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How Cesar Millan Achieved a Net Worth of $25 Million

Cesar Millan

Most people are quite familiar with Cesar Millan. In fact, an overwhelming majority of individuals know him as the Dog Whisperer, thanks to that being the title of a popular reality television show that he was on for a number of years. Truth be told, when someone asks the name of a famous dog trainer, this is probably the name that comes to mind more quickly than any other. That said, you still might be surprised at his net worth, not to mention the story behind it all.

How Much is Cesar Millan Worth?

Cesar Millan is reportedly worth approximately 25 million dollars. That's a lot of money for a dog trainer, to be sure. After all, there are a lot of dog trainers in the world, but most of them have never even dreamed of coming close to making this much money. The more interesting thing about Cesar Millan is that he had made all of this money previously in his life and then lost every dime of it because he got involved with some bad investments that wiped him out. As opposed to dying penniless as many individuals do, he has made back all of the money that he lost and then some. That is truly saying something, especially when it is to the tune of 25 million dollars.

How Did He Do It?

Like most people that make a great deal of money, Cesar Millan isn't involved in only one thing. Therefore, he has more than one stream of income. This is a crucial part of ensuring that money is always flowing in. If one thing slows down, then it's possible to continue making money through another avenue until things pick back up again. This is something that Milan has capitalized on, enjoying several different methods of making money simultaneously. All of those methods will be discussed in greater detail throughout the following paragraphs.

Television Shows

As previously mentioned, he had a television show called The Dog Whisperer that ran for years. Prior to that time, a few people had heard of him, but he was not a household name like he is today. That show became immensely popular and created a demand for his services that still exists to this day. Once the TV show was canceled, he created another show called Cesar 911 which aired on the same channel. He also took his dog training skills to Las Vegas and did a live show at the MGM theater there. All of these activities brought in a great deal of cash, but they weren't the only things that he was involved in.


Milan has written a number of books on dog training. Considering his overwhelming popularity, people have a tendency to want to purchase his books. Therefore, when he writes one, it typically doesn't take very long to sell a number of copies. This effectively creates another stream of income for him. He's even guest-starred on one or two television shows in cameo appearances about dog training. Anyone who is a fan of Ghost Whisperer will remember the cameo where the dog whisperer showed up to help Melinda and her friend with unruly dog issues.

Dog Training

The entire reason he became famous in the first place was because of his ability to train dogs. In fact, he runs a center in California that is dedicated to training some of the dogs that many other trainers might potentially consider untrainable. Since he is skilled at training dogs, his services are in high demand. The books that he's written and the television shows he's been involved in have only served to make his services even more sought-after. Today, his training center is thriving and people are on a waiting list to get their dogs in.

Product Deals

Of course, any famous dog trainer is likely to have more than his fair share of products available for sale. Cesar Millan is no different. As such, he sells a number of products dedicated to both dog training and for dogs in general. It's not out of the realm of possibility to see his name attached to all kinds of products available for sale for man's best friend. Whether it's something that he has designed himself or something that he merely endorses, he's making a profit off of each and every sale of these items. This helps him add to his net worth every time somebody makes a purchase.

Saving Money

Obviously, Cesar Millan has figured out how to make a lot of money as a dog trainer. He's written books, been involved with television, and sold all kinds of products. This is all in addition to his “routine” job of being a dog trainer. However, it's still possible to waste more money than you make, no matter how much money you are actually making at the time. Milan was always interested in making sure that he had enough money for himself and his family, hence the reason he got involved with bad Investments a number of years ago. He was trying to invest his money so that he could profit from those investments and increase his net worth. Instead, he lost everything he had. These days, he's still about making sure that there's plenty of money for the future, but he's got a tendency to stay away from investments. Instead, he's all about saving as much money as possible. As opposed to having lavish things all the time, he prefers to be a bit more frugal so that he doesn't have to worry about spending as much. It might seem inconceivable that a dog trainer could have a net worth of approximately 25 million dollars, but Cesar Millan has shown that it is indeed possible. He is living proof that it is possible to do anything you want, provided you want to make it happen badly enough to put in the time and effort. That fact alone should serve as an inspiration to everyone else, especially those who have stumbled or are struggling to find their way. Milan has seen the top echelon of success and then came crashing back down to earth, all to put everything back together and do it again.

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