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How to Transfer Money from Walmart Money Card to Cash App

Walmart Money Card

Walmart, initially Wal-Mart stores, is a multinational American retail organization specializing in selling goods and services. Walmart also issues Walmart prepaid debit cards, known as the Walmart MoneyCard that allows you to shop online, and any retail store that accepts MasterCard or Visa. With the introduction of the MoneyCard, those people who were unwilling or unable to get traditional bank accounts now have a reliable prepaid debit card option. Moreover, the Walmart MoneyCard requires no credit check or existing bank account, thus eliminating any overdraft fees. In this guide, we will discuss how to do money transfers from Walmart Money Card to Cash App.

How to get the Walmart MoneyCard

Getting a Walmart MoneyCard is really easy; you start by purchasing one at any Walmart outlet or through the Walmart MoneyCard website, and your card will be delivered within two weeks. According to the USA Patriot Act, you must be 18 and above to acquire a MoneyCard. To access all the accounts features, you must have a valid Social Security number and an email or mobile verification. Once you have your Walmart MoneyCard, you will be required to register it online and deposit some money to the card before using it. The following are some of the mandatory details that you need to provide: Full Name, Date of Birth, Mobile Phone Number, Physical Address, 3-digit security code, 16-digit card number, and Expiration date. Furthermore, the USA Patriot Act refers to a federal law instructing all financial companies to obtain, validate, and store information identifying any individual who opens a new account.

How to transfer money from Walmart money card to cash app

Cash App has now become so flexible that you can deposit money to your account in several ways. It also allows you to recharge your account at any Walmart store by simply visiting a Walmart store and presenting cash and your Cash App information to the cashier. Being a member at Walmart, you incur no cost recharging your account on Cash App. However, in this case, you cannot use your Walmart MoneyCard for deposits on Cash App, mainly because Cash App won't accept the Walmart MoneyCard. Nonetheless, recharging your Cash App account with American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover debit cards is possible. Below are some quick and simple steps on how to fund your Cash App account at Walmart stores:

Visit any nearby Walmart Store near you and have your Cash App card with you.

  • Once inside, you will have to reach out to a cashier at the billing center and explain to them that you want to make deposits to your Cash App.
  • The cashier will then ask your mobile phone number to determine whether you frequent their stores.
  • If you qualify as a regular customer, the cashier will provide you with a discount on the transaction fee. However, if you don't qualify as a regular customer, you will be required to pay about $3.74 or less. It should be noted that these transaction fees vary from one Walmart store to another.
  • Once everything is confirmed, and the transaction fee is paid, hand over the money to be deposited and your Cash App card to the cashier.
  • The cashier will insert the Cash App card into the card-reading machine, and your Cash App account will be recharged on the spot.
  • Since the card is now loaded, you can use it to shop anywhere you please.

The method outlined above is the only way to deposit money to your Cash App account at any Walmart store. You can also opt to recharge your Cash App account at other retail stores such as Rite-Aid, Walgreens, 7-Eleven, CVS, and many others.

Is it possible to add money to my Walmart MoneyCard using my bank account?

Yes, you can use your bank account to deposit money to your Walmart MoneyCard account. Here, you will need to use the routing number and account number of your bank account. You will also be required to add your bank account to your Walmart MoneyCard account to complete the transaction.

Does Walmart check my credit?

Since Walmart MoneyCard is a prepaid debit card, your credit score will not be checked during the application process. Moreover, they will not consider your financial status during this process, thus making the MoneyCard usable by people with poor or bad credit scores.

Can Someone Make Deposits on My Walmart MoneyCard?

Yes, someone else can deposit money to your Walmart MoneyCard account. The cheapest and simplest way to carry out this transaction is for them to transfer the funds from their bank account to your MoneyCard account using your account and routing numbers. If you need the cash quickly, you can buy a MoneyPak sold at most retail stores for $5.95 and put money into your account.

How Do I Find the Routing and Account Numbers for a Walmart MoneyCard?

Once your Walmart MoneyCard account is registered, you will be required to text “DD” to 37267 to get your routing and account number. You can also decide to log into Walmart’s official website or call the Cardholder Customer Service at 1-877-937-4098.

How do you check your balance on your Walmart Money Card debit card?

You can easily check the balance on your Walmart MoneyCard by simply texting "BAL Last4" to 96411. It should be noted that the "Last4" refers to the last four digits of your Walmart MoneyCard. Additionally, you can check your balance on the Walmart MoneyCard app.

Final Thoughts

The Walmart MoneyCard offers its users several free services and other amazing benefits, particularly for regular Walmart customers. It also comes with the benefits of Visa and MasterCard debit cards, including fraud protection, free cash withdrawals, direct deposits of funds, paying online bills for free, and many others. Since the Cash App does not support the Walmart MoneyCard, carefully follow the steps outlined in this guide to flawlessly transfer money to the Cash App from Walmart money card.

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