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10 Car Features that People Want the Most

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Everyone wants a cost-effective flying car, but since that's still a daydream (for now) and EVTOLS are still in the works, most new car shoppers have a scalable list of want-to-have items for their next vehicle. Fuel efficiency and enough headspace are excellent. However, a surprising number of people covet power front seats. Here are the top ten car features people want the most.

10. Functional, Worry-Free Self Driving

Everyone heard about the self-driving car that crashed. However, a sad setback doesn't mean this technology is over. Self-driving vehicles are a near certainty, and many people want them for show or practical reasons. It's not hard to see why people want cars that can drive without their help. Self-driving tech will increase accessibility to millions. People who are legally blind, epileptic, narcoleptic, or have other issues that interfere with safe driving will suddenly be able to have cars they could never drive before. Moreover, the tech will bring secure solutions for getting home from a night of drinking with friends and so much more.

9. Practical Electric Power

There are plenty of electric cars out there, but they also have setbacks. The lack of easy access to charging stations is a big one. However, batteries that go further, charge faster, and provide better power are coming out all the time, and there are plenty more in development. Transitioning from fossil fuels is necessary, and electric cars, eVTOLs, and other non-gas tech are the future. People want these cars, but they'd like to see prices come down and the tech improve first. Fortunately, plenty of companies are already on it, and as The Wall Street Journal points out, major manufacturers are pushing for better, solid-state batteries.

8. Park Assist

Decades of TV have taught generations that parallel parking is awful and complicated, and most people never master it. While that isn't necessarily true, it can be a challenge. With Park Assist, you don't have to worry about it. Some parking assist cars are self-steering but require the driver to use the gas and brake. However, others are capable of handling it all themselves. While this is technically a quasi-offshoot of self-driving cars, this feature is considered entirely safe and is currently available.

7. Four Wheel Drive

The four-wheel-drive is also known as 4WD or all-wheel drive, and it has been around a long time. However, it's still the superior technology. When you drive with just two wheels or one axle, your car gets less traction, which can be dangerous. By upgrading to 4WD, you are making your car safer. Naturally, anything that makes driving safer, easier, or more comfortable is high on most drivers' priority lists.

6. Lane Departure Warnings

According to My Car Does What, "Lane departure warning is designed to help you avoid crashes due to drifting or departing your lane. The system detects lane markers and alerts you when a tire touches a lane marker. The warning is usually a flashing indicator, and/or it beeps from the corresponding side." By using a camera, a car can 'see' where it is on the road by 'watching' the lane markers. For easily distracted drivers, this feature is a must-have. Plus, it's useful for anyone concerned about avoiding collisions.

5. Android Auto/Apple CarPlay

Both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are apps. However, they are only helpful if your car is capable of connecting with them through your smartphone. Using these allows you to control, mirror, and interface with your cars' heads-up display, sound system, and more. Since most people are never without their phones, using them to run GPS, tunes, or other car features is a fantastic way to stay connected while driving.

4. LED Accent Lights

LED accent lights have two purposes. Firstly, they are just really cool looking and add a unique character to any auto. Secondly, LED's are more energy-efficient, and they don't heat up like traditional bulbs. Additionally, LEDs last a long time, so they're a distinctive way to customize your car.

3. Parking Sensors

Parking Assist is cool, but not everyone wants a car that does the job for them. However, there's another way to make parking a lot easier through parking sensors. Also known as proximity sensors, these clever devices are hidden in your car's bumpers, and they do precisely what you might expect by sensing how close you are to other cars and objects. When you are backing up or pulling forward, parking sensors keep track of your proximity. If you get too close to another object, these sensors will alert you.

2. Blind Spot Monitoring

Blind Spot Monitoring is a handy tool. The downside to this tech is that it's not very reliable for spotting cyclists. However, in general, a blind spot monitoring system can still help substantially with the areas you can't see. Blind-spot monitoring is installed in your side mirrors and rear bumper. The sensors help detect things in the spots not covered by human vision or mirrors from the traditional location in the driver's seat. While it's incredible to have this type of assist, you can't rely on it to the exclusion of your own senses. At least, not yet.

1. Heated/Cooled Seats & Steering Wheel

Your car's seats and steering wheel tend to reflect the outside temperature in uncomfortable ways in summer or winter. Whether it's burning your hands in the summer heat or cold hips after a long drive in winter, there's no reason you have to be uncomfortable. Both heating and cooling are available in (some) cars steering wheels and seats. However, this feature can be hard to find even though it's the number one wish for most car shoppers.

Final Thoughts

Are you envisioning a sleek all-electric vehicle that can drive itself when you're tired and has LED accent lights, or are you more of a practical driver who wants heated seats and lane departure warnings? Whichever side you're on, the features already exist. Of course, in some cases, the tech is still a little buggy. However, parking sensors and four-wheel drive are easy to check off your list.

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