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How Brett Favre Achieved a Net Worth of $100 Million

Pro football players have more opportunities than ever to keep raking in the big bucks even after retirement, and Brett Favre knows this. Even though the quarterback’s pro ball career is full of impressive milestones and accomplishments, he hasn’t slowed down. Keep reading to uncover how much Brett Favre has made during and after his football career.

Brett’s Early Life Did Not Point Toward a Football Career

Brett Favre played both football and baseball while attending high school in Mississippi. If assessing where his true talent was according to his accomplishments, it would point to baseball. The future quarterback earned five varsity letters in baseball!

In fact, Favre’s father coached his football team and ran the plays to maximize the talents of the running backs. This resulted in Favre not throwing a whole lot of passes during games. It almost cost Brett the chance to be recruited to Southern Mississippi.

How Did Brett Ultimately Get Recruited?

Even though he couldn’t get his father to let him throw more passes during his high school games, Brett found a way to be seen by Southern Mississippi coach March McHale. How did he do that? He basically begged, according to

Ultimately, Southern Mississippi brought him on board but wasn’t serious about letting him continue as a quarterback. In no time, Favre showed coaches his talent, and his status as quarterback was set in place. The future hall of famer was on his way to big things.

How Did Brett Favre End up With the Green Bay Packers?

Simply put, the Atlanta Falcons traded him to the Packers. Early in the quarterback’s career, he filled his sideline and downtime with excessive drinking. Finally, the Falcons had had enough of it, and Green Bay saw Brett’s potential.

After the trade, the extraordinary career of Favre would begin. Although the quarterback would spend one more year on the sidelines, his successes and income would change dramatically.

Here’s What Makes Favre a Fan and Sponsor Favorite

There’s no arguing that Brett Favre has had an incredible and exciting career in football. His dedication was unlike most had seen in previous quarterbacks.

As reports, Favre showed up to play a Monday Night Football game the day after his beloved father had passed away. The athlete threw 399 yards along with four touchdowns that game. Favre’s character, love for the game, and his father won over the hearts of just about every football fan that day.

While that story is remarkable on its own, a lot more brought Brett Favre to the limelight throughout his career. With his accomplishments, he increased his monetary value in sports and sponsorships.

His football career milestones include:

  • Three-time All-Pro
  • Two-time All-Pro Second Team
  • Six-time All-NFC
  • Went to 11 Pro Bowls (Only Played in Four)
  • Super Bowl XXX! Record for Second Longest Pass Completion
  • Pro Bowl Third Highest Average Gain Per Pass Attempt

If you want to see the lengthy, impressive list of Favre’s Green Bay Packers records and other mind-blowing stats, check out Be prepared to spend some time on the website if you take a look. The list is remarkable.

Retired Early, Came Back for More

A lot of press reported different goings on surrounding Favre’s retirement in 2008, ranging from being strongly encouraged to retire versus the quarterback not wanting to play anymore. Regardless of why it happened, Brett worked out a deal to come back, and the Packers traded the quarterback to the New York Jets in the summer of 2008.

At the end of the season, Favre talked about retirement again and ended up playing his final season for the Minnesota Vikings. After a season peppered with a few highs and lows, Favre filed his retirement papers in January 2011.

For a career that spanned almost two decades, the quarterback seemed to make the most of every second and opportunity given to him. His NFL paychecks alone have helped him to enjoy the life of someone with a healthy net worth.

Lots of Endorsements Over the Years

As football players became famous in the entertainment industry, teams and businesses started to cash in on that star power with endorsements and sponsorships. Favre was no exception. His product partnerships included:

  • Nike
  • Prilosec
  • Sensodyne
  • Sears
  • Remington Hunting Rifles
  • Snapper
  • MasterCard
  • Hyundai
  • Wrangler Jeans
  • Bergstrom Automotive
  • Front Office Sports (Copper Fit)

This isn’t an exhaustive list, and the player has had multiple deals come and go over the years. With most of these deals bringing six and seven figures of income to the former quarterback, it’s got to look good for his net worth.

Favre Is Very Selective in His Post-NFL Player Choices

It’s common to see retired NFL players reporting on or analyzing players. Some even find themselves back on the sidelines as coaches. Favre appears to be picky when bringing his experience and expertise to the media.

Some of his appearances include:

  1. In 2011, Favre showed up as an analyst for Southern Mississippi (his alma mater) against the Rice Owls.
  2. He appeared at Super Bowl XLVII on the NFL Network for pregame coverage.

In 2012, the former quarterback became the offensive coordinator for Oak Grove High School, located outside of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The school won the Call 6A high school state championship that year. However, as of May 2014, the school announced that Brett would stay on to help out with the team rather than as an offensive coordinator.

While it may not have played an essential role in the NFL community, Favre isn’t too proud to coach and inspire young people to pursue their dreams. While the money can’t be anything close to what the athlete made in his prime, it’s enough to add to his accumulating net worth.

Favre Featured in the NFL’s Timeline

The NFL Network released Timeline in 2015, telling the story of the NFL legend’s end of his time with the Packers. This 2-hour special recounts Brett’s career’s emotional highs and lows, including betrayal and revenge. Not only does Favre get to tell his story, but he’s sure to have made a few bucks along the way.

Other Adventures Outside of Football

Favre partnered with NASCAR driver Dale Jarett to run Jarrett/Favre Motorsports in the Busche series. While the venture lasted only two seasons, much money can be made in the racing community.

One of the more surprising roles Brett took on was in the 1998 film, There’s Something About Mary. He played the lead female character’s former love interest. Everyone knows that even a small role in Hollywood can provide excellent padding to anyone’s bank account.

The Favre’s Home

While plenty of aerial photos of the Favre home can be found online, the private athlete has good reason to keep the world away from his family. The secluded home features more than five bedrooms, three and a half baths, and is almost 20,000 square feet. Its estimated value is more than three million dollars, proving to be a sound investment for privacy and net worth.

Brett Favre Net Worth Today

Despite the rough start to the athlete’s career, he rarely disappointed once he was allowed to shine. Instead, he proved valuable on and off the field for almost 20 years, allowing him to take on as much work as he wanted.

The quarterback is reported to have an overall net worth of $100 million. While playing in the NFL, the superstar earned $140 million. Between endorsements, bonuses, and base salary, Favre has made every single penny of his total net worth.

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