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How to Get a Cash App Card if You're Under 18

Cash App Card

Imposing age restrictions on the usage of personal finance apps is no news. However, the current advances and way of life dictate that we loosen some rules while still keeping the lid on. The world is gradually becoming cashless. Nowadays, people are adopting online payment systems more than before. So, carrying cash is becoming outdated. It's, therefore, reasonable to accommodate everyone involved in any form of monetary transactions into the existing online payment solutions. Cash App has taken a bold step by opening access and use of their services to teens (above 13 and below 18 years). Many parents welcome their move. But the question is, how can a teen get a Cash App card under 18?

Cash App Card Explained

Cash App Card is like a Visa debit card that can be customized to the specific user details and preferences. The debit card user can make any online and in-store purchases using this card, as long as their cash app balance can allow. Considering that these cards allow customization and eliminate the need to carry cash, they've become an option to most parents, who order them and then give them to their school-going kids for spending. Thanks to the authorization of cash app card usage for minors, 13+ and under 18 years teens, can now exploit cash app services.

What is a Cash App

Developed and released by Block Inc. (previously Square Inc.) in 2013, Cash App is an easy, safe, and faster mobile app that allows its users to send and receive money through their mobile devices. The App can only be used in US and UK. It's free to download, install and use. To enjoy its unique features, you must first download it on your mobile device and create an account. Visit either App Store or Google Play Store, download the cash app and create your account and you'll be able to;

  • Obtain a Cash App Card
  • Send and receive money from other users
  • Access Bitcoin and Stock investment opportunities, among others.

Getting Cash App Card for Teens Between 13-17 Years Old

One must be of the legal age (18 years and above) to enjoy all the features of the cash app. However, users under 18 years are given access to limited features. Of importance is that this app is relatively safe as minors don't have to carry cash around, and that's the joy of many parents. But, the terms and conditions of using Cash App are very clear. Any minor who intends to create an account with Cash App must be at least 13 years old or already emancipated. All they have to do is download the Cash App and create their account for free. However, there's a level of verification required before the teen can use this app. If they attempt to carry out any transaction, the application will prompt them to key in their parent's or guardian's $cashtag username, phone number, or personal email address. The app will then use the keyed-in information to get the teen's parent's or guardian's approval. Once approved by their parent or guardian, the teen will be able to;

  • Make direct cash deposits
  • Send, receive and request funds not more than $1,000 for every 30 days
  • Add up to $7,500 to their cash balance each 30 days
  • Spend $25,000 every 7 days
  • Make ATM withdrawals
  • Take advantage of instant rewards like discounts
  • Use their cash card to make payments for their purchases at specified businesses

How to Get a Cash Card for A 13+ Years Account Holder

The process is simple, provided the account is verified. Here are steps that a teen should follow when applying for a cash app card:

  • Go to the Cash App on their iPhone or Android smartphone
  • Click on the cash card tab
  • Choose their preferred card style
  • Redesign the card by inputting their signature desired emojis and colors
  • Key in their details- name, and date of birth
  • Provide their parent's or guardian's details
  • Tap send

The cash app will require the parent or guardian to confirm the details and authorize the teen's request. After which, the processing of the cash card will start. The teen will have their card within two weeks.

The Drawbacks of a Cash App For 13+ Teens?

For a parent or guardian to authorize the use of cash app for their 13 + child, they must have a registered and verified cash app account and a cash card. That makes them legally responsible for their teen's cash app account. Meaning the teen in question is only an approved user. So, the parent or guardian will have overall access and control of their teen's cash app account. They can monitor their child's monthly activities and deactivate or terminate their cash app account or cash card anytime. That said, if you're under 18 and over 13, you can use Cash App, but with limitations. Besides, you'll have to verify the account through the help of your parent or guardian to prevent it from being placed on hold.

Restrictions on Cash App for 13+ and Under 18 Users

Under 18 cash app users can't use all the features of this mobile transaction service like cross-border payments, Bitcoin, check deposit, investing, paper money deposit, and borrowing. Also, these teens are barred from using their cash app card to transact at liquor stores, bars, casinos, nightclubs, hotels, among other areas. Like that's all, they can't use their card to pay for dating services, car hire, or bail.

Important Points to Keep in Mind

Square demands parental or guardian oversight when it comes to availing cash app services to 13+ minors. Without adult involvement, the safety of these teen users may be at stake. Unlike other financial service companies, Square is opening its services to a young market. While this demands a certain level of parental responsibility, it also eliminates the need to carry cash, exposing the young ones to the benefits of a cashless society.

Wrapping Up

Children above 13 and below 18 years can now leverage cash app services. However, that can only happen under the supervision of their specific parents or legal guardians, who get to access all the transactions that occur under the teen's cash app account.

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