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20 Things You Didn't Know about BrowserStack

Browserstack started in a coffee shop in 2011 to address a single issue: testing websites on different browsers leading to BrowserStack's first version, which allowed developers to test their websites on Internet Explorer 11. The number of clients has increased to more than 50,000 across 135 countries, with over four million developers signing up. The developer-first approach to building world-class products hasn't changed, allowing the company to grow. BrowserStack, a mobile and browser testing platform, was founded in 2011 by IIT Bombay classmates Ritesh Arora and Nakul Aggarwal. It is their fourth venture, and it also happens to be their first one to be successful. In 2018, after seven years in operation, the company received $50 million in Series A funding from Accel Partners, which took a minority equity stake. As of today, the company powers more than 2 million tests per day on average. A list of its more than 25,000 clients includes Microsoft, Twitter, Barclays, and Expedia. These are 20 facts you may not know about BrowserStack.

1. Key integration

One of the most crucial components of the quality assurance system is the bug filing process. Clients from both platforms can benefit from Browser Stack's complete implementation with Jira Software, allowing people to share the workflow with all platforms without changing applications. By decreasing the time it takes to file a bug report to three, productivity increases while usability increases. Additionally, the conclusions are transparent, and the team member can see the information, even if they are working from different locations.

2. At a premium

According to the company, according to, BrowserStack raised $200 million in Series B funding. This round was led by BOND, a company founded by Mary Meeker and known for its investments in companies such as Facebook, Pinterest, Airbnb, and Instacart. As a result, they are the most valuable SaaS company in India. They intend to use the funds to expand their product offerings and expand the scope of their operations.

3. Overcoming challenges

One thing that BrowserStack recognizes is that to remain competitive; it will implement more DevOps testing. Additionally, they have observed a large number of businesses failing in this area. Therefore, a primary goal is to make software testing easier for developers, allowing them to ship bug-free software to internet users worldwide.

4. Foundations

Since its inception, Browserstack has had a more broad focus on its products and solutions. The company recognizes how important the internet is to people's personal and professional lives with each new development. They want to ensure that they continue to empower those who rely on the internet for their personal and professional lives. According to, the company's vision is "becoming the testing infrastructure of the internet."

5. New addition

Browserstack acquired Percy on July 9, 2020, for an undisclosed sum. Companies as large as Canva and Shopify rely on this technology to deliver flawless user interfaces with each new release. Customers can use this technology to assist them in capturing screenshots to compare against a baseline. The integration was to use these together without entering any additional credentials. Everything that Browserstack does is centered on serving as the backbone for testing applications on the internet, and this move was just another piece of that puzzle. The acquisition of Percy resulted in the addition of automated visual testing for application development.

6. Empowering its customers

Summer of learning, a 5-part webinar series from Browserstack, is being offered to help customers who use their products build a stronger foundation for success. Their knowledge of the market's competitiveness and the characteristics that customers seek when deciding which platform to use is invaluable to their success. Scalability, cross-browser compatibility, and upkeep are some of the considerations to keep in mind. With each new feature, Browserstack strives to establish itself as the preferred option. It is anticipated that this seminar will be jam-packed with speakers who will delve into the issues that its consumers require answers to; Browsersttack will use the information gained from this seminar to help improve its product.

7. Exceeding standards

Web standards such as CSS and HTML have made developing a wide range of applications more accessible, but support for these standards is inconsistent. As a result, even if these sites are tested, the results will be skewed. Browserstack is a product that fills a need for software testers by providing consistent results quickly and efficiently. The platform eliminates the need for guesswork by allowing all web applications to be tested on various operating systems using a single user interface across multiple platforms. According to, Browserstack has a virtual interactive environment built into the browser alongside a virtual machine to test all applications in real-time.

8. See it

In December 2020, Browserstack revamped its Percy platform. While working on the project, the software designers had many features they wanted to achieve. One of the main focuses was for customers to have speedier reviews. They were also focused on always having the project's needs at the forefront of Browstock clientele's work. Another problem was that they wanted to streamline the product so that they could attain better focus. After doing this, the platform was more efficient.

9. Time to Test

Unfortunately, there is almost no chance of someone returning to a website if they notice many mistakes. Browserstack also understands that there are numerous components in an excellent product to allow testers to accurately find all the bugs in a site and make it user-friendly. One critical thing is working towards a system that will enable Q.A. teams to find bugs actively instead of a platform for all customer support teams. They've seen many issues because the bug report can not be duplicated across different platforms from a Q.A. to a support representative; the problem may go unresolved without replication. The Browserstack live solution is a cloud-based tool to fix the disconnect between teams finding and eliminating bugs.

10. Pull yourself up

According to, Browserstack was nominated the Bootstrap Champ by the Economic Times. As the nominee, they were honored for their relentless drive toward success and working towards its vision. Browserstack started extremely small and was a self-funded venture, but they took each learning experience to turn itself into a unicorn company. They remain committed to its mission; customers first.

11. Forbes

In 2018, Browsertstck won two different awards, each honoring the company's drive to dominate the technology market. Although these are other achievements in an already successful company, they showed humility by saying their customers are the real winners. The first award was the Forbes Cloud 100, which ranks the top 100 private cloud companies. This award is three years old, developed by Bessemer Venture Partners and Salesforce ensures. 34 CEO judges from cloud-based companies determine the recipients.

12. One more award

The second award in 2018 was LinkedIn's 25 most attractive startups in India. After the 50 million dollar series A funding, the company gained recognition, the largest in India's tech company history. Although the company was founded in India, the company is now global, with offices in SanFrancisco, and Dublin. Browserstack has large corporate customers as some of its clients, including Disney, Tesco, and Facebook.

13. COVID commitment

Even though the pandemic has slowed down a lot of companies, Browserstack is not one. They have made many shifts to ensure safety, such as transitioning to working from home in Mumbai, SanFrancisioc, and Dublin. However, it's not just the employees they are keeping safe. Many of the safety measures they have put into place ensure that companies relying on their online presence during the pandemic can keep this presence error-free and continually find and report bugs. Additionally, with Browserstacks, data centers are built with multiple redundancies for zero disruption.

14. Corporate coffee shop

According to, Browserstack didn't start as a global business. It didn't even start with an office. Instead, CEO Ritesh and CTO Nakul brainstormed and created the early concept for this business, wanting to assist developers test and debug their websites. Then, thanks to internet buzz from some friends, they worked at a local coffee show in Mumbai, even rising to 1 million dollars in profit after the first year.

15. New ideas

Co-founders Ritesh Arora and Nakul Aggarwal describe themselves as "serial entrepreneurs," according to the website. The company Browsersack is the latest in a series of companies they've created. The first company was QuarkRank which was one of the first AI-powered sentiment engines. Quarkbase was in the top 10000 websites for traffic when created. They created Browserstack while working with Downcase, a consulting company. While expanding the business, they noticed an inability to test the site for usability on multiple platforms. To fix this, they built the original platform for Browserstack.

16. Always with a mission

On July 1rst, 2020, Browserstack introduced Cypress becoming the first company to have a cloud platform that uses this right out of the box. Cypress is a Java-based automated test that's the go-to of millions of developers and site testers. The addition of this feature allows the program to be run in the background to eliminate constant updates. Additionally, existing Cypress tests are configured to run in more than thirty Chrome, Edge, and Firefox versions.

17. Need for speed

Browserstack introduced SpeedLab on June 10, 2020. This addition allows front-end users to identify any specific issues that are slowing their websites down. It's estimated that almost ten thousand devices ship each year with multiple browsers that users can pick, creating tremendous challenges for the developers. One of the things they noticed is that the CPU plays a significant role in its usability. Having Speedlab as part of Browserstacks platforms adds another feature that helps developers test websites, making them more accessible for users.

18. Research pays off

One of the things co-founder Ritesh did before beginning his ambitious journey was to study extensively. He read through all the information on machine learning and A.I., seeing what was working and what could be improved. As he looked through the data, a plan began to emerge, and when he started talking to his college roommate, now co-founder and they started their first company.

19. Enterprising

According to VentureBeat, Browserstack doesn't just support developers; they also support the enterprise side. They have multiple tools in place, including single sign-on support user authentification, network controls with data governance. Each additional feature that allows for complete automation is software testing. Additionally, it provides better access to metrics.

20. Do things better

Unfortunately, software programs have issues. The best thing is to be able to catch them quickly. One of the things Browserstack does is to work with some of the most often used products in the tech industry and make sure that its products are fully integrated with other software. In 2019, they added some of those products. Slack is one that many people are now familiar with; Browserstack users will be notified each time there is a failure. Additionally, consumers will receive build summaries complete with the test name. Microsoft App Center builds now have the ability to be tested on Browserstack. Additionally, Browserstack pairs with React Developer Tools which are extensions in every desktop browser.


There are always better solutions to existing problems; it's only a matter of examining the data and finding the best way to proceed. Ritesh Arora didn't start college thinking about being an entrepreneur, and he saw an opportunity to solve a problem and created a billion-dollar company. Startup companies often happen, but it's the standouts like BrowserStack that make you pause and consider what they are doing right. This company has been relentless in its pursuit of excellent developer support. They have the inside track being developers themselves. This inside look helped them fund the biggest unicorn in India's tech history and one that is constantly expanding to new markets.

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