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How Rob Dyrdek Achieved a Net Worth of $50 Million

Born June 28, 1974, Rob Dyrdek is a man of many talents. His career has taken him in many different directions, including, professional American skateboarder, TV personality, entrepreneur, actor and producer. His journey into stardom began as a young dreamer at the age of 11, when he received his first skateboard from professional skateboarder Neil Blender.

He had already developed a love of sports, but it was the skateboard that set him on the path to becoming one of the most recognized names in social media, entrepreneurship, entertainment and especially skateboarding. With all Dyrdek has accomplished, he has built himself quite an impressive empire and net worth to go with it.

According to recent news, Rob Dyrdek has a net worth of $50 million and this is how he has been able to reach this level in his career.

A Skateboarding beginning

Dyrdek recalls when he got his first skateboard, handed to him by one of the biggest names in skateboarding at that time, Neil Blender. It was all he could do to focus on school, when in school. Most of his day was planning the tricks he would be doing when he got home and the moment he did, it was non-stop skating until his parents had to force him in for the night. Skateboarding became Drydek's passion and addiction from the get-go and his dream to be a pro skateboarder took him to places he probably never imagined.

By the time Dyrdek was 12 years old, Dyrdek received his first sponsorship which happened to be the team Neil Blender was a member of. It wasn't long before both Neil and Rob quit their ties with the team and branched out on their own, starting up Alien Workshop, a company Rob still owns and is his current deck sponsor.

At the age of 16, Dyrdek quit high school and took off for Southern California to pursue his skateboarding career which in the end, was a decision that paid-off well because shortly after arriving, he began riding for the clothing line, Droors, that eventually transformed to DC Shoes, both of which were tied to the highly regarded skater, Danny Way. Dyrdek laughs now and claims that he rode for Way for two years before he even knew who he was.

Setting world records

Dyrdek's skating career has brought him a lot of success. Dyrdek has set 21 separate Guinness World Records during his career, during his time filming his show, Rob and Big, as well as he accomplished setting his own personal best records, some of which include:

  • Longest 50-50 rail grind: 100 feet 5.75 inches. (WR set 2007)
  • Longest board slide: 100 feet 5.75 inches. (WR set 2007)
  • Highest skateboard ramp jump into water: 10 feet 8 inches. (WR set 2007)
  • Furthest reverse ramp jump by way of a car: 89 feet 3.25 inches. (WR set 2014)

Since some of these records were recorded, it has been said that some have been surpassed and new records stand.

Breaking into television

In 2006 (to 2008), Drydek branched out by accepting a spot on an MTV reality show called, Rob and Big. The show aired for three seasons before one of the main players, his best friend and bodyguard, Christopher Boykin, left the show and it was called off.

Already on a television role, Dyrdek decided to go a step further with his television debut and start his own series. In 2009, Dyrdek helped develop a series called Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, a series that followed him and several others as they converted an old warehouse into the biggest fantasy playhouse with a variety of activities inside, from skateboarding to a wide range of entrepreneur ventures he created for the show; a bat cave, foam pit, basketball hoops, recording studio and more.

It was in 2009 that Dyrdek also made his first movie, Sweet Dreams, as well as participated in the making of the video games, Skate and Skate 2.

Moved to the movies

After dabbling in television, Rob turned his acting to the big screen when he accepted a dramatic role in the Jon Avnet-directed film, Righteous Kill (2008). This is a psychological thriller that starred Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. The movie faired pretty well in the box office, having names like De Niro and Pacino involved. As of now, no one has heard of any future plans for Dyrdek in anymore movies, but that's not to say that he wouldn't give it another go.

Entrepreneur ventures

With someone like Rob Dyrdek who obviously loves a challenge, you have to expect that he is going to try his hand at a number of ventures and entrepreneurship, which of course, he has. He has dabbled in some pretty good ventures, while others didn't quite pan out for him in the end.

One of his first entrepreneur ventures was getting involved with designing and marketing his own very successful shoe line. Two of his short-lived ventures were the start-up of his skate shop and launching a hip hop label, both of which did not survive despite his other very successful ventures.

Dyrdek is also connected to Nickelodeon Network with his show, Wild Grinders. He is involved with Street League Skateboarding (SLS), The Rob Dyrdek Foundation and Megahorse Racing and has started a range of brands, including, Bill My Parents. One of his start-ups, TAG Body Spray, donates a portion of its profits to his foundation, The Rob Drydek Foundation.

If you have kids, especially little boys, you may have become quite familiar with Rob Dyrdek's incredibly long list of action figures and related accessories, not to mention the skateboards that he has personally designed and successfully sold. Along with his skateboards, Rob Dyrdek also designs and sells a wide range of skateboarding accessories to go with the sport.

It's not wonder his net worth grew to $50 Million

The list continues to grow for Dyrdek. Just about anything he can get his hands on, he has tried or probably will try. He knows the markets for young kids and young adults, and especially those involved and interested in skateboarding. Most of what Rob Dyrdek touches, seems to turn to gold, which is what has propelled his net worth in the multi-millions.

His show, Rob and Big, alone, brought paid him $60,000 per episode. One of Dyrdek's biggest payouts is the money he gets from the array of corporate giants who sponsor him. That coupled with his series of high-priced skate parks his  foundation has created in many communities over the years, are hefty money-making businesses for him as well.

Building skate parks for kids to practice skateboarding is near and dear to his heart, which he does through his foundation. He knows how hard it is for kids to find places to practice due to the street legal laws for skateboarding. Those who have true talent need to be able to nurture it in a safe place, built just for them.

Although most every one of Rob's ideas, businesses and ventures has given him some sort of pay-off that has played a role in his wealth-building career, but his career started with skateboarding, which has not only been his main priority through his successful career, but it has been the majority of his source of wealth.

With a talent like Drydek's, it's not hard to see how and why he climbed to the top wrung of the financial ladder. He used his talent to cash-in on many areas of  the business and entertainment world and it has certainly paid-off well for him.

Personal life

Today, Rob is married to Bryianna Noelle, his long term girlfriend, whom he proposed just before his 41st birthday at Disneyland. They are expecting their first child together. He is also an ordained minister, which he decided to become so that he could marry his sister, Denise. Dyrdek also has one cousin he is close to.

One kid from Kettering, Ohio had a dream and that dream was to skateboard. He saw the potential he had in himself and decided to take a chance on himself. That chance lead to a wide range of opportunities that would not have happened without the backing of his true talent, skating.

Despite any fails he may have had while trying to branch out into other areas of business and entrepreneurship, he never quit and nearly everything he has tried has given him some sort of success; some bigger than others. Together, his career has accumulated into a mega-million dollar fortune that seemingly has no end in sight. Rob Dyrdek is a true icon in the skateboarding arena and an inspiration to people everywhere, whether you're a skateboarding fan or not.

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