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20 Things You Didn't Know about Pyramid Analytics


The most important commodity today is data. But just what is data? Data can be seen as information gathered in order to support the decisions made by an organization. However, in today's competitive, high-tech world, occupations have become so specialized that even employees in the same organization can't understand what their co-workers do. In terms of data gathering and utilization, this inability to understand data can have harmful effects on the strategy and decision making process within the company. In other words, if business leaders can't grasp the implication data has in the decision making process, the profits will go to companies who do have leaders and strategists who understand how to integrate that knowledge within their company. Enter Pyramid Analytics. With Pyramid's Decision Intelligence Platform software, even those who have zero aptitude for data wrangling will be able to understand how to use data to make informed business decisions.

20 Things You Didn't Know about Pyramid Analytics

Whether you operate a dog grooming salon or a banking institution, data is the driving force behind your success. Data keeps you informed of everything from new trends to the best profit making strategies. Pyramid Analytics is a world-wide leader in business analytics, making data available to all in the corporation. After all, it's data that will transform your business as it enables you to make the best decisions. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Pyramid Analytics has offices throughout the world, ready to help businesses evolve into data-driven enterprises via its Decision Intelligence Platform

1. Pyramid Analytics Receives Dresner Excellence Award

In July 2021, Pyramid Analytics received the 2021 Industry Excellence Award. The Provider of the Award was Dresner Advisory Services, a data research organization. The award given by Dresner Advisory Services was the result of Pyramid Analytic's ratings in the 2021 Wisdom of Crowds Self-Service Business Intelligence Market Study. The Industry Excellence Award honors Pyramid Analytics by singling out their history of customer satisfaction and vendor integrity, among other things.

2. Pyramid Analytics Secured $120 Million in Funding

In the world of big business, data is worth its weight in gold. For instance, in 2021 Alphabet made over $250 billion, most of which was driven by ads. By obtaining consumer data, companies like Alphabet are able to place ads targeted to their users. This is precisely why Pyramid Analytics scored $20 million over their original goal of $100 million: They excel at what they do with regards to data wrangling. Consumer data is a hot commodity, one that doesn't look like it's about to cool down any time soon.

3. Pyramid Analytics Receives Honors from CRN's Big Data 100, 2022

2022 was the year that Pyramid Analytics was named as one of CRN's Big Data's 100 Coolest Business Analytics Companies. There is an art to gathering data and no one knows that better than the folks at Pyramid Analytics. They've mastered this art by combining all the necessary components together into one, easy to use platform which is guided by AI. What you get is a crisp, streamlined way to give access to those who need data for their decision making process. Indeed, today's companies are in desperate need for data collection in order to succeed as big data has been proven to help lower business costs while raising their profits.

4. Pyramid Analytics Joins Amazon Web Services to Accelerate Program

In April 2022 Pyramid Analytics Joined Amazon Web Services Independent Software Vendors Program. The aforementioned program lets Amazon Web Services and Pyramid Analytics to work together when it comes to providing customers with whatever resource they require when it comes to speeding up the acceptance of the Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform on a world-wide basis. These resources include but are not limited to first come, first served access to Amazon Web Services customers.

5. Pyramid Analytics Has Been a Member of Amazon Web Services Since 2019

Amazon Web Services, or AWS is a dynamic cloud computing service provided by its parent company, Amazon. Pay-as-you-go services offered provide customers with the tools needed to remain competitive, such as increased data storage, content delivery and computing power. Clients are not selected as to type, but can include anything from private organizations, government organizations, for profit and non-profit groups as well as school systems.

6. Pyramid Analytical and Delaware Team Up to Speak at UKISUG Analytics Symposium

Pyramid Analytics and Delaware worked together on a presentation concerning how to choose the right analytics tools for your enterprise platform. An enterprise platform refers to the tools and technologies which form a foundation from where necessary applications are created. The presentation was held on April 5, 2022 and worked to explain how analytic and business intelligence, or ABI, can be integrated successfully into enterprise platforms. Speakers included Ian MacDonald of Pyramid Analytics and Chris Houlder of Delaware.

7. Pyramid Analytics Took the Lead in a Group of 20 Companies for the Augmented Analytics Use Cases

Augmented analytics use cases refer to augmented analytics in action. According to Gartner, Pyramid Analytics came in ahead of the pack in the 2022 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms report. This report is highly regarded in big data circles and represents a way for businesses to find the best solution for their particular needs.

8. The Pyramid Analytics Platform was Created to be Easy to Use

Let's face it, not everyone in business can grasp business analytics, nor should they have to. Pyramid understands this, which lead them to create a platform which would be easy to use. In fact, according to J. Steenkamp, "People don't need three days of training with other BI products If you work in Excel, you can use Pyramid, that's the bottom line."

9. In 2021 Pyramid Analytics Launched Their eLearning Environment.

As previously stated, Pyramid makes great efforts when it comes to developing a platform that most can use with ease. Their eLearning Environment was launched in 2021 enforces that belief. The learning hub is meant to make sure that anyone in your business can get a good grasp of their Decision Intelligence Platform in a friendly, stress free environment. Even if there are those in your organization who will never use it while on the job, it's good for them to become familiar with how the platform functions, as well as the lingo.

10. Pyramid Analytics Bases All New Versions of Their Platform on Consumer Feedback

There's no ego here at Pyramid Analytics. They put the user first when coming up with new versions of their platform. Since 2017 Pyramid sought to build a platform which could be forever useful while being customer friendly. Pyramid's customers trust their products because of the intense effort Pyramid has put into building a relationship with them, providing them with a top quality product and never leaving them hanging.

11. Pyramid Analytics Scores High with Gartner Peer Insights

We've already established how highly Gartner regards Pyramid Analytics, but what about their customers? On Gartner Peer Insights, Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform received 4.5 stars out of a possible 5, from a pool of 116 peer reviews. One reviewer summed Pyramid's products and services up nicely, stating that the Pyramid platform is easy to use, intuitive, as well as offering their customers the support they require.

12. Pyramid Analytics Joins Profit Software

Profit Software is an indie software company that will join with Pyramid Analytics in order to sell its Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform to banking and insurance institutions in Scandinavia. Profit Software will not only act as a vendor for Pyramid's products, but offer tech support as well. As Profit Software has around 30 years of experience in the Nordic financial sector, they're the perfect company for Pyramid Analytics to deal with when it comes to meeting the needs and business challenges in Scandinavian countries.

13. Pyramid Analytics Scores a Grand Total of Three Technology Innovation Awards from Dresner Advisory Services

Pyramid Analytics announced it scored three Technology Innovation Awards from Dresner Advisory Services for 2020. “Once again, we are happy to share the news of our Technology Innovation Awards,” said Omri Kohl, Pyramid Analytics co-founder and CEO. “As companies continue to navigate a complicated and ever-changing world, our customers can trust us to deliver a full-featured platform that supports informed, secure, and reliable data-driven decisions.” The three categories included Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study, Data Preparation Market Study and Self-Service BI Market Study.

14. Pyramid Analytics Partners with Exasol

Pyramid Analytics Partners with Exasol. Exasol has developed an analytics database that's made to be the fastest available. This partnership is intended to enhance user experience, allowing them more control of their data. Exasol scores big with its customers in the areas of query and price performance, automatic query tuning, multi-cloud performance, user concurrency and more. They developed a system whereby data is more important than the database itself, which translates into a more user-friendly product than its competitors, thus the perfect partner for Pyramid Analytics.

15. CEO of Pyramid Analytics Omri Kohl's Leadership Qualities are Heavily Influenced by Nelson Mandela

Omri Kohl's history speaks for itself. The CEO of Pyramid Analytics believes that leading by example out distances using force. Omri's main influence when it comes to his leadership role in Pyramid is Nelson Mandela, a charismatic man who embraced risk as well as compassion. According to Omri, “Don’t fear to acknowledge challenges, face them, learn from them, and improve because of them every day. Make a list of your leadership goals and needs and set up objectives to achieve them. Break things down methodically and rationally, don’t let emotions get in your way.”

16. Pyramid Analytics Encourages the Concept of Data Storytelling

According to the National Center for Education Statistics or NCES, the U.S. was number 21 out of 23 countries when it came to problem solving skills and interpretation of data.. In the competitive world of big business, this means that those working in companies which rely heavily on data, have employees that have a hard time interpreting data. In other words, when you consider that data tells a story, yet there are those in the organization that have no idea how to interpret the 'story', that very fact can hinder potential company growth. Pyramid Analytics understands this, which is why their platform is valuable: It's based on the concept of ease of use for their customers, so anyone in the organization can interpret the data they need.

17. In 2017 Pyramid Analytics was Named a Finalist for the SIIA Business Technology CODiE awards for Best Business Intelligence Tools and Platform Category

The SIIA CODiE Awards are considered by many in the software business the cream of the crop when it comes to honors bestowed. For well over 30 years, the SIIA CODiE Awards have singled out the best of the best in the software industry. The CODiE Awards have 93 categories, with two professional judges carefully reviewing each nominated product. Pyramid Analytics views being named as a finalist in the CODiE awards not only an honor, but as reinforcement with regards to how much their business intelligence products assist and influence those who rely heavily on big data for success.

18. The Concept of "Decision Intelligence" is a Necessary Force in Today's Competitive Business World

Pyramid Analytics was established in 2009 and has since been a trailblazer in the field of decision intelligence. First, data means nothing if business leaders responsible for making decisions can't interpret it. Decision intelligence changes all that. Pyramid Analytics Decision Intelligence Platform utilizes advanced AI to streamline incoming data, creating a system that can be understood by all. In other words, decision intelligence ties various data wrangling processes together into a user-friendly package designed to assist business leaders and strategists to make the best decisions possible. Pyramid Analytics ensures that data no longer belongs to tech specialists, but can be used throughout all the departments that require data to assist in making decisions.

19. Pyramid Analytics Believes That the Future of Data is Augmented Analytics

Augmented Analytics refers to tools that help your business identify useful data and how that data will help your business. These tools can take a huge chunk of data and turn it into something a bit more manageable and streamlined. Business leaders like Pyramid's Omri Kohl, have come to the consensus that the future of data is augmented analytics. Augmented analytics speeds up the data prep process and allows actionable insights to be easily used by business leaders and anyone in the company that requires access to them. In other words, data by itself is useless unless it's combined with business context, thus helping the business get the best possible outcome needed for the situation.

20. How Pyramid Analytics Will Utilize Funding

Since it's inception in 2009, Pyramid Analytics has raised close to $200 million in funding, with the latest being $120 million. Big data is the most important commodity that exists today and when you're a data wrangling company like Pyramid, it's crucial that you allocate the funds properly. CEO Omri Kohl explains how he intends to use these funds on Sky News. For instance, he intends to fortify the company's successes, as well as take a bite out of the global market and work with AIPAC, Japan and China with innovation and product development always remaining at the forefront.

Final Thoughts

There's no escaping it, to be a success in the business world, one must be able to use data to its fullest potential. While an individual may be the best strategist in the company, that same person might not have an aptitude for data interpretation. That's just where Pyramid Analytics steps in. By creating a decision intelligence platform that takes business analytics, data science and prep all under one roof and guided by AI, you get a user friendly, intuitive platform that can be used by anyone in the company irregardless of their data interpretation skills. This makes for all-around better and faster decision making for all departments.

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