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A Driver's Guide for the Cheapest Car Insurance in 2022

Car Insurance

Is your monthly car insurance coverage so high? Everybody wants to save cash, and drivers can do this by getting cheaper car insurance. However, getting a perfect balance between the quality of insurance coverage and your budget can be challenging, particularly if you are unversed with how car insurers function. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to reduce the costs. Therefore, if you are wondering how to get the cheapest car insurance, here is a complete review of a driver's guide for the cheapest car insurance in 2022.

1. Compare Several Car Insurance Quotes

When finding cheaper car insurance, you should never compare your premium to someone else. You should not compare rates even if you live in the same neighborhood. Instead, you should get different insurance quotes from several providers and compare them with your quotes to ensure you pay the lowest price for your insurance coverage. According to Insurify, you should explore insurance premiums from different insurers and choose the cheapest option.

2. Analyze Your Coverage Limits

There are several insurance coverages available, all of which affect the amount you pay per month. Full, comprehensive coverage tends to be costlier. This is why most people prefer property damage liability coverage and bodily injury liability auto insurance. However, you can adjust your coverage to get cheaper car insurance. For instance, you can decrease or eliminate medical payment coverage. If you and your family already have health insurance, you might not need to worry about getting an add-on. More so, you might not require rental car reimbursement if you have another car ready to go or can board public vehicles as your car is being worked on.

3. Consider The Type of Car

Before buying a car, remember that some cars are more costly to insure than others. This is particularly important if you have your eyes on a luxurious car. According to, the insurance coverage cost is based on the year the car was released, its model, the cost of repair, and the probability of vandalism and theft. For example, luxury vehicles are more costly to insure as the repair cost is often higher for these cars. Also, the insurance coverage for sports cars is more expensive as they are more susceptible to reckless driving, which increases the risk of fault accidents. If you are searching for cheap car insurance, consider the type of car you drive. Vans, sedans, and other family-friendly cars have the cheapest insurance rates. You can also get cheaper rates when your car has anti-theft or collision-avoidance technology features. Check out other cheapest cars to insure. A cheaper vehicle such as the Toyota Camry could be insured with a liability car insurance that will be relatively low in premium.

4. Look For Car Insurance Discounts

If you are wondering how to get the cheapest car insurance policy, one of the easy tips is to ask your insurance provider if you qualify for any discount. Your car insurance cost can decrease tremendously when you qualify for several discounts that vary by insurance provider and state. Most auto insurance providers provide car insurance discounts for:

  • Good student discounts. This varies in different insurance companies, but you should expect to show a minimum of a B average.
  • Young driver with good grades
  • Vehicles with innovative safety features
  • Paying the premiums in full upfront. Paying the premiums in full will get you around 5 to 10%.
  • Enrolling in paperless billing or autopay
  • Divers that have completed safe driver courses
  • Being a member of particular organizations such as AAA
  • Hybrid/green car discount. Driving an electric or hybrid car can earn you a ten percent discount.

5. Bundle Your Car Insurance with Home Insurance

Homeowners are likely to get cheaper car insurance. According to The Detroit Bureau, most insurance carriers provide discounts for bundling policies and are one of the best car insurance discounts drivers can get. Therefore, if you have more than a single car or are looking to get renters or homeowners insurance, you might be eligible for a discount as a policyholder. You will also lower your coverage rates using the same insurance carrier for all your insurance policies. Purchasing car and home insurance from the same company can provide you with an average saving of 14% but can be up double that amount.

6. Consider A Higher Deductible for A More Affordable Car Insurance

Similar to changing your coverage amounts, adjusting your deductible can also affect your monthly insurance premiums and assist you in saving money. You can get a decreased monthly payment if you upsurge your out-of-pocket deductible from around $500 to $1,000. However, remember that having a higher convertible will change what you should pay before the insurance intervenes. Therefore, you should be mindful about taking this tactic by ensuring you have sufficient savings in case of an emergency repair. Inquiring with your insurance agent will better understand how a higher deductible could result in cheaper car insurance.

7. Check Out Usage-Based Car Insurance

The next step in finding cheaper car insurance is looking into a usage-based discount. This type of coverage involves deducting your insurance rate if you drive fewer miles than the carrier's limit. You might be eligible for a low-mileage discount if you don't drive very much. This can be useful if you drive less than 10,000 miles yearly. While some companies consider low mileage driving less than 7,500 annually, others consider low mileage as 15,000. Low-mileage car insurance discounts are great for car owners who work from home or don't drive their car as regularly as other drivers. This can also work if you often carpool to work.

8. Consider Local and Regional Companies

While large insurance companies claim to offer cheaper coverage rates, you can also find cheaper rates when you go for a local or regional insurance provider. Getting cheaper car insurance is simple by just researching more car insurance providers. This is because insurance providers use different formulas when calculating monthly premiums. Shop around your region for the best rates. Most small insurance companies have the dedication and resources to help support drivers who may not have an excellent driving record or those with poor credit scores.

9. Improve Your Driving Habits

Another tip for getting affordable car insurance is maintaining a clean driving record. Drivers with a clean record act as an assurance to the car insurance companies that they are less likely to get into an accident, meaning they will be cheaper to insure. It would help if you considered getting a defensive driving course to raise your worthiness and prove your great driving skills. This might also open up discounts, which vary by location and provider. You will get cheaper car insurance rates if you haven't committed any accident in the past three years or were caught in any moving violations such as speeding tickets for the past few years. Therefore, start to take the necessary steps to become a good driver by decreasing your in-vehicle driving distractions, understanding the driving rules and speed limits in your area, and staying aware of your surroundings when driving.

10. Review the Cheapest Rates Each Six Months

Once you select a car insurance policy, you should not lock yourself in. You have lots of insurance options even after committing to a certain provider. According to Forbes Advisor, companies adjust their car insurance rates regularly to remain competitive and find new customers. This means that it's a perfect idea to review your policy every time it is renewed, whether after six months or a year. Check out at least three quotes to find your car's best and cheapest car insurance rates. You can change your auto insurance carrier if you get a better rate. Review the insurance companies with a stable financial standing.

11. Pay Your Bills on Time

Most people overlook credit scores as a step to getting cheap car insurance. A good credit score is important in determining your car insurance premium in many states. According to AutoInsureSavings, people with a good credit score often have lesser insurance claims. To enjoy cheaper auto insurance, you should always pay your bills on time and clear your debts. Consider paying on credit cards and car payments to maintain your credit balance low. Can you negotiate auto insurance? Normally, you cannot negotiate the amount you pay for auto insurance. Instead, simply maintaining a good credit history will show your car insurance company that you are worth a good rate.

12. Stay On Family Policy

It will be cheaper for drivers under 25 years to stay on a family insurance policy instead of getting an individual policy for car insurance. While you might have to change your insurance companies to find a cheaper deal, the savings can be very significant.

13. Inquire From Friends

Lastly, you can consider inquiring friends for cheaper car insurance coverage recommendations. A recommendation from a trusted friend can sometimes be the most accurate and valuable. However, you should remember that what is right for your friend might not be appropriate for you, depending on your driving history and background.

How Do Car Insurance Companies Set Coverage Rates?

Car insurance premiums are developed depending on the statistical probability that a driver will be involved in an accident or have a car get damaged. According to MarketWatch, many personal qualities determine the amount you will pay. Your auto insurance rate will depend on your age, driving record, sex, marital status, zip code, credit score, and more. Because you can't change most of these details about yourself, comparing your auto insurance policy to others is hard. Therefore, what is right for another person might not be right for you. Some examples of how these characteristics affect your monthly premium include:

  • Older and younger people tend to pay more.
  • Single people pay more than married couples.
  • Young women pay more than males.
  • A driving history of safe, clean driving means cheaper coverage.
  • Having many driving citations and speeding tickets means you will pay more.
  • Your zip code determines the state's insurance requirements and if there are dangerous driving conditions around you.

Several of these factors can change in the future as you improve your credit score or resolve citations and tickets. However, some factors, such as the state you stay in, might be difficult to change. Every state has its own minimum coverage, and the higher coverage that is needed, the higher your auto insurance premium will be.

Recommended Cheap Car Insurance Companies

When searching for cheaper car insurance, it's important to keep your options open. Compare more than three insurance providers to get a lower and more accurate premium. Some of the top insurance companies in the country to consider include;

Geico Insurance

Geico auto insurance is one of the high-ranking insurance companies in the nation. The company offered to save its clients fifteen percent or more in the past years compared to other major insurers. Today, the company is popular for reasonable costs, and the backing of a strong financial base assures that your claims are likely to be fulfilled and resolved. Geico has an easy-to-use mobile app that allows you to manage your account settings and file any claim easily. The company also provides great discounts to help lower your auto insurance premium, such as installing safety features on your car.

State Farm Insurance

State Farm Insurance scores highly on affordability, coverage options, locations, customer service, and claims processing. The company provides the best car insurance rates with lower average premiums. It also discounts safe drivers and clients who bundle several policies. If you are searching for the cheapest car insurance as a new driver, State Farm is an ideal option because it has programs to help younger drivers keep safe throughout their first driving years.

Bottom Line

That's it. These are the best tips and guides for getting cheap car insurance. Before settling on a car insurance policy, do your research and compare several quotes and coverage options. You should also consider requesting a higher deductible to decrease your monthly premium and review your current coverage to see whether you have ones that you don't require. When you are ready to buy a policy, we have also reviewed some top auto insurance companies in the industry.

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