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How Lil Dicky Achieved a Net Worth of $8 Million

Lil Dicky was born as David Andrew Bird in Pennsylvania on March 15, 1988. He is now a rapper and comedian who first became popular via YouTube. He is now estimated to have a personal net worth of $8 million. So, exactly how did this performer go from being unknown to becoming so rich and successful?

Unlike many famous rappers who have had a troubled childhood, Lil Dicky grew up in an upper-middle-class family and did well at school. He attended the University of Richmond from where he graduated summa cum laude in 2010. He then worked in account management at an advertising agency before moving into their creative department.

Net Worth$8 Million
NameDavid Andrew Burd
BornCheltenham Township, Pennsylvania
Birth DateMarch 15, 1988
Source of WealthRapper, Song Writer, Comedian, Environmentalist
CountryUnited States

His interest in music began in his childhood and he started rapping in the fifth grade. However, it was not something he necessarily intended to pursue as a career. When he decided he wanted a career in the entertainment industry, he wanted to act and write TV shows and movies. He started rapping in a comedic manner to gain attention so that he could pursue these careers.

In 2011, he started working on his debut mixed tape ‘So Hard’ and this took him two years to complete as he was still working full-time in advertising. When he had finished his tape, he released one song a week for five months. The video for the lead song ‘Ex-Boyfriend’ was released on April 23, 2013, on YouTube. Within 24 hours, it had gone viral and received over one million views.

He went on to release a further 32 videos and tracks on YouTube. He called this series ‘Hump Days’. He used his life savings to fund the early days of his music career. Unfortunately, he then ran out of money and started a Kickstarter asking people to fund him in the second stage of his rap career. He aimed to raise $70,000 but eventually raised $113,000.

This was the beginning of Lil Dicky’s successful career in the music industry. He went on to perform at his first live concert in February 2014 at the TLA in Philadelphia. Following this, he signed with CMSN and then released his debut album ‘Professional Rapper’ in July 2015. His album featured many big hip-hop artists, including Rich Homie Quan, Snoop Dogg, and Fetty Wap.

Lil Dicky released the music video for ‘Pillow Talking’ in April 2017. It was in the top 50 most expensive music videos ever made. Around the same time, Lil Dicky announced that he was in the process of pitching TV show ideas to television networks. In the same year, he released the EP ‘I’m Brian’ under the name of his alter ego ‘Brian’.

Most recently, Lil Dicky released the single ‘Freaky Friday’ on March 15, 2018. This single featured Chris Brown and was very successful. Not only did it reach the top of the charts in both New Zealand and the United Kingdom, I also exceeded 100 million views online. He is now planning his first Australian tour.

In addition to his work as a musical artist, he still aims to find work as an actor, comedian, and television writer. He is currently in the process of working on several projects and is hopeful that he will forge successful careers in these fields in the future. However, it is currently his career as a rapper that is the reason he has achieved a personal net worth of $8 million.

Music critics have credited his success with the combination of his skillful writing and the comedic element to both the lyrics and the videos. This makes him stand out from other rappers on the scene now. He is also different from the stereotypical rapper as he is from a white, upper-middle-class, Jewish family. These factors all make him unique and interesting in the world of hip-hop music.

Although it is currently estimated that his personal net worth is around $8 million, experts believe that this figure is set to rise significantly. His single ‘Freaky Friday’ was phenomenally successful. If his future tracks achieve the same level of success, it is likely that Lil Dicky will achieve an astronomic net worth. All the signs indicate that this talented man will continue to enjoy a successful career in the music industry and has the potential to achieve the same level of success in other fields of entertainment.

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