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10 Lavender Farms You Need to Visit in the United States

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Summer has arrived, bringing with it warm sunny days and purple iris blooms. The purple color comes from a pigment found in all parts of the iris, including the rootstock. The lavender plant (Lavandula) comes in many colours--from white to pink and dark violet-purple. Whether you’re looking for an activity that will appeal to the senses -- or just like the smell of lavender -- visiting one of these top 10 lavender farms this summer is a great way to make the most of the season while enjoying some of the country’s natural beauty.

10. Red Rock Ranch & Farms Growers of High Altitude Lavender

It might come as a surprise to many, but Arizona is home to hundreds of lavender farms, and the Red Rock Ranch and Farm is one of them. The lavender farm is located quite high up in the northern part of Arizona, at an elevation of 8500 feet. This unique climate allows the flowers to stay longer and bloom brighter than usual. While it’s not as popular as other lavender farms included on this list, it’s still worth visiting. The 35000 plant lavender farm’s billowy pastel blooms and the intoxicating scent will enchant you to no end. The farm is also known for its lavender honey, lavender salts, and even bath bombs. Recently, the farm has opened a gift shop allowing visitors to purchase these products right on site. Stopping by the Red Rock Ranch & Farms is worth trying should you ever find yourself around the area!

9. Hill Country Lavender

Located in the heart of Texas’ famous Blanco, Hill Country Lavender is all about transforming this quintessential country into a lavender haven. With over 250 varieties of high-quality lavenders spread across 13 acres, it’s hard not to appreciate the farm’s rustic charms. The farm also uses the highest organic standards when producing its lavender products.

8. Highland Springs Ranch & Inn

In case you didn’t know, lavender farms aren’t always found in rural areas. This particular lavender farm is placed at a bustling intersection surrounded by a lot of commercial establishments. However, this doesn’t take away from the beauty of their lavender fields or products -- far from it, actually! There are 16 different types of lavender on display here, including English Lavender and Provence Lavender. These two are the most widely used types of lavender in aromatherapy. You can also purchase several products made using these lavenders on the spot.

7. Pageo Lavender Farm

Located in California’s Central Valley, this lavender farm is a perfect place to spend a summer day with your family and friends. It features a petting zoo, an outdoor shop, guided tours, and complimentary tastings. The best features of this lavender farm are probably its beautiful lavender fields and the fact that their products are 100% locally grown -- both aspects make it a definite stop for lavender enthusiasts. They also sell other handmade items like soaps, candles, and various organic products.

6. Fairview Lavender Farm

Launched in 2013, Fairview Lavender is a family-owned and operated farm located in Kentucky. The farm grows various types of lavender, including English Lavender, Provence Lavenders and Spike Lavenders, and some other rare types from countries like Bulgaria. They have been praised for being truly organic since none of their flowers has been exposed to chemical pesticides or fertilizers. What’s even better is that all their plants are hand-groomed. You can also purchase various lavender-based products made using the farm’s lavenders, such as chocolates, honey, and even organic dog treats.

5. Sprigs and Sprouts Lavender Farm

Sprigs and sprout is a Mediterranean-themed lavender farm in Colorado. They’re known for their organic lavender and lavender products, produced by following the highest USDA standards. Their retail shop offers a wide variety of handcrafted and one-of-a-kind items such as jewelry, quilts, and silk scarves that can be purchased by both locals and tourists alike. You can also purchase edible lavender products like honey, syrups, and candies.

4. Lavender By the Bay

Lavender by the Bay is a family-owned and run lavender farm situated in Long Island. The owners are very passionate about organic agriculture and have been commended for their use of sustainable farming practices on the farm. It’s home to about 80,000 lavender plants, spanning 17 acres of lavender fields. You can visit the onsite retail shop to purchase products made using their own locally grown lavenders such as soaps, bath salts, candles, and essential oils.

3. Hood River Lavender Farm

Located in Oregon, this family-run lavender farm is a paradise for all lavender enthusiasts. Hood River Lavender Farm features more than 75 varieties of different types of lavenders and offers guided tours to educate visitors about proper methods of growing and harvesting the flowers. They also have their own onsite retail shop where you can purchase products made using their lavenders, such as jams, lotions, essential oils, and even dog treats. We suggest you visit the farm in July, during their annual Lavender Daze festivals, where you can enjoy live music, art exhibits and even purchase fresh lavender products straight from the farm.

2. Pelindaba Lavender Farms

Pelindaba Lavender is a premier grower of lavender in the United States. They’ve been in business for more than 20 years and specialize in growing about 30 different varieties of lavender. Their farm is located on a 25-acre property and features more than 55,000 lavender plants. You can visit their farm to purchase various lavender-based products such as soaps, lotions and essential oils. Those visiting this lavender farm are in for a pleasant surprise. You can sit by the lake as you enjoy the view of the surrounding lavender fields.

1. Purple Haze Lavender Farm

Purple Haze is a 12-acre certified organic lavender farm situated in Washington, DC. It’s one of the largest lavender farms in the US, known for their 100% pure high altitude grown organic products, with all plants hand-groomed. Their retail shop offers a wide variety of lavender-based products such as soaps, lotions, essential oils and even culinary products. Beautiful is an understatement when describing this farm. Think of it as a more picturesque scenery straight out of a storybook. It’s the perfect spot to host any of your next special events, particularly weddings, engagement parties, or corporate events.

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