ Dreamliner 787 can fly around the world. It has an incredible range range of about 9000 miles with 20% better fuel efficiency than the 767. Before anyone gets their hopes up, it should be stated that this aircraft runs a base price tag of $240 million, with custom upgrades bringing the total well over $300 million.

This is not the small, compact vehicle that comes to mind when thinking of private jets. With 2400 square feet, and spacious accommodations for 40 people, this is a new breed of private jet. In fact, this jet is converted from the Boeing 787 commercial planet, a plane which usually has a capacity of 242-335, depending on the variation. This extra room is wisely used in the private jet, providing all the comfort of one’s own home.

Here are some of the features that make the Dreamliner not just a private jet, but a luxury apartment in the skies.

It feels like home, not a vehicle.


Seeing pictures online of the BBJ Dreamliner 787 can make it hard to believe that it is a private jet, not an apartment. The interior was designed by Pierrejean Design Studios, and is focused on both luxury and style. The entrance leads to a meticulously designed hallway, with walls that resemble gentle waves guiding you further in.

When reaching the lounge, the soft earthtones and lack of dividers will create a sense of openness and comfort. Throughout the jet, only gorgeous materials are used for décor, such as marble and hardwood.

All of the furniture is set out in a contemporary design that is clean but not cold. It truly looks as though an interior designer created an open concept design for a high-end apartment. Most importantly, there are no jarring or unattractive knobs and controls for lighting, comfort, or entertainment. Instead, touch screens and mobile devices allow passengers to customize the comfort of their rooms.

With a warm, inviting, and spacious design, walking into a BBJ Dreamliner 787 feels more like coming home than boarding a plane. There are no controls jutting out to remind people that they are in the air; everything is as it would be in an upscale apartment.

Where can I relax with friends and family?


The biggest difference between being at home and being on an airplane is the lack of freedom. On an airplane, you are generally relegated to your seat or the bathroom. However, on this jet, there is a lounge for spending time with friends and family.

The lounge is defined by its spaciousness. It has high ceilings and it is only divided by different colors of furniture; there are no actual divisions when walking through. It features twin sofas at the front, which can conveniently be slid together (electronically) to form a bed. At this end there are also individual seats on either side, and a 55-inch flat screen.

At the rear of the lounge are long couches with coffee tables in front of each. These tables can be used as dinner tables by raising them up. There are also 47-inch screens at this end. For food and drink, the lounge comes with a buffet table and bar.

Most airplanes offer comfort as an added benefit while the true purpose is travel. This jet places comfort front-and-center, with a spacious lounge area featuring televisions, couches, coffee and dinner tables, and a buffet table. Not only is it far superior to most planes, it is superior to most apartments as well.

What if I’m getting tired?


Sleeping on an airplane can leave you sore and yearning for the comfort of your own bed. It can also be loud and difficult to fall asleep. On the BBJ Dreamliner 787, however, this is not an issue.

The separated master bedroom on the plane contains a California king-size bed. The room itself is spacious, with a separate dressing area and bathroom. Perhaps best of all: this room is soundproofed down to 48 decibels. This means that being thousands of feet in the air, with up to 39 other people on the same plane, will sound no different than your own bedroom (or possibly quieter).

The dressing area has room for clothing, plus a fridge, freezer, and safe. There is also a 42-inch television in this room. It is an incredible room that feels more like a luxury hotel than an airplane.

Where do the guests stay?


There are many more beds for friends and family. Just beyond the lounge is another area for sitting and sleeping. There are 18 seats that recline fully into beds. These seats are essentially first-class seats, which means that they are exceptionally comfortable.

If there are even more passengers, there is an extra staff section with 6 more reclining seats in the rear. These are often used for the staff of the wealthy owners of the jets.

This means that the plane is equipped with what are essentially two large, comfortable guest rooms. They are able to comfortably handle 24 combined passengers.

Are the bathrooms like any other airplane’s?


Airplane bathrooms are often cramped and designed as a bare-bones resource. Naturally, this would not be the case in your own apartment. Luckily, this luxury private jet is more like an apartment than a commercial airplane.

The master bathroom is exceptionally well designed. Its marble floor is heated, and it has two sinks to make it easy for couples. There is also a large shower included. There is a bathroom at the rear of the lounge as well, which features a large marble vanity. In total, there are 5 bathrooms on the plane. As with the rest of the jet, every bathroom is designed to meet the highest standards of comfort and style.


The BBJ 787 Dreamliner is a private airplane that feels like a luxury apartment. With a master bedroom and bathroom, guest rooms that accommodate up to 24, a spacious lounge area, included Wi-Fi, and a contemporary design that is warm and welcoming, it is an experience like no other.

Built to fly over 9000 miles in one shot, the jet is also very fuel efficient. It is worth upwards of $300 million, making it an asset only billionaires like Michael Dell will be likely to purchase. For just about everyone else, flying in this airborne palace is just a dream.

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