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10 Cheapest Beachfront Property in the World (Updated 2023)

Cheapest Beachfront Property in the World

Whether you are looking to uproot your life internationally or you want to diversify the property you own across the globe, taking advantage of the cheapest beachfront property in the world is essential for your overall investment. There are at least 10 areas that have such a lower cost of living compared to the US that whether you are looking to be there for vacation or moving full-time, the benefits are amazing. 

There are some things that you need to keep in mind when you look through these properties that can be found throughout the world, but take a collective look at the big picture. Some may have smaller house prices, while others have smaller consumer prices. There are some locations that have both and make it really cheap and affordable to make the investment and move full-time if that is your plan.

How We Curated the Cheapest Beachfront Property List?

One of the first things we did when building this list was to look at the property value in terms of where it is in 2023. Some of these properties may continue to rise in cost as they become more popular and the demand increases. 

We also referred to research from others who have left North America and made the decision to invest or move full-time, reviewing their accounts of the new way of life. There were also other towns that may be good for this list, but they were either lacking the appropriate amenities like dining, entertainment, and shopping, or the crime rate was just too unsafe to add them on the list. 

List of Cheapest Beachfront Properties in the World

Trying to find a cheap beachfront property may be difficult where you are living currently, but there are properties available across the world that are more than affordable and can give you that full experience from every corner of the world. Below are ten of the cheapest properties sprinkled across the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

1. Hopkins, Belize

Hopkins, Belize

One of the cheapest beach towns to live in the world is located in Hopkins, Belize. The average property value is around $150,000 for a beachfront condo and just a little more for a beach house. Even as a foreign citizen, you have the right to own the property as though you were a citizen of Belize. This is not something that is found throughout South America.

The taxes in Belize are one of the best in the entire world, with closing costs averaging around one percent and qualified retirees can take advantage of tax-free living. 

Hopkins is located almost like a suburban beach outside of the more populated areas like Placencia, but you still have access to the beautiful waters and local dining that is unmatched. Those with average retiree incomes of $3000 a month are able to sufficiently live in Hopkins, Belize. The rent and cost of food are almost 50 percent less than what you would pay in the US. 

Pros of living in Hopkins include:

  • access to modern necessities and retailers
  • low cost for housing and utilities in the area
  • local culture is accessible

Cons of living in Hopkins include:

  • minimal healthcare access
  • lots of bugs and no way to really eliminate them

Overall, if you can live with minimal healthcare and coexist with the tropical but population in the area, Hopkins may be right for you when looking for the cheapest place to buy a beach house in the world.

2. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

On the western coast of Mexico is Puerto Vallarta, and this is one of the most scenic but affordable beaches in the country. While there are some pricey properties in this area, the average home cost ranges between $150,000 to $170,000 for either a beachfront home or less for a condo.

While the rent or home costs may be slightly higher than some of the others on the list, the amenities and utilities that come with these properties are cheaper because of service competitors. Compared to a large beach town like Miami in the US, costs for goods are over 60 percent cheaper, and the overall cost of living is cut in half. 

There are some pros to consider living in Puerto Vallarta:

  • Direct access to shopping, dining, and other entertainment
  • Lots of beachfront property available and accessible

No place is perfect, and there are some cons:

  • Lots of rain during the hurricane season
  • Tourists flock to the area between May and September

Although there are some drawbacks to the area, make sure you keep an open mind and consider the whole picture when you consider Puerto Vallarta.

3. Durres, Albania

Duress, Albania

If you want the cheapest place to buy a beach house in the world and still have that small-town feel and access to the amenities that you desire, then take a look at Durres, Albania. Across from Italy and neighboring Greece, this small Albanian town is one of Europe's best-kept coastal town secrets. 

For under $2000 US dollars, a small family can comfortably survive in this seaport town, making it one of the cheapest beach towns to live in the world. This town has a long history and is one of the first in the country. 

Property in Durres is available for foreigners to purchase, and the average prices between apartments and condos are between $80,000 US Dollars and $110,000. Keep in mind that there are not many stand-alone homes in this area because of the age of the city, and the fact that this part of Europe has long adopted the condo and apartment lifestyle. 

If you think Durres, might be right for you, there are some pros to consider:

  • Direct access to city center, night life and restaurants in just minutes.
  • Low crime rates and all lifestyles are welcome
  • Clean air and sustainable environment

There are a couple of things to keep in mind though that are not as appealing:

  • Local healthcare is minimal
  • High humidity
  • Not a lot of diversified economy

Depending on what is important to you in your daily life, if you are adding Europe to your list of places to purchase property, then Durres should be on that list.

4. Azores, Portugal

Azores, Portugal

While in Europe, some of the cheapest beachfront property in the world is located in Azores, Portugal. This area is known for its isolation from the mainland, and comes with lots of amenities and features that other beachfront towns are just not able to offer. 

The cost of living in Azores, is relatively lower than other beach towns in Europe but that is not contribute to the average home costs. They are actually a little higher, averaging between $180,000 and $210,000 US Dollars. The cost of living drops significantly, however, with the cost of resources in the archipelago. Consumer prices are very low for residents and a monthly budget of approximately $2500 will sustain a couple or family in the area. 

If Azores is on your short list, the reasons below may be why:

  • Beautiful landscape and views all around
  • High-quality air and greenery
  • Subtropical climate and relaxed atmosphere

There are some things you will need to keep in mind that may not be as sweet:

  • Need to learn Portuguese
  • Isolated from the mainland
  • Lots of sporadic rain

While these cons are not some of the worst that we've seen on the list, they are important for you to keep in mind. While many of the proprietors on the islands may speak some English, it is limited and it will benefit you greatly to learn Portuguese first.

5. Salinas, Ecuador

Salinas, Ecuador

Back to South America is the beautiful little country of Ecuador and the beautiful beachfront city, Salinas. It is the most western beach town in South America and the culture of this area is reflective of Miami Florida. 

The greatest thing about Salinas is you can capture that lively Miami lifestyle at a fraction of the cost. The most elite of properties are averaging around $130,000 with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. Smaller properties are even cheaper and more affordable. 

This is one of the hidden gems of South America, and is populated with various beachfront condos and houses that replicate the look of the Miami coastline but at almost 80 percent less cost of living. Below are some of the best reasons why Salinas is at the top of your list:

  • Direct access to all amenities and entertainment.
  • Lots of water sports happen every day.
  • Overly affordable consumer prices 
  • An abundance of fresh seafood, fruit, and produce daily

While all of this sounds refreshing, there are some drawbacks to moving to Salinas:

  • Periodically spiked crime rate in the town
  • An influx of tourists in the peak months
  • Lack of public transportation

If you are willing to manage the tourists and provide your own transportation, you can eliminate most of the cons associated with this beautiful location.

6. San Juan, Philippines

San Juan, Philippines

If you want to take a trip to Southeast Asia, San Juan in the Philippines is one of the cheapest beach town to live in the world. Right off the coast of the country, the views and lively beach town always have something going on. 

The homes in the San Juan area are averaging approximately $150,000 for some of the highest quality properties, with a significantly lower cost of living. On average, only about $4000 a month is needed to comfortably support a family and more than enough for a couple. This is just a little higher than some of the other areas, but the amenities like internet access, lots of shopping and dining make up for the convenience of having it all right there. 

There are some pros to moving to San Juan:

  • Affordable cost of living for consumer pricing and price of homes. 
  • Lots of culture and acceptance of foreign retirees
  • Quality healthcare and access to Western amenities

Take the good with the bad, and expect the cons below:

  • Potential for bad weather and severe storms
  • Expect heavy traffic
  • Lack of public resources and transportation

This beautiful beach town is rich in history but isn't without its flaws. It is deep in Filipino culture, so expect to respect this culture if you move to the area.

7. Alanya, Turkey

Alanya, Turkey

One of the most sought after beach towns in the Mediterranean is Alanya, Turkey, which is one of a few you can say is the cheapest place to buy a beach house in the world. On average, homes are cheaper in Alanya than other parts of the country and the Mediterranean. These homes average around $200,000 to $250,000 US Dollars and you can choose from villas and condos to single-family homes. 

One tip about paying at least $250,000 for your home is that once you do that, you will gain a residence permit for Turkey and even citizenship because of the property you own. While the cost of homes may not be the cheapest, all the other amenities cost of food, entertainment and shopping makes it more than affordable.

When you move to Alanya, you will find that you are not the only immigrant, as there is a diversified community here raising families to the year-round sunshine. Below are more of the pros to consider moving to Alanya:

  • Multilingual culture and atmosphere
  • Variety of currencies used when shopping
  • No smoking tolerated in public

There are some cons that you need to be aware of, however:

  • Must adhere to local customs with body coverings
  • Lots of petty theft in crowded areas

Outside of these few things, Alanya is a great spot to consider relocating to or just if you want to purchase a beachfront home to have when traveling.

8. St. Lucia

St. Lucia

If you are addicted to the crystal clear water of the Caribbean, then you may need to consider making a purchase in St. Lucia, classified as one of the cheapest beach towns to live in the world. If the attractive price tag of under $200,000 for a beachfront property doesn't grasp your attention, the tax-friendly nature of the town should. 

If you gain your citizenship in St. Lucia, you are exempt from certain tax laws related to capital gains and inheritance. For one person to live in the area, they can afford to pay rent and utilities for under $2000 a month, so a couple or family should be able to do it for a relatively low cost of living

While there are so many outstanding benefits and access to amenities in St. Lucia, there is limited healthcare on the island. You will have to travel by boat or plane if you need anything that is not readily available.

9. Varna, Bulgaria

Varna, Bulgaria

If you find the European beaches to be more of what you are looking for, then Varna, Bulgaria may be one of the locations you visit on your search for the cheapest place to buy a beach house in the world. The cost of living in this beach town is one of the most affordable, averaging families approximately $2,000 a month for an average lifestyle. 

Many of the properties in Varna that are for sale are a part of a duplex or condo, which is common in this area. The average cost is between $140,000 and $180,000 for average size homes. The weather in this town is absolutely beautiful most days.

There are other benefits, too, such as access to various restaurants, shopping and entertainment. There are lots of places to visit, and honestly, getting to public transportation to visit nearby cities and other countries is very easy. 

There are some cons to choosing Varna, Bulgaria which you should keep in mind. 

  • Not all prescription medications make it to the country. 
  • Some pollution lingering nearby from oil refineries.
  • Chaotic Parking

10. Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Probably the cheapest place to buy a beach house in the world is Zanzibar, Tanzania right off the African coast. Large homes with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and balances are at a market price of $259,000, making the cost of average and small homes right around $100,000. 

The average family can live a comfortable lifestyle with all the average amenities and dining funds for just under $2000 each month. This makes it one of the most affordable on the market, especially for single or couple travelers. 

The views of Zanzibar give you that tropical island feel that you find in other places, just at an even lower price than you may have anticipated. Another unexpected luxury of this very affordable beach town is that it isn't crowded. While there will be some visitors coming to the area, it is not a mass entrance like other tourist destinations. 

There are some cons, though, that you need to be aware of if Zanzibar is on your short list:

  • You may need to learn Swahili to interact with locals long-term. 
  • Malaria is high 
  • Healthcare is good but not outstanding

Despite these few cons to keep in mind, Zanzibar is gradually becoming one of the more sought coastal towns for its amenities and what it has to offer those looking to purchase property or even make a move.

Things to Consider When Buying Beachfront Property in a Foreign Country

Before you sign off on the mortgage loan to purchase a home, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. 

  • Know if your social security and other income will still be deposited when you make the move. 
  • Determine the quality of healthcare in the area and how far away the local hospital is from the beach. 
  • Review the crime rate in the area and see if you are at risk to be a target as a foreigner.

These are just a few things that you need to review and make a determination on when you are choosing your beach front property.

FAQs on Cheapest Beach Towns to Live in the World

Is beachfront land a good investment?

Yes, it is always a good idea to invest in beachfront land because it can be rented out and used as supplemental income. Even if you are not planning to retire and move to the area right away, it can still work for you.

Where is the cheapest place to retire by the beach?

Based on current data, the cheapest places to retire by the beach are on this list, with Zanzibar, Varna, and Alanya as some of the cheapest.

Will a beach house pay for itself?

Yes, you can expect the cost of the home to be repaid after you have rented it out for several seasons over the course of several years.

Are beach houses expensive to maintain?

A beach house does require some regular maintenance, but if they were built appropriately to begin with, you will not need to do any heavy maintenance for several years.

Is it worth buying a beach house?

Whether you use the property just for your family to have somewhere to go or you use it to supplement your income as a rental property, it is worth it to buy a beach house.

What time of year is best to buy beach property?

Because the demand for beach houses is high in the summer and spring months, you can get a better price on your property during the winter when the demand is not so high.

How much is a down payment on a beach house?

Like any home purchase, you should keep the same principle and plan to put down between 10 and 20 percent to have the best mortgage rate and payment.

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