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Why You Should Know Your Breitling Serial Number


As the owner of a Breitling watch, congratulations on owning a luxury watch from a celebrated watchmaker. Every Breitling timepiece made by the brand is a precision timepiece made of high-quality materials with meticulous workmanship. It's a luxury brand that provides a special code for each watch that is issued. It's a good idea to know your Breitling serial number for many reasons. This number is important for several reasons. Here is an overview of the purpose of the serial number, how to find it, and why you should know the number of each Breitling watch you own.

What is a Breitling serial number?

Millenary Watches offers an important perspective on Breitling serial numbers and an explanation of what they are and how they work. Each individual watch that is produced by this brand has a number that is exclusive to the timepiece. You can think of it as an identification number. The number is laid out in a unique system that provides vital information about the series that the watch belongs to with details that verify the authenticity as well as tracking its manufacture and its sale. Here are a few more facts about your Breitling serial number that you should be aware of.

Where can you find the serial number?

Breitling is a company that has been in business since the late 1800s era, and through time, the placement of the serial number has changed from one model to another. While most often, the serial number has been engraved in the case back, it has also appeared in a few other places. Some models feature a serial number behind the bracelet in between the lugs.

The evolution of the Breitling serial number

Before 1979, the serial number that Breitling used to identify each watch consisted of either 6 or 7 digits. After 1979, Breitling's serial numbers changed to a system comprised of either 6 or 8 characters in the serial number and each begins with a letter character. Older Breitling watches can be dated with the serial number engraved on the watch, but later models are not as easily dated, however, the Breitling company can help to provide you with the date for the newer watches if you have the serial number.

How can you date your Breitling watch?

The production dates for Breitling watches consist of a four-digit number for more recent models, but older watches do not contain the date. For newer watches, the date is usually between the lower lugs on the case. It is necessary to remove the strap to read the date. You can have this done by a qualified jeweler. For older watches, you can refer to the serial number to find the production date, or contact Breitling for assistance.

Authenticity verification and the purpose of the serial number

The website 189 explains the purpose of the Breitling serial number. This number tracks the watch from its initial sale through its lifespan. The serial number is one of the best ways to verify that a Breitling watch is authentic. All Breitling watches have a serial number. If you come across a Breitling timepiece that is for sale, and it does not have this number, the chances are that it is a fake. When a new Breitling watch is purchased, documentation that includes the serial number. The number serves as proof that the Breitling is an authentic piece.

Can fake watches have a serial number?

Some counterfeiters provide a serial number to make a fake Breitling watch look like it is authentic, but most don't. Those that do have the numbers can be checked out through Breitling to confirm that the timepiece is real. One of the reasons why it is vital to obtain documentation on any Breitling watch that you purchase, either new or in pre-owned condition. It is easy to be duped by a meticulous counterfeiter, but you can conduct an internet search to verify the authenticity of the number given.

There are also Breitling consumer forums on the web to point out Breitling numbers used to attempt to pass off fake versions as the real thing. You can take your Breitling to a jeweler for appraisal or call the manufacturer if you suspect that your Breitling is not authentic. If you're considering the purchase of Breitling watch, but the seller does not have the documentation that originally came with the Breitling, it's a good idea to call the company with the serial number to confirm that it is real before you buy.


The Breitling serial number is one that you should learn, or at least become familiar with. The serial number is the primary means for confirming the authenticity, date, and other facts about each Breitling watch. The serial number should either be engraved on the case back or in between the lugs. It should also match the serial number listed on the certificate of authenticity that accompanies each new Breitling watch. If you purchase a used Breitling, the owner should provide the appropriate documentation to go with the

Breiting so you can compare it with the serial number engraved on the timepiece. While most of us disregard this number, it's importance becomes realized the moment that you need it. The serial number can help you to sell a Breitling watch as the genuine article, and if there is not a serial number present, you may not be able to make the sale with a savvy watch collector. The serial number lets you track the watch from its original release to the present in many cases. If you're the owner of a Breitling watch, it's a good idea to take a long look at your watch to make sure that you can prove that it is real versus a fake.

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