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10 Things You Didn't Know about the Carl F. Patravi ScubaTec Two-Tone Bucherer

Carl F. Patravi ScubaTec Two-Tone Bucherer

The Patravi ScubaTec is a high-end diver's watch, a flagship from Carl F. Bucherer. Currently, it's the brand's most revered timepiece, as perceived by many watch enthusiasts. However, he Patravi ScubaTec wasn't an immediate success after its first release almost a decade ago, as is the case with numerous brands that focus on exploring newer designs.Today, the watchmaker has shifted most of the marketing effort back to the West, especially in the US and Europe. There are many different variants of the Patravi ScubaTec that grab the attention of watch collectors. In this post, we review ten things you didn't know about the two-tone steel, 18k rose gold Carl F. Patravi ScubaTec timepiece.

1. Rise to Fame

When it was first released, the Patravi ScubaTec's landscape was quite different from today's. The brand was little known in the industry and less familiar to most timepiece collectors. However, since it first debuted, the Bucherer brand has risen to fame and become a household name in the US. The reason behind this is because of a few notable things that happened at the beginning. Most notably, Carl F. Bucherer's parent company acquired Tourneau, an American legacy retail chain. With a gradual transition from Tourneau to Bucherer stores, the brand's significance and power started gaining more recognition globally.

2. Presentation

According to a post by Ariel Adams featuring in 'A Blog to Watch' website, this timepiece is a diver's watch that appears more masculine in its presentation. While the Carl F. Patravi ScubaTec Two-Tone Bucherer is luxurious in architecture and features, its toy-like design is inherently playful, with striking fonts and angles. Compared to many luxury divers' watches, this timepiece is ergonomic and comfortable. The steel and 18k rose gold bracelet version is attractively polished and offers a jewelry-like appearance on a wearer's wrist.

3. Design

Carl F. Bucherer came up with a design that is quite different from most luxury diver's watches today. The hands and dial of this timepiece are unique from any other brand, and since its debut, it still holds a distinctive pattern. Such originality may probably be what took the brand a long time to rise to prominence.

4. Case

This timepiece features a 44.6mm-wide and 13.45mm thick case that has incredible 500-meter water resistance. Its lug to lug distance is 52mm, which is crucial in allowing the watch to maintain excellent wearability even for people with small-sized wrists. The case is designed with polished surfaces and enhanced angles. You could easily say that the detailing level and casework is much superior on the Patravi ScubaTec Design than on any other luxury diver's watch in its price range.

5. Dial

The watch has a flat AR-coated sapphire crystal dial that's less affected by glare. It features a ceramic inlay with black and blue tones for the rotating bezel. The blue dial variant is not only superb for most wearers but also features a stunning blue pop with rose gold hands and hour markers. Whether you chose a black or blue dial is just but a matter of personal taste. The round hour markers that match the hands have a unique and legible appearance. A closer examination of the dial reveals a "fish scale" pattern, different from the conventional "water waves" patterns seen in most diver's watches. Overall, the Patravi ScubaTec Two-Tone Bucherer is a utility-based and sincere timepiece in terms of the dial layout and design. According to The WatchBox, the luminescent indices on the dial glows in low or zero light conditions.

6. It's been Featured in Popular Hollywood Movies

Carl F. Bucherer diligently focused on the inclusion of the Patravi ScubaTec two-tone timepieces in various Hollywood movies. They include Atomic Blonde, the John Wick series, Rambo, and some Marvel superhero movies. Incorporating this watch into action-focused movies is a strategy that has worked perfectly for the brand. With more attention to detail, Carl F Bucherer aims to present the right products to watch enthusiasts interested in what the brand can offer.

7. The Watch's Movement

The Patravi ScubaTec features a sourced Swiss-made ETA 2892-A2 automatic movement, in-house regulated by Carl F. Bucherer and COSC Chronometer certified. Carl F. Bucherer, a Swiss watchmaker, produces in-house watch movements, but not for all versions in its collection. According to its official website, the Patravi ScubaTec two-tone movement is powered by a CFB 1950.1 caliber with a 26.2mmchronometer diameter. It also features 25 jewels and has a power reserve of up to 38 hours.

8. It's Straps

This timepiece comes with custom rubber straps featuring high-end deployant clasps. These types of straps make more sense for a watch designed for diving activities. The two-tone timepiece comes mostly with steel links, and double-row 18k rose gold center links. Interestingly, the watch has a deployant clasp fascinating to consumers and way ahead of its time. This clasp opens up in a semi-butterfly style into two segments. One part features a fold-out diver's extension, and the other features a micro-adjust system, the most sought-after feature by watch collectors today.

9. It's Price

The starting price for the Patravi ScubaTec two-tone watch with a rubber strap is $6,200. Steel configured versions with 18k rose gold, and matching bracelet retail at $11,800.

10. Its “Big Boy Toy” Design may not be for Everyone

While the Patravi ScubaTec two-tone Bucherer timepiece has a ton of exciting features, it may not feature everyone's favorite design. With limited versions as the latest ScubaTec watches, the brand may be due for its core collection refresh. Some brand enthusiasts may also feel that this timepiece would be better with an in-house made movement at that price.

In Conclusion

The Patravi ScubaTec two-tone Bucherer timepiece offers its differentiation in a market place that many watch collectors adore. Beneath the design, there’s a remarkable diver’s watch and a high-end chronometer that exactly offers what enthusiasts should seek in this price range.

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