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20 Things You Didn't Know about Celonis


Celonis is a data processing company that sells software as a service (SaaS) to improve business processes. Its headquarters are in Munich, Germany, and New York, USA. SaaS is a method of selling applications online. Businesses using SaaS applications do not have to install and maintain software. Instead, they access the applications they need on Celonis. Are you curious to learn about Celonis in general? Here are 20 things that you should know about this company.

1. Celonis Received the 2019 German President's Award

The award is given to companies with outstanding ideas and innovations. Celonis, therefore, became the first-ever software innovation to be nominated. Through their innovations, they improved the way companies delivered their services. There should also be room for job creation for a company to receive the award. Since its inception, many workers have been employed by the company. The fact that they occupied a vast space in the One Trade Centre is proof of that. The best thing about the award is meeting and interacting with the German president. Besides meeting the president, certain privileges come with the award. When you receive the award, it is televised, giving you further exposure. The company's rapid growth may be due, in part, to receiving this award.

2. They Have an Annual Event Called Celosphere

The Celosphere was birthed during the COVID19 pandemic in 2019. The purpose of the event was to market Celonis' services worldwide. In 2019, the event attracted 1000 attendees. To further attract people, they made the event free. Consequently, 7000 people attended the event. They also held this event to hold in-person talks with their potential clients rather than communicate through chatbots.

3. For Rinke, It Was Not About Money

Despite being a multi-billion firm, Rinke said that he did not care so much for the money in an interview. Instead, he came up with the company to make business processes more manageable. He noted how most businesses fail due to a lack of a proper business process.

4. The CEO of Celonis Did Not Consider Process Mining as a Career Path

Alex Rinke, the CEO, was a mathematics student. His interest in process mining began when he came across a paper talking about it. After he read it, he was fascinated with how you could extract data from information systems and figure out how companies run. To learn more about process mining, he talked to two of his friends who would, later on, become his co-founders.

5. Scaling Network Techniques

Since Celonis' service is offered online, there is a chance you may experience network failure. Network failure commonly happens when too many people log onto the website. To avoid such a situation, Celonis solves the issue by load balancing. Load balancing is a system of distributing networks equally across multiple servers. That means people would be able to get a stable network at any time.

6. Customer Care Staff

These days, chatbots have taken over as customer service agents. Although they are quick at generating responses, people are yet to embrace them fully. It may have to do with the fact that it is obvious when a robot responds to you. Usually, the response does not coincide with the question you asked. Instead of chatbots, some companies hire real people instead. In Celonis' case, you will actually be speaking to either an Account Executive or a Customer Success Manager. As a client, you will certainly be confident that you will be helped since the aforementioned positions are very senior.

7. Celonis Marketed Themselves by Sending Handwritten Letters

For a digital company, it is appalling that they would market their products by writing letters. They would send handwritten letters to the famous companies we earlier discussed. The trio would make sure that they handed their letter only to the senior executives of the companies. They did this form of marketing while still in university. Despite the quaint way of marketing, the companies were on-board with their idea and decided to work with them. So, when it comes to marketing, you should not limit yourself to the digital way. Sometimes you may have to write letters.

8. Celonis Entered Into a Partnership With ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a company that allows users to use its low-code platform. A low-code platform is an online platform that allows you to create applications through a graphical user interface. The challenge for ServiceNow is how they can market themselves. By partnering with Celonis, ServiceNow will know the demographics to sell their product to. On the other hand, Celonis may want to improve the quality of its applications by using ServiceNow's low-code platform.

9. Most Business Consultants Were Not Too Fond Of Celonis

A business consultant advises companies on ways of improving their service delivery to clients, especially through marketing. Typically, they interact personally with clients. Celonis, on the other hand, gives you all the information you need within a short time since it records data on trading activities. Consultants feared that their roles would be considered redundant. However, they soon realized that they could use Celonis' software to simplify their work.

10. The Celonis Founders Demonstrated Their Product in a Dormitory

When the founders launched their company, they had a task to do immediately. They were supposed to help a certain media company optimize the efficiency of its IT helpdesk operation. At that time, they tested the product from a dormitory in their university called the Technical University of Munich. Once their operation was successful, the company immediately took off.

11. It Entered into a Global Reseller Agreement With SAP

SAP is an organization that produces software for business processes, just like Celonis. SAP Process Mining helps SAP clients improve their operations by 20-30%. The partnership aims to expose most countries further worldwide to process mining.

12. The Company Took a Lease in the One World Trade Center in 2022

As a company like Celonis continues to grow, so does the size of its workers. Since they began hiring many workers, they need more space in New York to operate. For instance, they signed up for an additional 40,763 square feet on the 70th floor. According to the deal, they ended up leasing 95% of the One World Trade Center building. Before they took a 95% lease on the 70th floor, they had signed up for a 7.5-year lease for 34,328 square feet on the 87th floor. The rate they occupy the rooms in the building indicates how successful they are.

13. They Have an Online Academy

Celonis partnered with Credly to provide online courses. Credly is a digital platform where people who have acquired skills can interact with companies on the platform. The beauty of the Celonis' courses is that they are free. Also, the courses are available in seven different languages. It would explain why thousands have decided to take the company's courses. One of the units you will encounter is learning all about EMS. For instance, it will take you roughly an hour to complete it. You will earn your Celonis Digital Badge at the end of your course after passing your examinations. After you get certified, you can market yourself on Credly so that potential employers may find you.

14. They Have a Peer Group of Enterprises

Celonis has an exclusive peer group that they call CeloCOE. Through this peer group, Celonis gets further insight into how to run their business. Some people may find that odd because, after all, isn't the company already successful as it is? Despite being successful, a company still needs to learn how other companies operate. All successful companies are usually not afraid to take risks by trying new ideas. Also, Celonis gets to hear why some enterprises failed. You cannot be successful by only listening to success stories. Sometimes failure stories prevent you from making mistakes.

15. Zurich Insurance Entered into a Partnership with Celonis in March 2022

A lot of processes happen in insurance, like customer service, finance, claims, and procurement. All these processes have to work together for the insurance to run properly. For instance, if there is a flaw with the customer service department, the entire insurance firm may collapse. Insurance managers thus have a task to ensure the departments work well. Zurich understood this and decided to partner with Celonis. Through their partnership, they set up a Centre of Excellence (COE). The COE enables Zurich to use Celonis' EMS to eliminate inefficiencies within departments and improve the general performance of their company. For example, Zurich would be able to get real-time data about each department and identify the one lagging behind. With that information, Zurich can devise tactics to uplift such a department.

16. Well-Known Companies Use Celonis' Products

Around eighty famous companies hire Celonis for their services. Some of the companies that have faith in the company include: AstraZeneca, Cisco, Philips, Uber, Wells Fargo, KPMG, Johnson and Johnson, HP, and the list goes on. It can be difficult for people to trust Celonis, especially when you do not know anything about it. However, organizations choosing to hire Celonis for its products proves it is a company you can trust.

17. Three German University Students founded Celonis

Alexander Rinke, Bastian Nominacher, and Martin Klenk started the company in 2011. At that time, they raised $15,000, which was more than enough to start the company. The trio was passionate about improving the way companies managed customers' business processes. To sell this idea, they would move from door to door in an old car.

18. It Bought Process Analytics Factory (PAF) for $100 Million

Thanks to the venture capital the company received, the company was able to buy Process Analytics Factory. PAF is a company that is involved with process mining. Process mining is a way of improving business processes by extracting information from event logs. It, therefore, assists managers in increasing productivity within an office by monitoring the event logs.

19. It Is One of the Few Companies That Received a Lot of Funding

The company received venture capital four times (in 2016, 2018, 2019, and 2021) from different companies. Contrary to popular belief, venture capital is not a donation. Instead, businesses invest their money in a company that they feel has the potential to grow. Usually, the businesses are well-known to most people. Receiving venture capital once is an achievement, let alone four times.

20. It Launched Its Execution Management System (EMS) in 2020

EMS is a tool that helps traders market their goods to the right people. Too often, companies blindly market their products. As a result, they market their products to the wrong demographic. EMS displays market data, and from the data, you will be able to infer which products people are gravitating to. The company will then know how to market the goods.


Might you be in need of EMS? Unfortunately, most businesses are yet to understand how it works fully. Fortunately, with the help of Celonis, it should be easy for you to improve your business processes. With an award and its tremendous growth over the years, there is no reason why you should not enlist their services. Even if you do not know how EMS works, you can always take their short courses. Remember, the classes are free. Other digital platforms would charge you to learn this skill. Most businesses fail when they do not notice a department with a problem. As a result, some managers take the wrong action without knowing exactly what is ailing their company. With EMS services from this company, you will be able to have a proper solution for company challenges.

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