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Which Boston Whaler Super Sport Model is Right for You?

Boston Whaler Super Sport

The Boston Whaler Super Sport has been a popular choice among boaters who enjoy sport fishing, water sports, and a variety of other water activities. Its a member of the "unsinkable" legend of Boston Whaler. If you're searching for a Super Sport model but you're not quite sure yet which would be the best choice, we've prepared a guide to offer tips for how to go about determining your needs, and matching them with the most appropriate model and model year of the Super Sport.

Determine your personal needs

One of the first things to consider is the size of the boat that will best suit your needs. How many passengers do you plan to have on board at one time? The next consideration is the intended purpose. While most Boston Whalers are versatile for multiple different uses, some are better for specific types of activities. For example, do you intend to do some river fishing or do you plan to go offshore for deep sea fishing? These are the factors that can help you to choose the most appropriate size and configuration.


Are you working with a budget? If so, you may want to consider purchasing a Super Sport that is used, but still in excellent condition. Although Boston Whalers tend to retain a high value with minimal depreciation over time, you can still find some great deals to lower the overall cost of ownership.

Boston Whaler Super Sport Models

There are 4 Boston Whaler Super Sport Models, both new and used, to choose from. Some of the models have enjoyed extended production runs with others cut a bit shorter, but all contain the high quality ruggedness and durability that Boston Whaler is known for. Each has similarities but differences in size, weight capacity and occupancy. We offer an overview to help you decide which most closely meets your requirements.

Boston Whaler 130 Super Sport

This model was first launched in 2009 and it measures 13 ft 3 inches in length. The passenger capacity is four persons. Features include an easy to clean and maintain scuppered deck for fast draining of moisture, with long safety rails at the bow and cockpit. The rails are made of stainless steel for exceptional durability. This is a smaller boat that is ideal for river or lake fishing. It's good for cruising with small parties and for water sports including water skiing or water boarding. This is the ideal boat for a small family. You can find this model in new or used condition.

Boston Whaler 150 Super Sport

The 150 Super Sport made its first appearance as a 2009 model year through 2018. The length of the boat is 15 ft 4 inches and it has a passenger capacity of 4 and it's rated to go further out into ocean waters than the smaller 130. The design provides greater stabilization for rough waters with quicker planning. The newer editions of the 150 are made to ride more smoothly than the older versions and all have ample room for storing gear and sporting equipment. The new options included with the 150 made to order include a pelican box, tow arch, ski tow, live well, fishing seats, bow tow eye, bow seating cushion and bucket sport seating. The boat is intended for bay use rather than rivers or offshore cruises. You can find this model listed by dealers and private parties as a pre-owned boat.

Boston Whaler 160 Super Sport

The 160 measures 16 ft 2 inches in length with a passenger capacity of 6. This is a more recent model and the newer ones feature a redesigned keel, with deluxe luxury accommodations and a spacious layout. It's a stylish boat and you can customize it with additional seating options, an optional ski tow package and more. It's ideal for a family of 6 or less for cruising, sports fishing, or water sports.This production model just keeps getting better with more innovations and creature comforts with each new model year. It is available as a used or new boat.

Boston Whaler 170 Super Sport

The Super Sport was first released in 2011 and recently went out of production. This boat is 17 feet in length and is more suitable for longer ventures offshore. It has a capacity to hold up to 6 passengers and is suitable for use as a fishing boat, cruising the bay, or family water sports. It has more available space than the 160 with every inch of space used to advantage. You can find this boat for sale from a variety of private parties and dealers in used condition.

Tips for buying used

If you decide to purchase a use Boston Whaler Super Sport, there are a few things to keep in mind. Always perform an inspection of the vessel before you agree to buy. Although Boston Whalers are durable and sturdy, it's good to walk through and look around. Keep an eye out for any signs of wear and tear in the seating and furniture. Look for rust in the metal components, and check for dry rot in the wooden areas. It's good to ask how the boat has been stored when not in use, and to ask about any accidents, or repairs that have been made. Finally, inquire about the maintenance record and if there are any known issues. A thorough assessment of the condition of the components including the hull, the engine, and the electronics will let you know if the boat is a good deal or if you should pass and keep looking.


Finding the right Boston Whaler Super Sport can take a bit of thought and planning. It's best to look ahead a few years and plan for your current needs and to also estimate if these are likely to change within a few years. Boston Whalers hold up very well through the passage of time with the proper maintenance and care. These are among the sportiest and most nimble craft of the Boston Whaler fleet. They are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, depending upon the size of course. Choose a size that will safely accommodate the entire family for years of fun on the water.

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