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How William Shatner Achieved a Net Worth of $100 Million

The history of the early life of William Shatner is quite impressive. To calcuate William Shatner's net worth, we've got to start from the beginning. He was born in Canada in 1931, making Shatner 92 years young in 2023. Shatner is still going strong in a few different loved and much-watched television series. He also has frequent guest appearances on shows like Oak Island Mystery and Ancient Aliens and currently hosts the television series, UnXplained.

Shatner doesn't look a day over 50 years of age, and many describe this celebrity as an outstanding, impressive, fabulously talented human being and a musical genius. He undoubtedly did whatever he had to do in the entertainment field to make his mark in the field of entertainment and earn his net worth.

How Did William Shatner Accumulate His Net Worth?

I found out that Shatner undoubtedly made a significant net worth, learning all he could learn about the entertainment industry, accepting all jobs in any area of entertainment and keeping insanely busy.

At the age of 91, it does not appear that Shatner plans to slow down. On the contrary, information on the many sites on Shatner depicts a man who may still be burning the candle at both ends at this young age and enjoying every minute.

I always thought the good Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise had a lifelong personal interest in outer space. From all I have read, Shatner has been interested in conspiracy theories, unknown aspects of outer space, the unexplained, and buried treasure for much of his life.

Given his role in many programs focused on outer space, extraterrestrials, and his real venture into outer space, Shatner was and continues to be involved in many moneymaking ventures.

Will Shatner Ever Retire?  Unlikely

It is impossible to categorize what Willam Shatner has been involved with throughout his 70 years in entertainment. From the stage, theater, and Broadway to television, Shatner has experienced it all.

As of 2022, it does not look like Shatner will ever retire. He continues to host the unexplained television series and makes guest appearances on the Oak Island Mystery.

His many accomplishments throughout his 70 years in the entertainment industry helped increase his net worth of what I guess at this point to be thousands of millions of dollars.

Humble Beginnings in Comedy

Shatner began a comedy-drama acting career in 1951 called The Butler's Night Off. This acting assignment triggered in him the yearning to entertain people. This made him who he is today and allowed him to accrue such an outstanding net worth.

Soon after Shatner graduated from McGill College in Canada, he became an assistant manager and actor in Canada. At this time, he was fortunate to pick up some acting parts.

  • Shatner was introduced to television across Canada in Sophocles's Oedipus Rex production.
  • In 1954, he moved to N.Y.C. and he took his first job on a children's television show called The Howdy Doody Show. He created the personality of Ranger Bob and worked alongside Clarabell the Cow.

It took Shatner four years and a lot of hard work before winning a part in a major Hollywood movie called The Brothers Karamazov.

This movie started him on the pathway of working with great actors and actresses like Yul Brynner, Ralph Bellamy, Jessica Tandy, Bernadette Peters, Richard Thomas, Margaret Hamilton, Carol Channing, and Cyril Ritchard.

Television Success Followed for Shatner

At this time, he started on the road to success, having parts in many television series and movies that are too numerous to mention. However, and more than likely, the many things he took advantage of in the entertainment world would eventually propel his career into outer space on a Starship called the Enterprise.

This television series most certainly gave his name significant notoriety, unlike anything else he did in his lifetime. Moreover, this television series, Star Trek, would branch Shatner's career onto many interesting and exciting pathways.

  • He made his Broadway debut in 1956.
  • Shatner started his acting career in television productions and in Canadian films.

In the following years, he ventured into television shows in the United States.

  • Shatner is a famous and beloved actor mostly known as the captain that took millions of households aboard a Starship called the Enterprise into uncharted territories every week. Star Trek debuted in 1965 and continued for an incredible 22 seasons.

As the Star Trek series came to an end, Shatner began to embrace reality, comedy, and drama television series.

  • He appeared in 3rd Rock from the Sun and played an alien role known to fans as "Big Giant Head."
  • For four years, Shatner played an attorney, Denny Crane, in the popular show, The Practice.
  • He won two Emmy Awards when he played attorney Denny Crane in Boston Legal.
  • Shatner starred in Better Late Than Never for three years, from 2016 to 2018. This series was a comedy travel series.
  • He starred in Star Trek, the Animated Series.
  • Shatner starred in the first seven Star Trek movies.
  • Appeared as Captain Kirk in Star Trek Generations in 1994.
  • He is an author of best-selling books.

Writing Books

He first wrote a book series about his experiences in a Starfleet uniform. He also wrote and co-wrote many novels, and science fiction books, many focusing on the Star Trek universe.

He authored TekWar, which was later adapted for television.

  • He played a veteran police sergeant in T. J. Hooker, a television series that ran for five years.
  • He is a successful director and producer.
  • He is a noted musician and guitarist.
  • Shatner hosted the television series Rescue 911 for eight years.
  • He made two appearances on Columbo, a 1970s detective series on television.
  • During Shatner's acting career, he excelled as a recording artist beginning in the late 60s. His first album, The Transformed Man. His third album called, Seeking Major Tom, was the most successful.
  • He created cover versions of grossly popular songs, such as the Beetles' creation of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Mr. Tambourine Man, Rocket Man, Learning to Fly, Space Oddity, and Bohemian Rhapsody.
  • In 2021, William Shatner set a record for the oldest man to fly into space on a sub-orbital capsule known as the Blue Origin.

Can We Put an Actual Dollar Amount on a William Shatner Net Worth?

Considering all of Shatner's accomplishments,

  • Stage
  • Screen
  • Broadway
  • Television
  • Producer/Director
  • Authoring and co-authoring books and novels
  • A treasure trove of awards in the last 70 years

Everything Shatner has done in between all the listed accomplishments above over the last 70 years to earn his money makes it difficult to calculate William Shatner's net worth.

I can only use my wildest imagination and guess how much money he has, which does not come close to what the professionals say about his earned income.

A couple of websites have laid everything out year by year that Shatner has done as far as his accomplishments. Unfortunately, I only have the room to list some things and only a few of the most outstanding achievements.

Nevertheless, this gives the reader an idea of how busy Shatner has been all of his life and how he continues to delve into many new projects.

Now that we can understand only about one-third of William Shatner's lifetime accomplishments, it is no wonder he has accumulated at least $100 million.

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